Is Reading Books a Waste of Time?

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Reading is an exercise in empathy, an exercise in walking in someone else’s shoes for a while

Malorie blackman

Reading books is an art, an adventure, a gift shared to us by the god. Every single sense of ours is meant for our own good, however, we don’t know or realise how to use them in the best of the ways. Reading books is a lifetime experience which some believe is a waste of time, while some believe that we should only read some specific novels or newspapers, etc.

Before getting into this, I must tell you that I am an avid novel reader, and have been reading different genres of books for few years now and suggested the same to many people but many of them have questioned frequently as to which book should they read and if reading is a waste of time. Some being unaware also dared to ask about benefits of reading which I discussed in brief with them.

I sincerely believe that reading is one way to achieve many different experiences in life, which we may never accomplish. I prefer reading all kind of materials be it comic books, newspapers, classics, fiction, etc. Every book has some value or a message hidden in them which can be decoded only by reading.

Believing that reading is a waste of time or not would lead to nowhere. Everyone must experience and decide whether any task is beneficial for them or not. So, here we will talk in detail the reasons, why reading is never a waste of time.


How come some people believe reading books as a waste of time?

There are many reasons for which you must be reading. Two of those include knowledge and entertainment. If you are achieving the motive for which you have started reading, then there is no question if reading books is a waste of time for you.

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Since, there has been trend of reading books for some time now due to the influence created by avid readers. While some finds it satisfactory, some finds it boring. It is because, they haven’t been reading, rather than completing the task of finishing a book.

There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.

Frank Serafini

If your motive is to become successful or gain loads of knowledge by just reading after few books, then reading is definitely not for you.

Reading is a life long process. As far as you read, you will gain knowledge which will be useful in some way at one time of life.

Reading is to get out of darkness inside you striving for freedom to experience different experiences of life by imagining in new characters. Reading has its proven benefits.

Therefore, reading is important to open up your body and mind to world and its different ideas, but most of all your motive behind reading is important.

Reading is important, because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything

Tomie dePaola

Reading fiction or non-fiction books doesn’t matter as long as you are reading. In some studies, it has been found that fiction books have proven to be equally beneficial as non-fiction.

Though some researchers have emphasized their focus on non-fiction for students to learn, grow, and educate themselves for success while some have maintained that fiction helps in social connectivity, boosting empathy and cognitive brainpower or performance from a young age.

Although, no researcher or any study has asked the readers to mainly focus on any particular genre instead added some genres to read for better understanding of life, world and adventures in it.

Reading fiction helps us feel empathy for people we’ve never met living lives we couldn’t possibly experience for ourselves because the book puts us in another character’s skin.

Ann Patchett


As I told you earlier, I am an avid book reader and have been reading since childhood. As everyone, I started reading with school books, but later also diverted myself to read different story books, popularly of Ruskin Bond. I started reading with the novel of Chetan Bhagat during my journey in train back home.

My journey of reading went through many ups and downs until I started reading regularly and experienced the changes in myself.

An adult sitting and drinking a cup of coffee while reading a book

I have read both non-fiction and fiction genres and have found both of them interesting and extremely valuable for my growth. Reading horror, romantic, children, as well as adventurous stories have made me quite a person by improving my English skills, vocabulary and empathy.

While Non-Fiction have provided me with some invaluable knowledge of life, success stories, positive attitude, and built the confidence in me. I am me today because of books.

Having said that, I have not read many books but some of those are “The power of your subconscious mind, Game of thrones book series, Great stories for children by Ruskin Bond, The Power of positive attitude, Nelson Mandela: A life inspired, The Alchemist.”


Watching movies, TV series, playing video games, social media, etc. are some of the major sources of time wastage whereas books are a source of knowledge as well as entertainment. It all depends on how you read.


As I always say, Reading is an art and much more than some task. It requires full engagement of reader with the imagination and thoughts of readers. It is not meant to end some bucket list and impress everyone rather it serves a purpose of knowledge.

I remember how I used to struggle to read, and speak the tough words which all eventually happened once I started reading more and more.

I happen to be a small artist of reading because I have developed the habit of reading due to which I always finds atleast 1 hour a day for reading and encouraging the awesome books written by authors. It’s because I know about the impact of reading 20 minutes a day.

Since, everything has a purpose, you must define yours and start encouraging yourself towards your goals with whatever means necessary and I must tell you, most of the successful stories are written in book. You can relate yourself in them and learn to avoid your mistakes and grow day by day.

A parent or a teacher has only his lifetime; a good book can teach forever.

Louis L’Amour


Have you ever read a book, just because you think it’s a one hell of a story or it’s a classic I must read it. Have you?

I haven’t and I have.

I have read many novels just because of the hype and still haven’t read them because I didn’t understand it or either I was not at all focused on them.

After such setbacks, I have understood and only buy books if my mind is focused to read what’s in it.

I have seen many people reading books due to obligation towards something and still doesn’t read them rather cramming it all because they haven’t developed yet have that art of reading.

Before moving onto reading a book, you must define your purpose of reading. What you want to achieve by reading books?


Even if you are struggling to read a book and not convinced that reading books is not a waste of time. Let me tell you about the benefits of reading a book.

  • Improve your language and Vocabulary
  • Improves writing skills and spoken language
  • Improves your relations
  • Embraces your empathy
  • Makes you socially active
  • Improves your physical & mental health
  • Improves your sleep routine
  • Improves your memory

If you wish to know, how reading helps you in reaping these benefits, you must look at the 19 benefits of reading a book.


Reading a book may or may not help you or may even not be your 1st choice of entertainment or knowledge, but you should try it out at least once to know their worth and improve your perspective towards them.

Many successful people in this world have given preference to books and have given some credit to books for their success.

If you too wish to have an impact on yourselves with books, you must start reading.

If you have found it helpful and wants to share some of your views. Do comment below.

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