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Are you the person who enjoys reading thriller stories? So then you are at the right place. Today I am reviewing a book named “Local Woman Missing” by Mary Kubica, which contains a lot of twists and turns that you didn’t think were coming. If you like reading psychological thriller books that will keep you as eager and anxious, you must try reading this book.

Local woman missing by Mary Kubica is all about a string of disappearances that start the book with two women named Shelby and Meredith who disappear. Later a young girl Delilah who is Meredith’s daughter, also disappears, and after years later, when the girl Delilah finally returns, everyone wants to know what happened to her and where the two women are?

As a reader, you’re left wondering what happened to Delilah. Where was she? What happened to Meredith? What happened to Shelby? Is their disappearance related to each other or not? So for that, you need to go for a ride to read this book. No spoilers here!

Let’s go ahead, and I will give you my non-spoiler thesis of this book. 

Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica| Book Review 

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About the Author Mark Kubica

Mary Kubica is a New York Times and USA bestseller author of seven suspense thriller novels. She was born in Illinois, United States, and lives in the suburbs of Chicago. She holds a bachelor of arts degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in history and American literature. She used to work as a former high school history teacher at school.

In 2014, Mary Kubica was awarded the category of the best debut novelist. “The good girl” was her first novel which was ultimately also nominated for a Goodreads choice award. The book local woman missing was her seventh book published by park row; first-time trade edition on 4th May 2021

Book Overview: Local Woman Missing

Local woman missing by Mary Kubica is a suspense thriller fictional novel officially published on 4th May 2020. The novel has multiple points of view of different characters. We have Kate’s point of view, who is married to a woman named Bea, and they both live in the same neighborhood as Meredith. We have another point of view of Meredith, who is married to Josh. Sometimes we have Josh’s son Leo’s point of view and their kidnapped daughter Delilah’s point of view, which is told in both past and Present tense.

Is the novel ‘Local Women Missing” based on a true story? 

Well, Mary Kubica’s newest novel, local Woman missing, is not a real crime story, but it certainly seems natural. It has been 11 years since these three women went missing, firstly a new mother, Shelby, who disappears, then a few weeks later, Meredith with her daughter Delilah went missing, and then the story continues.

Book Summary: Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica 

The story opens with the woman named Shelby going jogging in the middle of the night, and she went missing, and then not long after, a woman named Meredith and her six-year-old daughter Delilah disappear just blocks away from where Shelby was last seen.

The local community puts together a search operation to search for them. Meredith’s husband, Josh, is panicking with worries. The neighborhood’s couple named Kate and Bea also contributed to help. They also have Josh’s son lea with them, who doesn’t understand where his mother and elder sister went. The question remains whether the disappearance was connected.

So everyone in the town is confused that these three cases are related. Sadly there was no clue, and those aren’t any steps made until 11 years later Delilah suddenly returns. She escapes from a basement—she was abused. Everyone wants to know what happened to her, but no one is prepared for what they will find.

So In this terrifying thriller, Mary Kubica takes this story to a new and fascinating level. It shows that it involves complex mastery and involves five points of view, subplots, and twists. It additionally includes a dual timeline that is past and present.

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My Thoughts on Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica

I think the author Mary Kubica had an incredible showing in building suspense. Every twist she made in the plot was so intense and unbelievable. 

Overall, local woman missing is a fast-paced read that keeps you guessing even if your guesses turn out wrong and keeps you indulged in what will come next.

I would happily give local woman missing by Mary Kubica 4/5 stars!

Conclusion & Recommendations of the Book | Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica

The book local Woman Missing by Mary gives you a lot of thriller clues which you try to put the pieces of clues together, which makes it more instructive. This book has great character depth and has terrific twists and turns.

I recommend this book for any fan of thrillers. There is a lot of turmoil and emotion in this book. The way the story unfolds keeps you engaged.

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