10 Magazines Every Book Lover Must Subscribe To

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10 Magazines Every Book Lover Must Subscribe To—Are you searching for top magazines? Then no need to worry about anything. Here is another article discussing some great designed magazines that you would love to read. If you are a reader and want to shift from the regular schedule of reading books to something more exciting and crisp, then here is the information you all need to know.

A magazine is a periodical publication printed in gloss-coated or matte paper. Magazines are published regularly and it contains a variety of content. Interesting articles, pictures that look very good for a reader. A magazine provides information that may be more in-depth but less timely—for example, a newspaper. A magazine typically focuses on the latest trends or issues and includes background news events.

Magazines are books with more exciting content and that too with fewer pages. When I first read a magazine, I loved it because of the articles and pictures, which made a magazine so much more fun. My first experience of reading a magazine as a reader was not wrong. It was a crazy experience that I had. I will recommend the top 10 magazines every book lover must subscribe to.

Also, nowadays young readers must-read magazines as it can improve their skill and due to a magazine easy to read format everyone loves it. Short and nicely written articles and pictures make it much more interactive. Every reader should try reading magazines as it is a great source to know trends etc. In this article, we will recommend top magazines and you can find which one to read according to your interest.

10 Magazines Every Book Lover Must Subscribe

Get ready to subscribe to the best magazines that readers will love to see because of their best quality content and enormous information in it they are in the list and each magazine is discussed in brief so that that you guys can understand each magazine content easily and in a more elaborate way. As mentioned below magazines are good to read and you should give them a try because you are going to love them.

1. Poets And Writers

Magazines Every Book Lover Must Subscribe

It is a fabulous magazine for poets and writers, though you would have guessed it by its name. It is an old magazine, but now also it’s loved by people because of its quality. People who live to write themselves will love the magazine and appreciate it. It serves as a resource for thousands of writers and up-to-date literature, literary magazines, jobs, author directories, etc.

2. World Literature Today

Magazines Every Book Lover Must Subscribe

Frankly, this is one of the best magazines and people who love to read more diverse books, or if you want to read those types of books, I will recommend this to keep your priority. It gets released bi-monthly and also internationally-selling magazines. Readers will love to read this magazine because of the content as they publish essays, poetry, fiction, book reviews, etc and that is why it is on the list and that too on number 2.

3. Creative Nonfiction

Magazines Every Book Lover Must Subscribe

As mentioned in our previous article, creative nonfiction is a top recommended book genre because of its creativity. Everyone loves to read books of this genre, but after reading the magazine, you will understand why the creative nonfiction magazine website claims to be the voice of this genre. It is a quarterly magazine, and readers who love nonfiction won’t stop reading this magazine if they start. Long-form essays and short essays will blow you up because of their creativity as well as you can get updated on new authors in this genre.

4. Publishers Weekly

It is a magazine that is available in print form and digitally. This magazine covers many topics such as writing about authors, publishers and features book reviews, summaries of the books, and tells about the authors and tells about the books that are not yet to come. Suppose you don’t want to miss any new coming books. If you search for reviews and summaries for some notable books and want to remain updated, you should subscribe to this.

5. Filmfare Magazine

Since 1954, it has been India’s No.1 entertainment magazine; It turned from a monthly into a fortnightly magazine. Filmfare magazine has turned itself into a brand. Filmfare awards are one of the most anticipated awards every year. This offers content that describes Hollywood and the awards ceremony and the magazine comprises updated content of Bollywood. It publishes news, interviews, photos, videos, events, style, etc. For entertainment purposes, readers will surely love this magazine.

6. Harvard Business Review HBR Magazine

If you run a business or want to, you are at the right spot. This magazine’s subscription is going to be useful for you. We all have suffered from the Corona pandemic for two years now and many people’s businesses went off-board and everyone was panicked due to it. This magazine is helpful, especially at those times because this magazine contains content such as leadership tips, business advice and crisis management information which will be a lot useful. It also includes information about top researches, news and developments in different fields of businesses.

7. Reader’s Digest

This magazine mainly covers humorous incidents, real-life dramas and guides and tells its reader in every aspect of their lives. It deals with the content on life, real stories, humor, character, facts, fiction, interview, good books survey with a cover story and national interest stories. It is also an excellent magazine for readers in reading such content.

8. Bookforum

For more than 20 years, the book forum has reviewed the best new books and published daring and incisive essays on current affairs, fiction and the arts. Now it releases quarterly and 5 issues per year. This is a fantastic magazine with great content in it written very well. In addition to this, the magazine regularly features interviews with authors. It is recommended and you should check out.

9. Glimmer Train

Glimmer Train is one of the best short story journals in magazines. Each story they publish focuses on the author as a person. Stories we’re published in a handsome print publication. I was started by two sisters who loved to work together. They decided to start the Glimmer train and the content with great fiction makes readers enjoy it. Stories that represent authors as persons are a great idea. It is a recommended magazine in the top 10 magazines.

10. New York Review Of Books

It is a magazine available in print, but digital content is available too. The reviews featured in this magazine are largely organized by genre, theme and relevancy to current politics or events. It is one of the most significant literature coverage in the world. It also covers culture, economics, science and current affairs and contains long-form essays and original poetry.


Magazines provide a wealth of information, inspiration and creative ideas for readers and every reader who wants to seek any book review can go through magazines. Reading magazines is a good time investment. Magazines cater to special interests and give more recent information than books. Those mentioned above are famous magazines known worldwide, so I said the top 10 magazines every reader must check out.

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