Most Awaited Book Releases in April 2022 You Must Read

Most Awaited Releases in April 2022 You Must Read

This year, 2022, has been going pretty fast, according to me. Look, it’s April already and it seems like we were discussing March book releases just yesterday. The winter is going to go on a break and it’s already almost time for ice creams and swimming pools! Along with all these, for us, new month means a new stock of books. Here, let me share with you some amazing books that are scheduled to be released in April 2022.

While I was going through new books to read, I found out that a lot of interesting books are about to be released in April this year. It is going to be an amazing month, far from boredom. I have already decided what books I am going to read, along with the order I’ll be reading them in and I’m sure you might be pretty eager to do that yourself.

If you look at the pattern, a lot of supernatural and paranormal novels are coming this April, most of which are based on magical powers and stuff like that. It is so cool as the ideas are fresh and mesmerizing. Each book has something out of the box to offer, something that we might not have read before, or something we might remember forever.

Since March is almost about to end and April is just knocking on the door, let’s not waste any more time chit-chatting and just get into knowing about a few of the many amazing books, scheduled to be released in April 2022.

Amazing Book Releases in April 2022

Here’s a list of some amazing books which I myself picked for you to have a look at first.

1. The No-Show

the no-show book cover

Full Title: The No-Show

Author: Beth O’Leary

Genre: Romance

Publishing Date: 12 April 2022


This book revolves around three women, Siobhan, Miranda, and Jane, absolutely unknown to each other but still entangled in the same situation and that is, they’re all unknowingly involved with the same man! That man has three women on the go and what’s worse is that he stood them all up on the same day which was Valentine’s Day. Still, they all forgive him about it but will they be able to find out the truth about the man they might be falling for?

2. To Marry and to Meddle

to marry and to meddle book cover

Full Title: To Marry and to Meddle

Author: Martha Waters

Genre: Regency Romance

Publishing Date: 5 April 2022


This is a beautiful yet chaotic story of Lady Emily Turner and Lord Julian Belfry. Emily has been a debutante for almost sex seasons and is supposed to be married off by now but what’s obstructing her path is her father’s huge debts. Due to this, her only suiter remains the owner of her father’s favorite gambling house. Julian is the son of a Marquess who scandalizes society as the owner of a theatre. They both cross paths and come up with an arrangement that benefits both. Julian wants Emily to promote his theatre using her connections while with his help, Emily can get out of the whole marriage situation dominated by her father. But soon they realize this “marriage” of theirs comes with a lot of confrontations, chaos, and several feelings.

3. Part of Your World

part of your world book cover

Full Title: Part of Your World

Author: Abby Jimenez

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 19 April 2022


Alexis Montgomery, a not-so-sophisticated girl, has her world upside down because of a hot carpenter who is ten years younger than her, Daniel Grant. Coming from the family of world-famous surgeons, she is expected to carry forward the legacy but she’s not the one to crave fame. She’s okay with being just another ER and helping the people. Alexis and Daniel started off at just a fling but their chemistry cannot be denied. But taking anything forward with Daniel would make Alexia choose between either her life further or him. She isn’t in a position to give up either. How will she make such a hard choice?

4. Go Hex Yourself

go hex yourself book cover

Full Title: Go Hex Yourself

Author: Jessica Clare

Genre: Fantasy

Publishing Date: 19 April 2022


Reggie Johnson finds herself working for an actual witch, upon answering a newspaper ad for a job where she meant to apply to work for her favorite card game. She’s actually loving working with actual magic even though she’s facing some unpleasant stuff and beings, the most annoying one is Ben Magnus, the warlock. She hates him from the core but under some crises, they both find themselves working with each other. How will this all unfold?

5. Take my Hand

take my hand book cover

Full Title: Take my Hand

Author: Dolen Perkins-Valdez

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: 12 April 2022


Civil Townsend, living in Montgomery, Alabama is just out of nursing school and she only aims at bringing about a difference in society. She takes up a job at the Montgomery Family Planning Clinic where she intends to start making the change by helping out women make their own choices. But all she finds there are mere eleven to thirteen-year-old patients, two of which are the William sisters, who are poor and black and that’s a good enough reason for the society to have them on birth control. She starts taking care of them as if they were her own blood but one day when she arrives at their door, the unthinkable had took place. This is a very heart-touching and heartbreaking story.

6. Unlikely Animals

unlikely animals book cover

Full Title: Unlikely Animals

Author: Annie Hartnett

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 12 April 2022


Emma Starling is a medical school dropout who has now come back to small-town Everton, New Hampshire to take care of her dying father suffering from an unusual and mysterious brain disease where he sees hallucinations and ghosts. Not just her father but her whole family is a mess and now, another disruption arises: her former high school best friend has gone missing with no one serious enough to look for her. She isn’t exactly trying to play the hero here but she, along with her family, brings about a miracle the town needs.

7. A Family Affair

a family affair book cover

Full Title: A Family Affair

Author: Robyn Carr

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publishing Date: 5 April 2022


Anna McNichol was raised by a single mother and she has always worked hard to ensure her three children get all the privileges she didn’t when she was young. Her marriage has several problems but she still believes in commitments and sticking till the very end. Life was just going on when her husband dies all of a sudden. Her world falls apart as her children get soaked with sorrow and her mother’s health deteriorates, while she struggles to find closure.

8. In a Garden Burning Gold

in a garden burning gold book cover

Full Title: In a Garden Burning Gold

Author: Rory Power

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Publishing Date: 5 April 2022


The twins, Rhea and Lexos are born in a family full of magic, using which they use to control the seasons, the tides, and the stars. Their father rules their kingdom for eternity. The twins have been bonded to the bone and that bond of theirs is helping them protect themselves as their father becomes a tyrant. Now, the rival nation is all set to attack and both Rhea and Lexos must find a way to defeat them in order to keep the kingdom and their family intact.

9. Blood to Poison

blood to poison book cover

Full Title: Blood to Poison

Author: Mary Watson

Genre: Fantasy

Publishing Date: 14 April 2022


Savannah, a seventeen-year-old girl, is a Hella’s girl- a name given to one such girl of each generation who inherited the curse from the family’s bloodline and is going to die young. All Hella’s girls are said to have bursting anger, especially a few months before they die. Savannah has been showing the same fits of anger but she discovers that the key to her survival lies in the underbelly of Cape Town, where such a girl is just needed.

10. I’ll be You

i'll be you book cover

Full Title: I’ll be You

Author: Janelle Brown

Genre: Domestic Fiction

Publishing Date: 26 April 2022


Sam and Eli, two gorgeous twin sisters, have a perfect bond. They were the two halves that made a whole. Even their parents couldn’t tell them apart sometimes. On being discovered by Hollywood, they became child TV stars, often playing the same roles. But as they grew up to become adults, everything drastically changed. Elli got married and reformed herself into being a perfect homemaker, leaving Hollywood while Sam was having a hard time recovering from her trauma of a failed Hollywood career. The sisters hadn’t spoken for a long time, the main reason being Sam’s destructive behavior. But things start to change when her father calls her suddenly, telling her that Elli’s life has been turned upside down. Sam sets to find out what actually caused such turmoil in her sister’s life as she discovers that their bond is much more than what they know themselves.

11. Flirting with Fate

flirting with fate book cover

Full Title: Flirting with Fate

Author: J.C. Cervantes

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Publishing Date: 19 April 2022


Ava Granados is left in a fender with a mysterious boy due to a flood when she is supposed to be at her beloved Nana’s deathbed, where she would receive her mystical blessing that has passed onto generations into the women of the family, during the time of death of the previous one. As thought before, Ava was too late and missed the blessings. But Nana’s ghost appears in front of her from beyond the grave. It is revealed that Nana did give Ava a blessing but it missed the target which led to a landing with the boy she was stuck with the other night. With the help of her sisters and Nana’s ghost, she is determined to claim her share of the family’s powers while she might be considering taking a chance with the thunderstorm boy.

Conclusion| Most Awaited Releases in April 2022 You Must Read

I absolutely loved these books and they have not even been released yet! I’m pretty sure you liked them too as they’re a little, actually, a lot different from what we’ve been getting from the past few months. Be ready and buckle up as we all wait for these masterpieces to be released,

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