How Do You Organize Books In A Small Space

How Do You Organize Books In A Small Space

Have a thing for huge book collections but do not have enough place to store them? Well, the problem of running out of space to store books is almost every reader’s concern, but not anymore! I have faced this similar problem several times so I figured out a few ways to solve it and I’ll be more than happy to share them with you.

Since I am a reader as well, I totally understand this challenge that you might be facing but what I also understand is that no problem can stand in the way of a book-lover and his books. The problem of lack of storage is very common and it is very easy to solve, it just requires us to be more creative with the limited resources we’ve got.

Books can easily be stored in small corners, closets, drawers, shelves, and cupboards which are unoccupied. One can also opt for floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and Scandinavian-style book storage. Books can even be stored under one’s bed if there is enough space there. Once stored properly, books should also be arranged in a certain manner to make the collection look neat and organized.

Since I am very short on space in the house I live in, I have to opt for multiple compact book storage strategies to store every book in my collection and I’m very excited to share those with you.

Supreme Ideas To Store Books In A Small Place

Just because we are short on space for storage, it doesn’t mean we can store books at any random place, not making sure if it’s safe there or not. Storing locations just for the sake of keeping them somewhere may ‘kill’ the book. In one’s home, there is a lot of places where they can store books without compromising.

1. Floor-To-Ceiling Bookshelves

Floor-To-Ceiling Bookshelves

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves can be an excellent way for storing a lot of books when you are short on space for storing them.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are tall bookshelves covering the entire length of a wall right from the floor to the room’s ceiling. These can be bought directly from the market or can be made at home according to your convenience.

‘These kinds of bookshelves are not readily available these days, but they provide excellent storage for books. Also, they do not mess with your home decor and instead, they add to its beauty. You can even place a chair next to it and that particular spot can become your small library.

2. Scandi-Style Book Storage

Scandi-Style Book Storage

You spend so much on home decor. We all do. So, why not decorate it with something that we genuinely want to look at all the time. Yes, I’m talking about books.

Scandinavian style or simple Scandi-style design has originated from North Europe. These days, many people decorate their houses Scandy-style for giving a classy look to their living space and we can also use the same approach for storing our books in the open and not giving it an ugly face.

The Scandi-style decor gives a simple yet functional look to our home and can be a great way to store our books with beauty.

3. Create A Hallway Library

the hallway bookshelves

You pass through the hallways of your homes every day so many times, but have you ever considered making a library out of it? Yes, we can use the plain, empty hallways to store books without using up any extra space in your house.

Books can cover the hallway of your houses. Bookshelves can be made inside the walls on both sides of the hallway and can also be stored on empty decor pieces that might be there.

Hallway Libraries look fabulous, especially if you are a book-lover, as passing by hallways filled with books will keep you in a good mood throughout the day. 

4. Closet Library

the books are keot in the lavender closet besides bed

What all do you store in your closet? Clothes? Accessories? Well, add another thing to the list, your books! Cabinets can make great storage for your readers.

Make some room in your closet and you can store your books there. It’ll provide you with some space for storing books and become your compact library where you can read without any disturbance.

You can even place a small couch and some cushions in the corner where you’ve created your little library and now you can read there comfortably without anyone disturbing you. 

5. Corner Shelves

books in corner

Corner shelves are great for decorating your house and placing small showpieces but did you ever think you could put books on them? It’ll not take up any extra space in your home as it just requires a corner.

Corner shelves are compact shelves placed in the corner of a room for storing stuff or are hung on the corners. They are usually used for decoration purposes, but there’s no hard and fast rule about it.

Placing books on corner shelves will not harm the beauty of your house. Instead, it’ll give a more classy and elegant look to your home.

6. Store Your Books Under Bed

books under bed

Sometimes, we have used up almost every possible storage space in our house, but our collection keeps getting bigger. What can we do in such a case? Don’t worry. We have solutions for that as well.

Books can store under beds without being harmed. They can be kept in cardboard or plastic boxes and be placed under our beds. 

The boxes will protect the books from dust and pests and keep them as good as new.

7. Store Books In Dressing Tables/Drawers

books in the drawer

 For those who don’t have any space left in the house for a library.

Books can be stored in our dressing tables and drawers very conveniently without disturbing anything in your house at all. Our readers can not destroy there in any way and we will get a new place for storing our books.

 According to me, this is the most convenient way of storing books in a small place as we don’t hold anything as important as books in those places.

stack of books

Now that we’ve managed to store our books in a small place, it is equally important to organize them in a certain way so that our collection looks like total eye candy. Here are some ways in which you can arrange your books.

1. Organize Your Books By Colour

Organizing books according to color should be a must, especially if arranged in a library-like arrangement. Placing according to color makes them look more organized and if they are stored in an open space visible by everyone, it’ll create a great impression of the owner on the viewer.

2. Separate your Hardcover and Paperback Books

If you have a massive collection of books, it’s apparent that you might have large numbers of paperback and hardcover books and both look fabulous when stored properly, but if you keep them together, it’ll give a messed up look to your collection. It is always advisable to store paperback and hardcover books separately.

3. Organize According To The Genre

We all have a favorite genre to read, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore others. Being a reader myself, I know that we have a lot of books belonging to different genres and it is not a good idea to store them all together. The books belonging to different genres should be kept on separate shelves/drawers so that it’s easier for you to pick out the book you’re looking for.

4. Organize Books In The Order You Read

Having a massive collection of books makes it hard for us to pick the text we will read next. I’ve faced this same dilemma numerous times, but now I’ve come up with a solution. You can make a list of books you would read in order and then arrange your collection in that particular order. It will save you a lot of brainstorming at the time of reading.

5. Organize According To Size Of Books

Books come in all sizes and they are to be stored accordingly. Storing different-sized books together will affect the symmetry of the collection and make it look a little unorganized. Books that have size can keep together as they will look good and be easier to store this way. Readers who have size can be kept together.


These were some of the tips and tricks to organize books in a small space. Storing your books in these ways will give your readers a new home to live in and add to the beauty of the place you live. Having boos stored in the methods mentioned above also creates a good impression on people.

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