How Reading Fiction Affects Your Life

how reading affects your life

Fiction is undoubtedly the most popular genre when it comes to reading. It is fun to read, but did you know that reading fiction is enjoyable and beneficial for us in more ways than we can even think of? Yes, reading fiction subconsciously improves and enhances different skills inside us.

Reading is a fun activity overall, but nothing can beat a fictional book. What’s better than a fiction novel when you are lying on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate covered with a blanket all over you? I feel like I’ve just described heaven!

Reading fictional books and novels regularly has many positive effects on our lives, both personally and socially. Reading fiction is an effective stress-buster and is proven to enhance one’s creativity level and vocabulary. Fiction readers are also said to have a better memory and they tend to be happier than people who do not read at all.

Since I’ve been reading fiction for some time, there are many changes I’ve observed in myself that have been a result of continuous fiction reading. Allow me to share my experience and all that I’ve acquired through the habit of reading.

How Reading Fiction Affects One’s Life

Here are a few of the many ways in which reading fiction affects one’s life, as it did mine.

1. Releases Stress

a lady reading a book while lying upside down on a couch

Reading fictional novels is one of the most effective ways of releasing stress as the reader gets so engaged in the book’s story that they forget their life problems for the time being.

How It Affects Our Social Life

A stressed-out person tends to make mistakes and create awkward scenes when in public. When at a public place with many people, entering with stress in your mind is not a good idea. Anxiety can be handled, but in the time we live, stress comes in tons.

Reading books, especially fiction, can help you get over it. When you know that you have to go out and meet people, just read a few pages of the book before leaving so that the story stays in your mind till the time you are out so that you do not think about your problems and avoid social mishaps.

It’s a little stress-releasing trick not many people know about, and that’s what makes it so unique. It is an effective technique. I can guarantee you that as I’ve tried it myself.

How It Affects Our Personal Life

Stress is, and never was, a good thing for a human. Unhealthy burdens like stress and tension need to be released as soon as possible. Focus is like a slow poison for our bodies. It’ll eat up our body and mind slowly but in the worst way possible.

When feeling stressed because of something in your life, try and relax with a fictional novel in your hand. Just reading a few pages will help you forget all the things that were worrying you a few minutes ago and your mind will feel calmed down.

My health was seriously deteriorating due to the excessive stress that I was taking. I started following the practice of reading fiction books whenever my mind reminded me of any worrying incident, which helped me a lot. 

2. Improves Memory

a lady writing in a book

A fictional book contains several characters with unique names and different trails, many plot twists, and sometimes, more than one storyline. People who read fiction regularly tend to have a better retention power as they are habitual of keeping track of all the things that happen in the book.

How It Affects Our Social Life

Forgetting important things has been in human nature since evolution, but it causes massive embarrassment to an individual when you fail to do an important task assigned to you. It affects your social image and relations.

Reading fiction solves this problem, but you need to be a daily reader or else, it’ll be a little good. Opt for books having several characters and a not-so-simple understanding of the storyline to boost your retention power.

I was, and somewhere I still am, a very forgetful person. I keep on forgetting things and then face the consequences for it in the form of humiliation by others, but reading such books has helped me contain it to some extent.

How It Affects Our Personal Life

Ever happened to you that your mother assigned you a few errands to run, but you forgot midway what you were supposed to do? It happens to a lot of people, but I’m here to offer a solution for it.

This forgetfulness can be cured entirely just by reading a few fictional books. It’ll be hard for you to believe, but it’s a proven method for enhancing one’s memory. It would help if you went for books that have more than one part so that you can exercise your brain while transitioning from one piece to another.

I’ve cured my habit of forgetting even the simplest things this way and I’d highly suggest you guys try it out too.

3. Enhances Creativity

a lady holding a pencil in her hand

Readers are usually creative, but if you are an active fictional reader, you are likely to have the upper hand in the field of creativity. Their minds get used to thinking creatively, as creativity is the critical feature in a fictional novel.

How It Affects Our Social Life

There might be many occasions when you go out with a group of people and a situation that requires you guys to be creative. Well, you can outshine those people you are hanging out with.

Fictional books are products of one’s creativity and nothing else can add to your creativity than reading a few of these. There are infinite storylines and plots and the more you read, the more developed your mind will become, creatively.

I am considered the most creative person in my group as I always outsmart others when it comes to creativity and I have developed this from reading only.

How It Affects Our Personal Life

Many things in our household need creative solutions and imagine how much appreciation you’ll get for solving a household problem by correctly using your brain.

Reading fictional books will enable creative thinking in your head. Your brain will eventually become habitual of thinking that way, so whenever you see anything that needs to be fixed, your brain will automatically enable you to think creatively about the situation.

If you ever get to have a look at my stuff, you’ll get to know how creatively I’ve learned to handle things and it’s the effect of reading fiction regularly. 


So, these were very few of the many benefits one acquires by reading fiction daily. It’ll make you a better person in your social as well as your personal life.

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