Best 15 Romantic Books to Read to our Partner

Best 15 Romantic Books to Read to our Partner

Have you ever considered reading with your partner? Reading with your partner can be a fun and enriching activity that can bring you closer together and deepen your connection. Whether you both share a love for books or are interested in exploring new genres, reading together can provide a shared experience that can spark conversations, and debates, and even strengthen your communication skills. In this article I’m going to talk about 15 exciting romantic books to read to our partner.

I personally would love to read with my partner once I get into any relationship, but I’ve seen and helped so many couples bond over these books! I have read these books (sadly, alone), and I would, for sure, make my partner read them with me again!

As they say, old is gold, so many (not all) of these books are from the late 90s and early 20s, but they would make you feel so young and fall in love with your partner all over again. These books are literal gems and a must-read, even if you’re single (like myself).

Enough of me. Let’s dive into it!

Top 15 Romantic Novels to Read with Our Partner

1. Vision in White

Vision in White | Romantic Books to Read to our Partner

Full Title: Vision in White

Author: Nora Roberts

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 2009


Mackensie “Mac” Elliot, who has graced the pages of bridal magazines, is most comfortable in front of the camera and eager to record the joyous occasions she could not witness as a child.

Her mother sees another man and pleads with Mac for attention and money, as her father has already replaced his first family with a second. Moments before a crucial meeting for wedding preparations, Mac runs into the bride-to-brother; this encounter causes both of them to experience stargazing. She would never date Carter Maguire because he is secure and stable. Even at their former high school, he teaches English.

Something about him makes Mac feel like a casual relationship would be the perfect distraction from bridezillas and answering her mother’s calls.

However, a casual affair can unexpectedly develop into something more. Mac must learn how to create her joyful memories with the aid of her three closest friends, who are also her business partners.

2. Bared to You

Bared to You | Romantic Books to Read to our Partner

Full Title: Bared to You

Author: Sylvia Day

Genre: Romance novel

Publishing Date: 2012


Like lightning in the night, Gideon Cross entered the narrator’s life. He was stunning and dazzling, angular and blazing. As she had never been to anything or anyone, the narrator felt pulled to him.

Even though she knew it would make her vulnerable, the narrator sought his touch like a drug. Because of the narrator’s flaws and injuries, he exposes her vulnerabilities quickly.

Gideon knew this. He has his demons. And they would turn into mirrors, reflecting each other’s most secret wants and hurts. Even as the narrator prayed that the pain of their pasts wouldn’t separate them, the bonds of his love changed him.

3. The Reader

The Reader | Romantic Books to Read to our Partner

Full Title: The Reader

Author: Bernhard Schlink

Genre: Romance novel

Publishing Date: 1995


This captivating book is a tale of love, secrets, terror, and compassion, playing against the ghostly backdrop of post-World War II Germany. It has been praised for its coiled sexuality and the moral claims it places upon the reader. A woman twice his age named Hanna saves fifteen-year-old Michael Berg when he becomes ill while returning from school.

She eventually becomes his lover, after which she mysteriously vanishes. When Michael next sees her, she is being tried for a terrible crime, and he is a young law student. Michael gradually concludes that Hanna may be hiding something more embarrassing than murder as he observes her refusal to assert her innocence.

4. I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere

I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere | Romantic Books to Read to our Partner

Full Title: I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere

Author: Anna Gavalda

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 1999


This book examines how one fatal moment may completely alter a person’s life. A traveling salesperson reads about the repercussions of nearly missing an exit on the interstate in the morning newspaper; a pregnant woman’s plans fall apart at the hospital, and a single careless deed ruins a great date.

Gavalda exhibits her nearly magical ability to communicate love, lust, longing, and loneliness in those pivotal moments.

5. The Thorn Birds

The Thorn Birds | Romantic Books to Read to our Partner

Full Title: The Thorn Birds

Author: A. Ward and Colleen McCullough

Genre: Family saga

Publishing Date: 1977


The protagonists of this captivating tale are Meggie, the sole daughter of the Cleary family, and the one man she genuinely loves, the breathtakingly attractive and aspirational priest Ralph de Bricassart.

Distance does not lessen their feelings, even as it alters their lives. Ralph’s path takes him a very long way, from a remote Outback parish to the corridors of the Vatican, and Meggie’s is fixed to the Drogheda that is part of her bones.

Wonderful characters populate this book, including Meggie, Ralph, and Meggie’s children, Justine and Dane, as well as the strong and gentle Paddy who is hiding a secret memory.

The obedient Fiona who is holding back love because it once betrayed her, the violent, tormented Frank, and the other hardworking Cleary sons who give the boundless lands of Drogheda the energy and devotion most men reserve for women. And then there is the land itself, which is harsh, unyielding in its demands, magnificent when it blooms, vulnerable to enormous cycles of drought and flood, wealthy when nature is abundant and bizarre like nowhere else on earth.

6. Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina | Romantic Books to Read to our Partner

Full Title: Anna Karenina

Author: Leo Tolstoy

Genre: Romance novel

Publishing Date: 1877


To satisfy her passionate nature, Anna, a smart woman, leaves her empty life as Karenin’s wife and goes to Count Vronsky with tragic results. Tolstoy’s personal opinions and convictions are frequently expressed by Levin, who is a reflection of the author himself.

Tolstoy makes no overarching points and only invites us to observe rather than pass judgment. He departs from the kaleidoscope’s shifting patterns to emphasize the significance of the ominous words that follow the title, “Vengeance is mine, and I will pay back,” writes Rosemary Edmonds.

7. Bright Star

Bright Star | Romantic Books to Read to our Partner

Full Title: Bright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne

Author: John Keats

Genre: Poetry

Publishing Date: 2009


Even though John Keats (1795–1821) passed away at 25, he is credited with producing some of the most beautiful and poignant poetry ever. He also left behind a stunningly lovely and heartfelt series of love letters motivated by his intense affection for Fanny Brawne.

Although they were only acquainted for a brief period and spent a significant portion of that time apart due to Keats’ deteriorating health, which forced him to relocate abroad, he frequently wrote love letters to Fanny and frequently wrote about her in his works—his very last poem is titled simply “To Fanny.” She would continue wearing the ring he gave her until she died.

8. The Remains of the Day

The Remains of the Day

Full Title: The Remains of the Day

Author: Kazuo Ishiguro

Genre: Romance novel

Publishing Date: 1989


Stevens, a long-time butler at Darlington Hall, chooses to drive around the West Country in the summer of 1956. The six-day trip turns into a journey into Stevens’ and England’s past, including fascism, two world wars, and an unfulfilled romance between the butler and his maid.

9. The Lover

The Lover

Full Title: The Lover

Author: Marguerite Duras

Genre: Fictional Autobiography

Publishing Date: 1984


The lover, set against the backdrop of French colonial Vietnam, explores the subtleties and complexities of a covert relationship between a young French woman from a low-income family and an older, affluent Chinese-Vietnamese man.

10. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Full Title: The Great Gatsby

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Genre: Tragedy

Publishing Date: 1925


This book centers on Jay Gatsby, a man whose life revolves around his desire to see Daisy Buchanan again after they split up five years prior. Gatsby’s journey takes him from poverty to riches, into the arms of his sweetheart, and ultimately to his demise.

11. Before I Die

Before I Die

Full Title: Before I Die

Author: Jenny Downham

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 2007


Tessa has only a few months left. Tessa makes a list to combat medical appointments, countless testing, and medications with severe side effects. She made a “To Do” list. Sex comes in first, then.

As her weakening body strains to keep up, Tessa explores new things now that she is free from the restrictions of “regular” existence to feel alive.

In the final few weeks, before she passes away, Tessa’s emotions, her connections with her father and brother, her estranged mother, her best friend, and her new lover all cruelly come into focus.

12. The Girl on Paper

The Girl on Paper

Full Title: The Girl on Paper

Author: Guillaume Musso

Genre: Romance Novel

Publishing Date: 2010


A few months ago, Tom Boyd was a best-selling author with a home in Los Angeles who was in love with a famous pianist. However, following a highly public breakup, he isolated himself, suffering from writer’s block and only having alcohol and drugs for companionship.

A stunning naked stranger shows up at Tom’s place one night. She claims to be Billie, a fictional character from one of his books who got lost in reality after a printer’s error in his most recent book.

Despite how absurd her story seems, Tom realizes that Billie must be the one who is telling it. She also wants to make a bargain with him: if he completes his next book, she will return to the realm of fiction, and in exchange, he will get his beloved Aurore back. What is there for him to lose?

13. The Love Hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis

Full Title: The Love Hypothesis

Author: Ali Hazelwood

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 2021


Olive Smith, a third-year Ph.D. student, doesn’t think long-lasting love relationships exist, but her best friend does, which is how she ended up in this predicament. It would always take more than hand-wavy Jedi mind tricks to persuade Anh that Olive is dating and is well on her way to a happily ever after. Scientists need evidence. Olive panics as a result and kisses the first man she sees, just like any self-respecting biologist.

Adam Carlsen is the one and only hotshot young professor and notorious ass. Because of this, Olive is delightfully shocked when Stanford’s top lab tyrant offers to be her pretend lover and keep Olive’s farce a secret.

However, Olive’s profession is pushed to the back burner when a significant scientific conference goes awry. Adam shocks Olive again with his unwavering support and even more unwavering six-pack abs.

Their small experiment feels as though it might explode at any moment. Olive also learns that examining her own heart is the one thing that is trickier than a hypothesis on love.

14. All Your Perfects

All Your Perfects

Full Title: All Your Perfects

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre: Romance Novel

Publishing Date: 2018


Their shoddy marriage jeopardizes Quinn and Graham’s perfect relationship. They are being torn apart by the memories, errors, and secrets accumulated over the years. The one thing that could save them is the thing that breaks their marriage beyond repair.

15. People We Meet on Vacation

People We Meet on Vacation

Full Title: People We Meet on Vacation

Author: Emily Henry

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 2021


Alex and Poppy don’t have much in common. He’s dressed in khakis. She’s a wild child. He loves to stay home with a book, whereas she has an insatiable need to travel. They have been best friends since a tragic car share from college many years ago.

While she lives in New York City and he in their little hamlet for the majority of the year, they have spent one wonderful week of vacation every summer for the past ten years. Up until they wrecked everything two years ago. Since then, they have yet to speak.

Poppy is in a rut despite having everything she should want. She is certain that her tragic last trip with Alex was the last time she felt completely content. To make everything right, she resolves to persuade her best buddy that they should go on one more vacation together. Amazingly, he consents.

Now she has a week to make everything right. If only she could avoid the one major reality that has silently persisted throughout their ostensibly ideal relationship. What possibly could go wrong?

Conclusion| Best 15 Romantic Books to Read to our Partner

How did you like it? Wasn’t that just amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Get your partner and start with these books. After all, a couple who reads together stays together!

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