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THE Ex Talk Book Review and Summary: so If you are looking for something lighter and more fun with enough romantic stuff for reading then this book would be a good option for you to pick up for sure which is The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon. This book talks about things like ethics and morality that’s mixed in with just a fun romance. Let’s see what’s new and instruct here!

THE Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon Solomon is based on an enemies-to-lovers fake relationships romance which is set in the world of public radio. The story starts with two workers who don’t like each other pretending to be exes for a new show to save their jobs at rival public radio and end up getting a lot more than what they expect.

It is interesting to see how this story goes and how it kind of flips the script, how it brings these two characters together. It’s super fun to see people start fighting and then get to know each other. They kind of see the good part of each other. 

Let’s see what happens next without spoilers, please! So let’s go ahead and dig into the story. 

THE Ex Talk Book Review and Summary | Overview

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About the Author 

Rachel Lynn Solomon

Rachel Lynn Solomon is a bestselling author of love stories for teens and adults. She is originally from Seattle, graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in journalism. She works for northern media outlets such as The Seattle Times and KUOW public radio. Her book has received praise from The New York times and entertainment weekly. The book was published by Berkley in 2021.

THE Ex Talk Book Reviews

THE Ex Talk book by Rachel Lynn Solomon is an adult contemporary romance fiction novel published on 26 January 2021. In this book, we are dealing with enemies to love trope, workplace romances and the fake dating trope.

The book is set in Seattle, the main character is shay goldsmith who is 30 yrs old and works as a producer for a public radio station. The book is from the shay point of view which is told in the first person present Tense. Dominic Yun who is 24 years old, is the male lead in this story and he’s just graduated with a master’s degree in journalism.  So here’s the summary without spoilers. 

Summary of the Book THE Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon 

 So the story follows a girl named shay goldsmith who has been working at the same public radio station in Seattle for almost 10 years ever since she graduated from college.  She always knew that she wanted to work in a public radio station because that was her father’s dream and she also loves Public radio, it was very near and dear to Shay’s heart. Her dad has passed away and she has continued with her Career to fulfil his career aspirations without being dishonest.

Ten years later Shay is producing her show, content with her work until Dominic Yun gets selected in her public radio station. Dominic is newly graduated and convincing everyone that he knows everything about radio. He is the one who’s mostly favoured by their boss Kent and it makes shay even more annoyed after Dominic. 

So this particular public radio station is struggling to bring in the eyes of the viewers, a lot of their content is kind of old stuff.  They are having a hard time keeping their listeners so they need to cope up with something fresh and exciting for the viewers. 

One day during a staff meeting Dominic and Shay’s boss Kent announce that they are looking for the same new content idea for an upcoming radio show.  Not so knowing shay suggests a relationship show in which the co-hosts who are ex-lovers figure out what went wrong in their relationship advice on the live radio show. 

She didn’t know that this idea would go too far; her boss Kent loved it and he decided that Shay and Dominic would be the co-hosts for the show. Despite that, the two of them have never dated. They both don’t want to do that but they want to keep their jobs so they decided to pretend like they are dating. 

The show begins and is called The ex talk. Certainly, they both do a great job and get wonderful feedback from the viewers and their boss but they are still lying to the audience.  As they pretend to be exes they soon found that the chemistry they have been faking was real. Will shat and Dominic find that they are in love? How will their audience react to finding out the truth?  Find out in ‘ THE Ex Talk ‘.

What to learn from the Book? 

Quotes from What to learn from the book_

The way the author wove the simplicity in writing compels readers to read it in one shot. The story underlines some really beautiful movements about women freedom and feminism. The story appears to be a tricky dynamic to write but Rachel executes it delightfully. You will learn many things about public radio and how it works in the book.

The author shared her thoughts in one of her interviews that she worked for public radio for so many years and she was passionate about story Storytelling that’s why she always wanted to do and change her career of being an author. The storyline in general was relatively entertaining.

My Thoughts on the Book THE Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon 

The book was so easy and fun to read in general about relationships and a lot of characters were relatable. The writing was witty and fun and the way Rachel covers the story in a really beautiful way she distributed all those wonderful romance tropes of enemies becoming lovers.

Rating of The Book THE Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon 

I would happily give THE Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon 4.5/5 stars!

Conclusion & Recommendations of the Book 

So if you enjoy romantic comedy love stories with a little bit of humour then I highly recommend you to try this book. It was overall really fun and hilarious. If you are the person who pretty much wants something kind of light-hearted and fun to read with a little bit of humour then you might give it a shot. Happy reading! 

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