The Greatest Salesman In The World : Book Review

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The Greatest Salesman In The World: Book Review If there is one essential skill for living, it is the art of selling. A salesman has the power to turn upside-down with the great skill that it has, and I have always been intrigued by the idea of sales and salesmanship. My fascination with the skill got me to reading this book, “The Greatest Salesman In The World.”

Sales is not considered a vital role, and to be very, very honest, salesmen are people who are looked down at. But what people don’t know is that everyone in the entire world is a salesperson, whether your son, your boss, your friend, your other half, and even You! So yes, you are a salesperson too!

Reviewing The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino is a pleasure- to read this book was a pleasure. The Greatest Salesman In The World had lessons on how to deal with failures and how to keep going and growing.

So, hey, salesman! Get your eyes ready to read The Greatest Salesman In The World book review!

The Greatest Salesman In The World By Og Mandino- General Overview

Author Info

Augustine “Og” Mandino II was a well-known American author and also the president of a magazine called “success unlimited.” Born on December 12, 1923, from editing the high school paper to writing one of the best sellers- the journey was quite a ride.

When his mother died in 1940 of a massive heart attack, Mandino decided to work in a paper factory for the next two years, i.e., up till 1942. For the person who wanted to attend the journalism school, joining the US army air corps was a plan he had never dreamed of. But he did. He joined the force and became a bombardier also, participating in the second world war.

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After his servings in the military were done, he began his career in sales as an insurance salesman- only to find himself attempting suicide on a winter morning.

Guess what saved his life?


Og started reading several self-help and motivational books in the corner of a library. A journey that started from a corner of a library took him to several other libraries in the states, also helping him get rid of his alcohol consumption.

And this is how he became a speaker and writer. Mandino was also inspired by the works of Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, and Emmet Fox.

Book Overview

The Greatest Salesman In The World is a result of the hundreds of books the author Og Mandino read on his voyage to the different libraries of the State. The book talks about the treasures and time-tested ways of success properly describes 10 easy “scrolls.”

The book motivates you and tells you the story of Hafid, who once was a camel man and now living a life of fulfillment and joy. The book has also brought out a religious tinge into the story giving it the tenderness the story was in need of.
It is for those 10 scrolls that make this book one of the greatest books a person will read.

The book- The Greatest Salesman In The World also has a sequel which is about Hafid, not at his best. He is sad and mourning the loss of his wife. However, the setting of the book has been kept 40 years apart from the previous book.

Basic Plot/ Summary Of The Greatest Salesman In The World

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The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino can be broadly summarized in the 10 scrolls mentioned in the book, which are also the lessons one can learn from it.

  • 10 Scrolls given in the book are-
    1. The formation of good habits and mastering them, being disciplined.
    2. Greeting and welcoming each day with love and gratitude in the heart.
    3. I will persist until I succeed.
    4. I am nature’s greatest miracle and am truly blessed to be born unique.
    5. I will live this day as if it is my last day and if not, I will thank god for another.
    6. I will be the master of my emotions and I will control them by positive actions.
    7. I will laugh at this world. Laughter has immense power.
    8. I will realize my value and multiply it everyday.
    9. I will act upon things now, everything is worthless if not bagged up with action.
    10. Life should have the guiding light of god.

What to learn from the book?

There is abundance. Abundance of lessons and moments to cherish. As for me, the greatest lesson from the book and the 10 scrolls was from the 7th scroll.

I will laugh at this world. Laughter has immense power.

The greatest salesman in the world.

Laughter really has the power to change your life. Nothing in the world ever has come out and will ever come out from being sad- except for more sadness. So laughing really is the best medicine.

This too shall pass- the happiness, sadness, poverty, richness, these moments. Everything will pass, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it except giving your best every day and living it to the fullest.

The “DO IT NOW” principle is the bottom line of everything in the book and has been explained magnificently!

My thoughts on “The Greatest Salesman In The World”

Do I really have to say? The book is amazing (AMAZINGGGGGG)! The fact that the author himself gives a specific technique to read “The Greatest Salesman In The World.” That method of reading the book would take one 10 months to read- but being the relentless and freakishly anxious person that I am, it just took me 2 days. However, I will read it the way Og Mandino wants us to read it. Soon… 

The Greatest Salesman In The World By Og Mandino ratings

The book deserves a strong 4.5/5 stars. The book is epic!

The book is at its best a self-help book but what makes it even better is that there is a storyline to follow so that you have something to imagine beyond words and bullets in a book.

Should you read “The Greatest Salesman In The World”?

Duh… Yeah! It does not even matter if you have or want to pursue a career in sales- the book is worth your time anyway. So definitely go for it!

The book is life-changing, also excellent, and extremely helpful if you have a career in sales because come on, who does not want to be the exceptional salesman in the world? So, grab it right away!

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