Book Review: The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Book Review_ The Guest List by Lucy Foley

The Guest List by Lucy Foley: Would you enjoy going to an island for a wedding? So here’s a twist because that’s where you will be finding yourself at a super creepy island and going to a super fancy wedding when you are reading this suspense thriller novel The Guest List by Lucy Foley. You will read what has happened at this wedding and experience a haunted feeling.

The guest list takes place on an exclusive wedding on a remote island off the coast of Ireland. On an island, guests get together to celebrate the wedding of two people who are joining their lives as one. As the guests gather on this island to celebrate with bride Julia Keegan and broom William Slater, also bring their buried secrets from the past. On an incredible wedding night, a storm leaves the island in the darkness, and something goes wrong on the island. Someone turns up dead.

So the question arises in everyone’s mind: who gets murdered, why, and who did it? Figuring this out will compel the reader to stick to the end, and this part of the story is too much fun to find out the mystery. The mixture of different personalities made it compelling, which invested you in finding out where the story would lead. Each of the characters suspects whatever happens on the island, and each chapter fluctuates from the perspective of one character.

There’s a lot to discuss around the mystery, suspense, and secrets that this book manifests. I will not dwell too much into the novel, but I will give you a brief synopsis of the book. 

General overview of the book | The Guest List by Lucy Foley 

General overview of the book _ The Guest List by Lucy Foley  and quotes

About the Author 

Lucy Foley 

Lucy Foley is a British author of contemporary historical fiction and mystery novels. She was born in Sussex, United States, and currently lives in London. She studied English literature at Durham University and university college London. She worked as a fictional editor at the headline publishing group Hodder and Stoughton for several years before writing full time. 

She is the number one Sunday Times and Irish times bestselling author of the haunting party and their other novel. Her novels have been translated into nineteen languages, and her journalism has appeared in publications such as Sunday times style, ES magazine, Grazia, Vogue Us, Elle, Tatler, and Marie claire. The guest list was her sixth novel published by HarperCollins in 2020. The book is awarded as a New York Times best thriller of 2020.

The Book The Guest List overview

The book The Guest List by Lucy Foley is a contemporary thriller fictional novel published on 20 February 2020. The book is a New York Times and Washington Post bestseller. The guest list received excellent reviews from library journals and positive reviews from the New York times book review booklist. This book is the winner of the GoodReads choice books of 2020 in the category from the mystery thriller. 

The book mystery is about a wedding on an island off the coast of Ireland. The island is also known as The Folly. The island plays a vital role in the mystery set in the novel, especially when it comes to the eventual murder.

The book is told in dual timelines one is following the characters as they arrive at the island and the time up to the wedding, and the other timeline is the murder itself that happens on the day of the wedding. The story is told from multiple perspectives of characters like the bride, groom, bride sisters, wedding planner, groom’s best friend, and many more. So You will get to see the story through the eyes of almost everyone. Each character from the novel is told from a specific character’s point of view.

Summary of the Book | The Guest List by Lucy Foley 

The Guest List by Lucy Foley: In an exclusive wedding on a remote Irish island, the bride, the plus one, the best man, the wedding planner, and the bridesmaids all have a secret motive, but only one is the murderer.

A brief synopsis of the story revolves around a small and exclusive island off the coast of West Ireland, where guests have gathered to celebrate the wedding, where two people come together as one. The bride Julia Kagan, an innovative and determined person, owns a popping fashion magazine, and The groom William Slater with a charming and handsome personality, is a rising television star. 

They have gathered their relatives and loved ones to celebrate their wedding in true destination style, with plenty of drinks and fashionable people. They have planned their weekend perfectly. Unfortunately, on the wedding night, the light goes for a while; the island creates a frightening vibe with a haunting feeling, risky terrain, secret island spots, and an approaching storm. But as the storm blows, the guests with their buried secrets, the tension starts to build from the dinner night.  

When the lights go out, everyone rushes in and screams because a dead body is found. All the guests are trapped on the island, including the murderer, so that no one can escape. Plenty of secrets is roaming around the island. A body is found in the darkness. As old secrets get revealed, the question remains: who did it? And why?

What to Take Away from the Book?

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The guest list takes you to a wedding on an island, it’s not a wedding you would want to go to, but it’s a lot of mystery or thriller. As soon as you start reading the next, your mind starts spinning. The story slowly sets the place, giving you a haunting feeling and introducing the characters through which you will get to learn the backstories of these characters.

 The book is more characters based than plot-based. So by the time the book comes to an end, all of the characters’ stories have been woven together, which seamlessly is spectacular to witness. The personal tension that you will see in the book keeps building upon each character, leading to the suspenseful mystery.

My Thoughts on the Guest List by Lucy Foley 

The novel is well-written and engaging. It’s just one of the books that capture your attention to the end right from the beginning. The way Lucy wrote this book, it’s just woven together nearly seamlessly and in a way that you even didn’t guess. A novel contains a lot of tension, secrets, twists, which, when you read, you quickly identify how well Lucy unraveled slowly and effectively. The novel is told from different characters’ different points of view that will help you know different characters with their instructing storylines.

Rating for the Book | The Guest List by Lucy Foley 

The book The Guest List by Lucy Foley deserves 4/5 stars.

Conclusion & Recommendation | The Guest List by Lucy Foley 

Overall, this novel reads fast, so if you are looking for a nice light read with a mixture of excellent thrillers or just trying to get out of a reading slump, I would highly recommend you check this one out. You need to read this book, especially if you love psychological mystery thrillers.

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