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The book The Other Emily by Dean Koontz Book Review: If you would like a mysterious story and you’d also like a love story then this is the one for you because it’s a very ghostly love story. So this time I’m bringing your attention to the new fiction book The Other Emily by Dean Koontz. This novel touches suspense and gives you hints at the probability of changes into science fiction or horror at the instant you read.

The book the Other Emily by Dean Koontz takes place 10 years ago Emily Carlino disappears after her car was destroyed down an empty road on a California highway and was supposed to be dead. She was supposed to be one of the serial Ronny Lee Jessup’s sufferers whose relics were never found. Writer David Thorne even now has not recovered from losing the love of his life, her girlfriend Emily, he feels guilty about not being there to save her girlfriend.

So this novel is about a serial killer and it’s a bit of a mystery which is frightening. This makes the reader wonder if it is a mystery thriller or this is somehow a supernatural book as well. The novel is not only stunningly thrilling but a trip into the dark side of recent scientific adventure. For not spoiling your trip of riding into a story in the novel I will not give you spoilers here. So that your eagerness will remain as it is.

As a reader, you will be keener to learn what is really behind the mind-blowing scene that appears to be revealed. Without wasting more time, let’s explore The Other Emily by Dean  Koontz. 

The Other Emily by Dean Koontz Book review | Book Summary

About the Author 

The Other Emily by Dean Koontz Book review _ Book Summary
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Dean Koontz 

Dean Ray Koontz is an American author, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, poet. Born on 9th July 1945 and raised in Everett, Pennsylvania, United States now lives in southern California. His novel consists of suspense, horror fiction, science fiction, thriller, and fantasy. He completed his education in B.A. English from Shippensburg State College, after graduation in 1967, he worked as an English teacher at Mechanicsburg high school in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Many of his books have appeared on The New York Times Bestseller list, with fourteen hardcovers and sixteen paperbacks reaching the number one spot. Rolling Stone has hailed him as “American most popular suspense novelist.” His books have been published in 38 languages and have sold over 500 million copies worldwide.

The Book The Other Emily Overview | Review

The Other Emily by Dean Koontz is a terrific psychological thriller fiction novel initially published on 23rd March 2021 by Thomas and Mercer. This book is about the twisting journey of lost love, unthinkable second chances, and stunning promises. It’s a love story wrapped inside a thriller with science fiction elements and sufficient suspense. Now, let’s proceed to the summary.

Summary of the Book The Other Emily by Dean Koontz 

The story starts with David Thorne, a successful writer deeply in love with Emily Carlino, who disappeared ten years ago. She went out one night and never returned. She suddenly disappeared and was murdered by a serial killer Ronny Lee Jessup.

Emily’s body was never found, Ronny lee Jessup was convicted and sent to prison. David Thorne visits a serial killer in prison to get more information to see if he will admit to killing and get the final answer about the fate of Emily. Jessup reportedly murdered 27 women along the coast of California. He is keeping 14 unwanted victims; his victims have never been found.

David interviews him and tries to find out if Emily was a victim of this serial killer. He is one of the 14 that he unburied and hidden away. After David Thorne meets a girl named Maddison, the story unfolds at a restaurant bar. She was an exact image of Emily when she died. She tells David that she is an assassin.

Many exciting things are going on as David hires a private investigator to keep a check on Maddison. David begins his search for answers, bringing him in contact with a sociopath who bought Jessop’s horror house and completes an extensive tour of the place. David crosses every line to find the answer to what happens to Emily.

What to Learn from The Book?

The story has a lot of solid things in the book. You can learn a lot, as the main character David lost his love, which is interesting because it is symbolic of the roots of their relationship and tells that this story is a story of hope and love.

The book is different and exciting. Dean Koontz wove the novel in various forms and would be in the science but on the human love. The story shows a lot about the main character, Dean Koontz, guilty of Emily becoming a victim. The characters are especially well described in detail.

My Thoughts on The Other Emily by Dean Koontz

The story has such a clear thriller hook when the world thinks that the woman Emily disappeared, and then an obvious thriller takes place about how she possibly exists. But the story is profoundly romantic and desires for love that crosses possibility throughout every page. The writing was suspenseful, addictive, and full of thrillers and horror.

The book pulls your curiosity in from the first chapter and quickly holds your attention to the very end. This facilitating story compels readers to look at all the possibilities that keep you guessing where things are leading the way.

Article Reviews from Different Platforms 

Compliments for The Other Emily by Dean Koontz.

“Twisty, Tense and scary”. _ Kirkus reviews

“A clasping and completely frightening book, absolutely captivating. This book is one of the best as Dean Koontz remains a masterful storyteller in multiple genres.”_ Booklist 

“The novel  the other Emily is very much identifiably Koontz and yet in many ways unlike anything Koontz book has done before.”_ The big Thrill

Rating for The Book “The Other Emily by Dean koontz 

The book “The other Emily” by Dean Koontz” deserves 4/5 stars from me.

Summary & Recommendations of the Book

If you are looking for a quality book, you can’t go wrong with reading. Many exciting things happen in the novel, the ending is like science fiction, but it is worth the reading. I highly recommend this book for lovers of this genre, which doesn’t let you go until you read the entire novel. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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