Book Review: The Revenue Growth Habit by Alex Goldfayn

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The Revenue Growth Habit by Alex Goldfayn- is a proactive action. The book is divided into four sections: the process, altering your perspective, 22 growth-oriented tactics, and carrying out the plan. The chapters are brief and concise, making it simple to pick it up anywhere and unearth a pearl of quickly implementable wisdom.

Alex’s voice is audible and clear, and it is a wise, reassuring, and confident voice that gives you hope that you may achieve your goals. I enjoy how his “How to” chapters include methods that take just a few seconds to as much as 15 minutes. He emphasized the importance of using the one-to-one and the one-to-many thinking approaches. My understanding of which of my marketing initiatives belongs in which track and how I can quickly execute them has already improved.

The author repeatedly emphasizes that his methods will be fruitless in the first few chapters. Therefore they need to accomplish something to demonstrate the opposite. But after that comes the down-to-earth stuff. 22 useful techniques that you can quickly include in your daily task routine. 

This book is very informative. Don’t believe me yet? Keep on reading and find out for yourself!

The Revenue Growth Habit by Alex Goldfayn| Book Review

The Author

Alex Goldfayn Author of The Revenue Growth Habit

Alex Goldfayn

The CEO of The Revenue Growth Consultancy, which assists companies in increasing their sales by 15% to 30% yearly, is Alex Goldfayn. It is one of the biggest and most successful practices among solo consulting companies. He has three Wall Street Journal best-selling books to his credit. His three most recent books, Pick Up The Phone & Sell (Wiley, September 2021), 5-Minute Selling (Wiley, August 2020), and Selling Boldly (Wiley, August 2020), are all WSJ bestsellers (Wiley 2018).

His 2015 book The Revenue Growth Habit won the 800-CEO-Read sales book of the Year award, and BenBella Books released his 2012 book Evangelist Marketing.

One of the top-rated and most in-demand sales speakers worldwide, Alex is represented by The Washington Speaker’s Bureau for his speaking engagements. He inspires sales teams, managers, executives, and business owners to make straightforward decisions to increase sales.

]Alex teaches sales teams easy but effective mental and behavioral modifications that produce predictable and significant revenue increases, such as moving from selling to a helping mindset and making proactive calls to customers and prospects when nothing is wrong.

Book Overview| The Revenue Growth Habit by Alex Goldfayn

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Full Title: The Revenue Growth Habit: The Simple Art of Growing Your Business by 15% in 15 Minutes Per Day

Author: Alex Goldfayn

Genre: Nonfiction

Publishing Date: 7 July 2015

Page Count: 256

Themes: Business


Discover how to expand your startup by 15% daily in just 15 minutes. Consider The Revenue Growth Habit to be your go-to collection of successful tactics. Instead of focusing on a single strategy for expanding your business, Alex Goldfayn’s ground-breaking book examines several approaches, each of which has been shown to expand your business by 15% if you only use it for 15 minutes daily.

These tactics ensure you don’t waste time with difficult vocabulary or reading the same text twice only to discover what it means because they are presented in bite-sized portions of the understandable language.

Book Summary| The Revenue Growth Habit by Alex Goldfayn

Do you need help finding time to expand your business throughout your busy day? Is your business stagnating due to your constant need to address client issues? Do you need more resources to launch a successful marketing strategy? The Revenue Growth Habit provides business owners, executives, and all employees who interact with customers with a practical tool for boosting revenue that is quick, simple, and costs nothing.

The CEO of the Evangelist Marketing Institute, Alex Goldfayn, demonstrates how to expand your business by 15% or more every day in as little as 15 minutes—all without investing a dime of your own money.

Refrain from relying on social media. Posting on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn doesn’t increase revenue for businesses-to-business companies. The Revenue Growth Habit demonstrates how to solicit and gather testimonials and how to share them to expand your organization. You will learn how to create compelling case studies, request (and receive!) referrals, expand your list, and publish a newsletter that increases sales.

Goldfayn provides instructions on how to teach your customer support staff to let current customers know what else they may purchase from you. This tried-and-true strategy is based on telling your story through your consumers. Nothing you say about your goods and services will have a more significant impact than what your paying customers say.


How does it function? Take one simple, proactive communication activity every day to let someone know how doing business with you will make them better. Select one of the 22 strategies outlined by Goldfayn in The Revenue Growth Habit. Each method is quick, easy, and cost-free.

All it takes is your effort to convince someone who can buy from you of the value of your good or service. The 22 action steps’ focus on a personal connection will set your business apart from the competitors.

My Takeaway from the Book

There is so much to learn from this book. Utilizing your consumers to comprehend and market your value is at the heart of Alex’s straightforward, practical, and efficient method of marketing your worth. This is the foundation for creating a steady stream of income, a clientele, and intelligent pricing that capitalizes on the valued work you provide. Alex’s approach is simple to start.

What did I Think About the Book? The Revenue Growth Habit by Alex Goldfayn

This book is fantastic for someone just starting out in technology and innovation marketing or tech evangelism. The techniques demonstrated in the book are those that all businesses should pursue: concentrating on their clients and the value they provide.

To generate more recommendations, repeat business, and other things, this book focuses on obtaining, developing, and distributing testimonials, customer case studies, white papers, newsletters, webinars, and other things.

I suggest this book if you’re managing sales or operating a business. It speaks to the selling mindset, explaining why you must let current and potential consumers know what you can do for them. It is packed with practical information, emphasizing quick strategies you and your organization can use daily (15 minutes or less).


This book holds a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Conclusion| The Revenue Growth Habit by Alex Goldfayn

Read the whole thing? How did you like it? I wholeheartedly advise trying the strategies in this book to boost your revenue if you work for a small or medium-sized company when many of your customers are other businesses.

The Revenue Growth Habit by Alex Goldfayn

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