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In life, what do you want from it? And if you know what you want but don’t know how to get it? Probably we all face these questions now and then in life. As far as that is concerned, let me tell you about the book I am reviewing this time, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. She explains that the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe that can change one’s life entirely by casting a positive vision. To find out more about how it works, keep reading.

Usually, I enjoy reading Self-Help books, but this book makes a big impression. It caught my attention on the internet, and I read many of the reviews, which blew me away. After reading this book on the internet, the results were completely different from what I expected. It greatly influences my thoughts and helps me choose the correct information that gives positivity and helps me achieve my desired goal. 

Rhonda Byrne’s self-help book “The Secret” explains how to use the law of attraction. The book explains that positive energy attracts positive things to you, which attracts everything you want and shows us how to govern our thinking. Control our thoughts and actions and use positive thinking to achieve anything we set to our minds.

You will learn that there is a lot you can do to change your circumstances, even if things seem hopeless. I have also further discussed the lessons I learned in detail in this book review. So without any further ado! Let’s get started.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne | Book Review

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Quotes

About the Author

Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne is an Australian television writer and producer. She was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1951. As an executive producer, she worked on shows such as Oz Encounters: UFOs in Australia (1997), Sensing Murder: Easy Street (2003), Loves Me, Loves Me Not (2003), and The World’s Greatest Commercials (1995 – 2004).

In 2006, Rhonda Byrne’s documentary film The Secret swept the world, millions of lives and sparked a global movement. The following year, Rhonda’s book The Secret was released, which remains one of the longest-running best sellers. Rhonda has written five more bestselling books, including Power in 2010, Magic in 2012, Heroin in 2013, How The Secret Changed My Life in 2016, and her latest book, The Greatest Secret in 2020.

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Book Overview | The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The book “The Secret” is based on a well-known self-help guide written by Rhonda Byrne. The book’s message is that everyone can achieve whatever goal they desire.

One of the longest-running bestsellers of this century, the book is on the New York Times bestseller list and has sold 30 million copies worldwide. It has been translated into 50 languages. Rhonda Byrne published a book that became a worldwide bestseller a year after a groundbreaking film revealed the vast mysteries of the universe, The Secret.

Title: The Secret

Written by: Rhonda Byrne

Publisher: Atria Book / Beyond Words Publishing

Publication date: 26 November 2006

Language:  English

Length: 216 (may vary)

Genre: Self-help, spirituality, Non-Fiction

Major themes: The Secret to positive thinking. It’s a Self-Help, Personal Growth, Success Self-Help, Motivational Body, Mind and Spirit, Inspiration & Personal Growth book. It explains the law of attraction that says positive thinking creates positive things.

Is the Secret based on a true story?

Although the book “The Secret” claims to be science-based, it often borrows phrases from quantum physics. However, many of the concepts in the book have been disproved. The Secret contains impressive case studies of people who have changed their lives for the better by applying the principles behind it.

What was the inspiration behind the Secret? Rhonda Byrne discovered a secret law and principle of the universe at the end of 2004, following a string of painful, traumatic events in her personal and professional life. The Secret was released as a film in March 2006 and a book in the same year.

How did the research take place? In the aftermath of her father’s death, she became very depressed. With her daughter’s advice, Hayley decided to read The Science of Getting Rich (1910) by Wallace D. Wattles. This book introduced positive thinking, the laws of attraction, and how to find more success in life. Therefore, she began research on the topic and continued with the project.

Book Summary | The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The book talks about the law of attraction, which requires you to focus on what you want rather than what you do not want to attract by the three steps of asking, believing, and receiving. The following quotations are based on Matthew 21:22: in the bible: “And whatever you shall ask in prayer, believing, it shall be given to you.”

In Byrne’s research for the novel the Secret, she suggests Abraham Lincoln, Ludwig van Beethoven, Winston Churchill, and others knew about the Law of Attraction. As she continued her research, she found that some of the current proponents of the laws of attraction include Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Michael Beckwith, John Demartini, Bob Proctor, James Arthur Ray, Joseph Vitale, Lisa Nichols, and Marie Diamond.

Twenty-four faculty members contributed to the writing of this book, who all shared their experiences on the subject of the Secret. These testimonials showcase Rhonda Byrne’s ideas throughout the book. It discusses the law of attraction, how it’s a natural law, why you should attract good rather than evil, the Power of the mind, how to control your thoughts and so forth. It also discusses how to use the law of attraction to get what you want.

Rhonda Byrne points out the importance of gratitude and visualization can lead to realizing or achieving one’s dreams and provides examples of this. And also discusses how to improve one’s relationship, prosperity, and health and offers some general thoughts about the universe.

Lessons to Be Learned from the Book.

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Source: Scollurio – Medium

Each book teaches you many lessons, but this one teaches you a lot and has something extra that you will discover as you read on. The Secret presents several surprising, exciting, and perhaps controversial ideas.

This is a self-help book with stories describing the Law of Attraction. The author wants you to be positive and specific about what you want, and the universe will arrange the events to bring it to you. That’s the essential advice you’ll find in this book. You’ll also learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life: money, health, relationships, and in every aspect of your life you have in the world. You’ll begin to understand the hidden, unexplored Power within you, and that surprising search brings something instructing in your life.

Here is how you can practically apply The Law of Attraction. This principle attracts anything you focus your energy on, whether good or bad. It doesn’t matter what your goal is. Suppose you think positively and focus on achieving it, believing that you can accomplish it and have already accomplished it. In that case, you can accomplish anything you set in your mind. Identify what you want and what you don’t want. Differentiating between these helps you to identify your goal and help you to focus further on achieving it.

We are not aware, but we can completely control our thoughts, and we should use their advantage. We don’t prefer looking at things and asking what difference it makes. In this book, you will learn that whatever you consume will become your feelings, your feelings will become your actions, and your actions will become your results. You will become whatever your thoughts are.

For instance, if you constantly think about the situations that stress you, you will attract more of them in your life. Instead, the book teaches you to focus on what you want in your life, and you will get more of that. It teaches you what you want and how to get it. After attaining your goal, you will feel a sense of gratitude, knowing that you already have everything you want.

Hence, a desire to sustain the feeling of having your dream right in your hands will drive you to put all your energy into attaining your dreams. The feeling is good; it is entirely up to you whether you want to hold onto it or stay closer to all negative thoughts.

Life is full of challenges, and facing them makes us stronger; blaming ourselves and beating ourselves up over them is not helpful and a negative way to deal with challenges.

A Few Thoughts about the Book | The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

“Remember that your thoughts are the primary cause of everything”. 

Rhonda Byrne

Well-written and persuasive, According to the book, the universe’s job is to arrange the circumstances for your dreams to come true. You have to visualize your goal, and everything will work out independently. I know what you’re thinking, but many intelligent people believe that only positive thinking is practical.

This isn’t what you need to work on to fulfil your dreams. Just tell me what dream doesn’t inspire you to achieve it. If you work hard for it, every minute of the day will be spent working towards achieving your goals. Visualizing it every day that it will happen is the only way to make it accurate. If you believe that it is not a magic plan, wait and see what happens.

It must now be clear that having a clear goal and plan of action, along with hard work and positive imagination, is what made the difference in what you wanted to accomplish. It also shows you that the path to reach your dreams is not always straight and straightforward, so you cannot always know how the path will turn out. Lastly, it would help if you believed in yourself to keep motivated to achieve your goals by getting into a better mindset.

Review and Rating of the Book | The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 self-help book, The Secret, is based on the scientific law of attraction, which claims thoughts have the power to change people’s lives directly. The book claims energy as a guarantee for its effectiveness.

Looking on the internet at what people think about this book, I came across many positive remarks by people sharing how this book has helped them in their lives. Like many shares, it provides significant stress relief by increasing internal control, a positive attitude, and a clearer vision of their goals.

In their talk, they shared how to use the knowledge of the Secret that contains wisdom from successful men and women who have become wealthy, healthy, and happy. They shared stories of people eliminating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what many others would consider unattainable by relying on The Secret.

As I said earlier, This book has inspired me and I really enjoyed reading this book.

It ultimately caught my attention, so I gave “The Secret by Rhonda Byrne” 4.5 stars out of 5.

Conclusion & Recommendations | The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

This book is a good read that explains the basic principle of the Law of Attraction and provides us with some methods of achieving our goals and a guide to a better life. There’s a lot more to it explained in the book, but that’s the basic premise.

You can learn a great deal from this book, which will help you to help yourself throughout your life. I believe everyone can incorporate at least one positive thing from it. Thanks for spending your precious time reading this article. If you enjoyed reading it, you should read it if you haven’t already.

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