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Have you ever read a book that was so excellent you wanted it to go on forever? The fun doesn’t end after the first book in this gripping mystery and thriller series, which we’d like to introduce. Numerous chapters with beloved characters guarantee a genuinely pleasurable read. I am going to talk about 15 such top thriller book series that you’ll enjoy reading it.

Understandably, people usually think about starting a series as it seems too long of a commitment, but once you do, it’ll be pretty hard to bounce out of it. Trust me. It isn’t easy to drop out of a fascinating series, especially a thriller. Moreover, from killer psychological thrillers to mysteries, we’ve got it all covered here.

Everyone enjoys a good mystery. There is no better way to satisfy the itch when you’re in the mood for some suspense than with a killer book. In addition to making you flip the page quickly and leaving you feeling uneasy about what’s to come, thrillers never fail to get your heart racing. You enjoy the suspense of a good mystery while also having your mind entirely turned upside down by the author.

Excited much? So am I! Let’s just dive right into it without waiting for another second!

15 Amazing Thriller Book Series You Must Follow

1. Amos Decker

Amos Decker Book Series

Author: David Baldacci

Genre: Crime Fiction

Number of Books: 7

Books in the Series: Memory Man (2015), The Last Mile (2016), The Fix (2017), The Fallen (2018), Redemption (2019), Walk the Wire (2020), Long Shadows (2022)


Both times, Amos Decker’s life was irreparably altered. On the football field, the first time. He was a large, tall athlete and the only Burlington native to make it big in professional sports. But before it could start, his career was over.

His first play resulted in a horrific helmet-to-helmet collision that permanently removed him from the game and left him with the implausible side consequence of being unable to forget anything.

2. Aaron Falk

Aaron Falk Book Series | Top Thriller Book Series

Author: Jane Harper

Genre: Fantasy

Number of Books: 3

Books in the Series: The Dry (2016), Force of Nature (2017), Exiles (2023)


When three members of a local family are discovered brutally murdered, the farming town of Kiewarra, which is experiencing the worst drought in a century, is forced to make life-or-death decisions every day.

Aaron Falk, a Federal Police investigator, reluctantly travels back to his hometown for the burial of a boyhood friend because he does not want to see the people who rejected him twenty years previously. Falk is compelled to delve deeper into the killings of the Hadler family as concerns grow, though. because Luke Hadler and Falk shared a secret. Falk believed that the secret was long-buried.

As old scars bleed into new ones, a secret that Luke’s murder now threatens to expose in this little Australian community.

3. Will Robie

Will Robie book series | Top Thriller Book Series

Author: David Baldacci

Genre: Adventure Fiction

Number of Books: 5

Books in the Series: The Innocent (2012), The Hit (2013), the Target (2014), The Guilty (2015), End Game (2017)


America has enemies, ruthless individuals who the police, FBI, and even the military are powerless to stop. At that point, the American government hires Will Robie, a cold-blooded hitman who never questions directives and consistently kills his prey. But Will Robie may have just made his first and last professional error.

It all starts with a mishandled hit. In Washington, D.C., Robie is assigned to take out a target that is exceptionally near to his residence. However, Robie feels that something about this mission is off, so he decides to act inconceivably. He won’t kill, he says. Robie now finds himself on the run from his people after becoming a target.

4. I Hunt Killers

I Hunt Killers Book Series | Top Thriller Book Series

Author: Barry Lyga

Genre: Mystery

Number of Books: 3

Books in the Series: I Hunt Killers (2012), Game (2013), Blood of My Blood (2014)


Teenager Jasper “Jazz” Dent has a good personality. A charmer, if you will. He is, however, also the progeny of the most notorious serial killer in history, and for Dear Old Dad, Take Your Son to Work Day was a year-round observance.

Jazz has seen crime scenes from the criminal’s perspective, much like police officers wish they could. And now Lobo’s Nod is overrun with bodies. Jazz assists the police in their search for a new serial killer to clear his name. Jazz, though, maybe more like his father than anyone realizes.

5. The Vine Witch

The Vine Witch book Series | Top Thriller Book Series

Author: Luanne G. Smit

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Number of Books: 3

Books in the Series: The Vine Witch (2019), The Glamourist (2020), The Conjurer (2021)


In this suspenseful fantasy set in turn-of-the-century France, a teenage witch breaks free from a curse to find her world turned upside down.
The Chanceaux Valley’s famed wine is produced in the vineyards at Château Renard thanks to the skill of their vine witches, whose spells have been relied upon for ages.

Then, when sorcière Elena Boureanu was surprised by a curse, the art of harvest divination was destroyed. After breaking the curse that kept Elena in the marshy shallows and diminished her magic, Elena is now attempting to resume her previous life. Additionally, a handsome stranger now owns the vineyard she intended to inherit.

6. Roxane Weary

Roxane Weary Book Series | Top Thriller Book Series

Author: Kristen Lepionka

Genre: Crime Fiction

Number of Books: 4

Books in the Series: The Last Place You Look (2017), What You Want to See (2018), The Stories You Tell (2019), Once You Go This Far (2020)


A lovely blonde youngster named Sarah Cook vanished the same night her parents were brutally killed in their suburban Ohio home fifteen years ago. Brad Stockton, a black man from the underclass convicted of the killings and currently on death row, has long maintained his innocence.

With only a few weeks till his execution, his loyal sister asks private investigator Roxane Weary to reexamine the case since she claims to have seen Sarah at a nearby gas station.

7. Practical Magic

Practical Magic Book Series

Author: Alice Hoffman

Genre: Fantasy

Number of Books: 4

Books in the Series: Practical Magic (1995), The Rules of Magic (2017), Magic Lessons: A Prequel to Practical Magic (2020), The Book of Magic (2021)


This captivating book by New York Times bestselling author Alice Hoffman follows the Owens sisters as they deal with the difficulties of life and love. The Owens ladies have been held accountable for everything wrong in their Massachusetts community for more than 200 years.

Gillian and Sally’s sisters shared the same destiny as children, always being teased, disparaged, and pointed at. With their musty home, strange concoctions, and a horde of black cats, their elderly aunts almost seemed to encourage the rumors of witchcraft. However, Gillian and Sally only wanted to get away.

8. Cormac Reilly

Cormac Reilly Book Series

Author: Dervla McTiernan

Genre: Mystery

Number of Books: 4

Books in the Series: The Roommate (2018), The Ruin (2018), The Scholar (2019), The Good Turn (2020)


Twenty years had passed since Cormac Reilly found Hilaria Blake’s body in her deteriorating Georgian house. However, he will never forget the two kids she left behind. The police inform Aisling Conroy that her partner Jack’s death—found in the icy depths of the river Corrib—was a suicide.

She immerses herself in her profession as a surgical resident, attempting to forget her studies. That is until Jack’s sister Maude arrives. Maude is determined to establish that there has been foul play.

9. Morgans of Nashville

Morgans of Nashville Book Series

Author: Mary Burton

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Number of Books: 4

Books in the Series: Cover Your Eyes (2014), Be Afraid (2015), I’ll Never Let You Go (2015), Vulnerable (2016)


Public defender Rachel Wainwright, who is confident that the wrong guy is in prison, is battling to reopen a case that has been closed for years.

Deke Morgan, a homicide detective, is reluctant to concur. But if Rachel’s suspicion is accurate, the person who murdered the young, beautiful Annie Dawson thirty years ago might also be responsible for a recent spate of horrible killings. Answers to Rachel’s investigation are about to come to light, but at a cost she never anticipated.

Now, she is the object of wrath developed over years of jealousy and insanity. And a murderer is prepared to expose her to the brutality of the truth.

10. Harry Hole

Harry Hole Book Serie

Author: Jo Nesbø

Genre: Mystery

Number of Books: 13

Books in the Series: Flaggermusmannen (1997), Cockroaches (1998), The Redbreast (2000), Nemesis (2002), The Devil’s Star (2003), The Redeemer (2005), The Snowman (2007), The Leopard (2009), Phantom (2012), Police (2013), The Thirst 2017), Knife (2019), Blodmåne (2022)


Harry Hole, an Australian police officer, is in Sydney to help investigate the slaying of a young Norwegian woman. While making his way through seedy areas, he encounters trans people, clowns, pushers, whores, and pimps. And some of Australia’s indigenous people, the Aborigines.

Harry Hole has ventured as far from Norway as is humanly possible. The case is complex, and he has no other guidance than faint echoes in the night search for the murderer.

11. Seven of Spades

Seven of Spades Book series | Top Thriller Book Series

Author: Cordelia Kingsbridge

Genre: Mystery

Number of Books: 5

Books in the Series: Kill Game (2017), Trick Roller (2018), Cash Plays (2018), One-Eyed Royals (2018), A Chip and a Chair (2019)


Levi Abrams, a homicide detective, is only managing to keep his life together. His relationship with his boyfriend is disintegrating as he deals with the aftermath of a fatal gunshot. A serial killer stalking the streets of Las Vegas is the last thing he is ready for. Or how Dominic Russo, a gratingly charming bounty hunter, keeps placing him in his path. Dominic prefers a straightforward existence.

That means staying clear of police, especially tense, prickly detectives. Levi had warned him to stay away, but when he stumbles onto one of the horrific crime scenes associated with the Seven of Spades, he can’t help himself.

12. Death and the Devil

Death and the Devil Book Series

Author: L.J. Hayward

Genre: Romance

Number of Books: 3

Books in the Series: Where Death Meets Devil (2018), Why the Devil Stalks Death (2019), When Death Frees the Devil (2020)


Former SAS soldier and current Australian Meta-State asset Jack Reardon have experienced some bloody combat. But when he finds himself bound to a chair in a torture facility, his cover has been thoroughly exposed, all because of legendary killer-for-hire Ethan Blade, the word “messy” takes on a whole new meaning.

The Blade is lawless, distant, and everything Jack doesn’t believe in. But making a deal with the devil and teaming up with Blade is Jack’s only hope for survival. Jack discovers that Blade is much more than a dead-eyed killer—and harder to resist than he should be—as they travel through a hazardous desert.

13. Atlee Pine

Atlee Pine Book Series

Author: David Baldacci

Genre: Mystery

Number of Books: 4

Books in the Series: Long Road to Mercy (2018), A Minute to Midnight (2019), Daylight (2020), Mercy (2021)


Atlee Pine will never forget the terrifying rhyme the kidnapper used to decide between Atlee, 6, and Mercy, her twin. Mercy was accepted. Atlee was kept alive. Mercy was not seen by her again. Atlee Pine works for the FBI thirty years after that dreadful night. She is the lone agent working for the agency based in Shattered Rock, Arizona, which is in charge of guarding the Grand Canyon.

Pine is therefore called in to look into the death of one of the Grand Canyon’s mules, who was found stabbed to death at the bottom of the canyon with its rider missing. It quickly becomes apparent that the lost traveler had plans other than simple sightseeing.

However, Pine is abruptly told to abandon the investigation just as she begins to piece together signs pointing to a terrifying conspiracy.

14. Ellery Hathaway

Ellery Hathaway Book Series

Author: Joanna Schaffhausen

Genre: Mystery

Number of Books: 5

Books in the Series: The Vanishing season (2017), No Mercy (2019), All the Best Lies (2020), Every Working Hour (2021), Last Seen Alive (2022)


Ellery Hathaway has some knowledge about serial killers, but not because of her background as a police officer. She works as a police officer in sleepy Woodbury, Massachusetts, where bicycle thefts frequently make the news. Nobody there knows that she was previously the seventeenth victim in the gruesome tale of serial killer Francis Michael Coben, the only one who survived.

Ellery worries that someone knows her secret after three individuals go missing from her town in less than three years—all on or near her birthday. A hazardous individual. Ellery knows the disappearance season is coming and anyone could be the next, but her bosses reject her worries.

The FBI agent who protected her from a murderer all those years ago is the one man she knows will believe her.

15. Fjällbacka

Fjällbacka Book Series

Author: Camilla Läckberg

Genre: Mystery

Number of Books: 11

Books in the Series: The Ice Princess (2003), The Preacher (2004), Stenhuggaren (2005), Olycksfågeln (2006), The Hidden Child (2007), The Drowning (2007), Fyrvaktaren (2009), Änglamakerskan (2011), Lejontämjaren (2014), Häxan (2017), Gökungen (2022)


After her parents’ death, author Erica Falck visits her birthplace of Fjallbacka and discovers a place on the verge of catastrophe. Alex, a childhood buddy, passing away is just the beginning. It appears she has killed herself because of the slit wrists and the body frozen in an icy bath.

Erica comes up with the idea for a book about the stunning but reclusive Alex that will provide answers regarding their shared past. While she becomes obsessed with the matter, local investigator Patrik Hedstrom is investigating his concerns. But the reality about a little community with a very unsettling past only comes to light after they start working together.

Conclusion| Top 15 Binge-Worthy Thriller Book Series You Must Follow

So, what do you think? It was amazing, wasn’t it? Of course, it was! After all, a fantastic thriller is challenging to resist. The intriguing plotlines, distinctive characters, and well-known plot twists that send readers reeling make thrillers among the most thrilling books you can read.

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