5 Exquisite Types of Book Titles To Suit Your Book the Best!

5 Exquisite Types of Book Titles To Suit Your Book the Best!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Never judge a book by its cover”? But no one said anything book title, did they? Keeping aside the book cover, a title plays a huge role in picking up a book. And if the titles are so important and play a huge role, what are the types of book titles that are loved by all and get picked up the most?

But on a rather serious note, there are so many books, so many book covers, and so many titles to choose from that it becomes a headache to pick up. And when there are so (soooo) many options to pick up from in every genre, what are the types of book titles that get touched by the number of hands? What types of book titles attract most of the readers, especially me? Yes, I did some digging.

The types of book titles I could find worth the discussion were majorly 5 as listed, the ones that surprise, the ones with a statement word, short yet catchy, descriptive, the clear titles. While I discuss these with you in a little more detail, I’ll also try to have examples for you so that you and I both have a better understanding for a longer period.

Now, let us discuss all these types of book titles in deeper detail so that you can choose what title fits your book the best! Shall we?

Types of Book Titles: Do They Matter To The Reader?

does the title of the book matter?
Types of Book Titles: Do they Matter?

If you are an author wondering whether the title of the book matters to a reader or not, here is a straightforward answer: Yes, the title of the book (even the cover) matters. Every detail, however small, subconsciously plays a role.

If you ask me whether I pick a book based on its title or the cover, I would say yes, definitely I do.

When a person, a reader, per se, buys a book, they don’t know what is there as the content of the book. The major thing that automatically grabs the reader’s attention and makes them pick up the book is the title of the book and the book cover.

Henceforth, it automatically becomes important to have an attractive book title to grab attention.

Apart from that, no matter how hard you deny it, the book’s cover also matters. For example, the bright orange color of the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” has a major role if we talk about people picking up the book to read.

So, it would be safe for me and you to conclude that.

Title of a book matters with marketing and other strategies because it is one of the first things a potential reader would notice. So, to get the title of the book right would be a single best decision you could make. But does it have anything to do with what is inside? Maybe or maybe not.

What Are The 5 Types of Book Titles?

5 types of book titles
What are the 5 types of book titles?

Although you can categorize book titles in how you want to, no written rule book would help you guide which book title in what type of particular book title.

Here below, I have tried to categorize the book titles into 5 broad categories, and along with that, I have also tried to put together which of the 5 types of book titles your book will fit the best into.

Again, the 5 types of book titles that we are going to be discussing below are:

  • A title with a surprise,
  • A title with a statement word,
  • A short, yet catchy title,
  • A descriptive title, and
  • A clear title

Now let’s discuss each one of the types of book titles in a little more depth, with examples.

1. A Title With a Surprise

a title with a surprise
A book title with a surprise

If you are wondering what a title with a surprise means, here is what it means:

A title with a surprise has the words or phrases in it that usually readers don’t expect for them to be together. It can sometimes also be a play or word exchange or addition with an existing and popular title or a phrase.

With the very basic definition of it, surprise, the book title is something you wouldn’t expect.

This book’s title would be good for mystery and suspense books. The plot and the title are both, something a reader would never expect!

2. A Title With a Statement Word

a title with a statement word
A title with a statement word

If you are a bibliophile and a fashion lover, you would know what I mean with “statement” here.

A statement is the prime catchphrase of your title, just like there is a statement piece in an outfit. The best example of a title with a statement word is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”.

As soon as the reader’s eyes go on the F word, there’s no second option but to look at the book and buy it. Most probably.

3. A Short Yet Catchy Title

a short yet catchy title
A short yet catchy title

Again, this kind of title is, somewhere like a title with a statement word, but here, the whole title is the statement.

When you read a title like that, there are chances you would probably go “WOAH! What is that?” These titles generate an instant curiosity in the reader and there are more chances that your book gets picked up.

A short and catchy title, according to me, as a reader, works best with young adult novels and romance books.

Otherwise no restrictions ever! Do what suits you the best!

4. A Descriptive Title

a descriptive title
A descriptive title

The title of the title does not leave a lot of room for the explaining.

A descriptive title of a book is for those who already know what kind of book they want to read.

It is also a great way if you want to tell your readers, and give an insight to your readers about what is there in the book.

This kind of title, I would say, works best for a memoir.

5. A Clear Title

a clear title
A clear title

A clear title is the type of title which tells you exactly what is there in the book. For example, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” or “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

These are books that have a direct approach.

These types of titles, as far as I think, work best with self-help books.

Conclusion | Types of Book Titles

These were the major kinds of book titles that I, as a reader, am more prone to pick up to read. But, also these factors vary from person to person. However, it is a risk worth taking.

I hope you found this article useful. If you did, would you mind checking out other helpful articles written by Team illogical Script?

They are going to be super helpful as well!

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