Sink Your Teeth into These 22 Mesmerizing Vampire Romance Books

What do you think of vampires? Of course, many of you might say that even though they are scary, there’s nothing to be afraid of as they aren’t real and are only a part of fantasy world also exciting as well to read and watch. However, not only these vampire stories are exciting, they are also known for great romantic stories as well. So, Here in this article we will discuss some of the great vampire romantic books you must read.

Mots of you must have watched Twilight series and got hooked to it. I too got my interest in vampire stories since that TV series. Since, I enjoyed vampire TV series a lot, I also got attached to its books as well. After watching and reading these kind of stories, I observed that they got some exciting romantic stuff as well and got me obsessed with it.

Is garlic actually effective in keeping vampires away, or is it just a myth? Do they really resurface when it is dark, or do they have some special talisman or magical equipment that helps them walk in the sun, like in The Vampire Diaries? There are so many questions when it comes to talking about these mysterious beings. Everyone has their theory, so we need our own. And to form our theory about vampires, there’s no other effective source than books.

Romance books have always had their appeal, and on top of that, when romance mixes with the mystery of vampirism, it’s got to be a hit. So, here are some fantastic books about vampire romance that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

22 Greatest Vampire Romance Books You Must Read

1. Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: Vampire Academy

Author: Richelle Mead

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 2007


In mortal form, Lissa Dragomir is a vampire. The most vicious and frightening vampires of all are those that never die. Thus she must always be safeguarded from them. Lissa’s best friend and protector is Rose Hathaway. They have now been brought back inside the iron gates of St. Vladimir’s Academy after two years of illegal freedom.

The girls must navigate a world of illicit relationships, a hostile social environment, and scary nighttime rituals. Above all else, they should not let their guard down for fear of losing Lissa for good to the eternal vampires.

2. Halfway to the Grave

Halfway to the Grave | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: Halfway to the Grave

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publishing Date: 2007


Catherine Crawfield, a half-vampire, is pursuing the dead with a fury in the hopes that one of them is her father, the man who destroyed her mother’s life. Then a vampire bounty hunter named Bones captures her, forcing her into an unholy alliance.

Cat consents to train with the seductive huntress until her combat reflexes are as quick as his teeth in exchange for finding her father. Are there any decent vampires, she wonders, because she’s shocked that she didn’t become his supper.

Soon enough, Bones will persuade her that being half-dead isn’t necessarily bad. But before she can take advantage of her newfound position as a badass demon hunter, Cat and Bones are being sought after by a gang of assassins. Now that Cat must pick a side, Bones is proving to be just as alluring as any male with a heartbeat.

3. Kiss of Midnight

Kiss of Midnight | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: Kiss of Midnight

Author: Tina St. John

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Publishing Date: 2007


Gabrielle sees a murder happening outside the club, and then reality changes into something sinister and terrible. She is suddenly pushed into a world she had no idea existed, where vampires stalk the shadows and a bloody conflict is about to break out. Lucan Thorne despises the bloodshed committed by his thuggish brethren.

Being a vampire, Lucan is a warrior of the Breed, sworn to defend his kind against the Rogues and the unknown humans who coexist with them. When Gabrielle becomes a target for his adversaries, Lucan is forced to pull her into the shadowy underworld he rules because he cannot take the chance of making a binding commitment to a mortal woman.

4. Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: Dead Until Dark

Author: Charlaine Harris

Genre: Gothic fiction

Publishing Date: 2001


Sookie Stackhouse works as a part-time cocktail waitress in the Louisianan hamlet of Bon Temps. She is reserved, rarely leaves the house, and generally keeps to herself, except for her impairment. Sookie has telepathic powers. She isn’t very dateable as a result when Bill Compton shows up. He is tall, dark, and gorgeous, and Sookie cannot understand a word he is saying.

She had been waiting for a guy like him, and here he was. Bill, however, is impaired because he is a vampire with a poor reputation. And when a series of killings occur in Bon Temps, along with a group of genuinely evil bloodsuckers searching for Bill, Sookie begins to question whether dating a vampire is a good idea.

5. Lover Eternal

Lover Eternal | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: Lover Eternal

Author: Jessica Bird

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Publishing Date: 2006


A terrible conflict between vampires and those who hunt them is currently raging in the nighttime darkness of Caldwell, New York. And there is a unique band of brothers in secrecy. Rhage is the most dangerous member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood since a vicious beast possessed him.

Rhage is the vampire with an enormous appetite in the Brotherhood. Because of the fierce curse the Scribe Virgin placed on him, he is the best combatant, the fastest to act on instincts, and the most ferocious lover.

Rhage dreads the times when his internal dragon is let loose, making him a menace to everyone nearby. This dark side possesses Rhage. When she mistakenly enters the vampire world, Mary Luce must depend on Rhage’s defense. Rhage must make Mary his alone since he knows she experienced the same powerful animal desire.

6. Some Girls Bite

Some Girls Bite | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: Some Girls Bite

Author: Chloe Neill

Genre: Supernatural fiction

Publishing Date: 2009


Up until a rogue vampire assaulted Merit, she was doing fine. He only managed to taste before another bloodsucker scared him away. This one believed the only way to preserve her life was to turn her into a walking corpse. It turned out that Cadogan House’s chief vampire was her savior.

She is now learning to blend in at Hyde Park estate full of vamps loyal to Ethan Sullivan instead of straining over her thesis. Of course, he demands her submission and appreciation. However, she is less worried about Ethan’s attitude than her annoying sunlight sensitivity. Someone is still pursuing her. Her introduction to Chicago’s nightlife could be the opening salvo of a bloody conflict.

7. Lover Mine

Lover Mine | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: Lover Mine

Author: Jessica Bird

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publishing Date: 2010


Since being discovered living among humans, John Matthew has come a long way. At the time, neither he nor those around him knew that he was a vampire. After the Brotherhood adopted him, no one could predict his real identity or history.

Yes, the resurrected Brother Darius has resurfaced, albeit with a new appearance and a very unexpected fate. John will need to draw on the person he is today and the person he was in the past to battle the incarnation of evil and save his true love as a nasty personal vendetta drags him into the middle of the conflict.

8. Dark Lover

Dark Lover | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: Dark Lover

Author: Jessica Bird

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publishing Date: 2005


Wrath, the sole remaining purebred vampire and commander of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, has a grievance against the slayers who murdered his parents many years ago. But when his most dependable fighter is killed, leaving a mixed-race daughter orphaned with no idea of her heritage or future.

Wrath is forced to lay down his dagger and guide the lovely woman into a different reality. Beth Randall is powerless in the face of the seductively dangerous man approaching her at night with shadows in his eyes.

She feels unrest in her body that wasn’t there before. She is terrified by his stories about the Brotherhood and blood. But as he touches them, a new hunger only beginning to surface threatens to engulf them.

9. Lover Avenged

Lover Avenged

Full Title: Lover Avenged

Author: Jessica Bird

Genre: Supernatural fiction

Publishing Date: 2009


The vampires’ and their opponents’ primary battleground has long been Caldwell, New York. Rehvenge has established himself as a drug lord and proprietor of a prominent nightclub that attracts wealthy, well-armed patrons. He is contacted to murder Wrath, the Blind King, the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, precisely because of his hazardous reputation. Rehvenge is accustomed to keeping a low profile and avoiding contact with the Brotherhood.

His identity as a sympathy-giver is a terrible secret; if it is discovered, he will be exiled. However, Rehvenge turns to the sole source of light in his dimming world as he is drawn into schemes inside and outside the Brotherhood. The only thing separating Rehvenge from eternal doom is Ehlena, a vampire untainted by the corruption that has him under control.

10. Undead and Unwed

Undead and Unwed | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: Undead and Unwed

Author: MaryJanice Davidson

Genre: Horror Fiction

Publishing Date: 2004


For Betsy Taylor, it has been a terrible week. She first loses her job and then dies in a vehicle accident. The fact that she can’t seem to stay dead is what stings, in addition to having to wake up in the morgue wearing a pink suit and inexpensive shoes, thanks to her stepmother.

She wakes up every night with a terrible yearning for blood. Additionally, she is not adjusting well to a liquid diet. Worst of all, Betsy’s new acquaintances think she is the vampiric queen, which is a ridiculous notion.

11. One Foot in the Grave

One Foot in the Grave | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: One Foot in the Grave

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publishing Date: 2008


Cat Crawfield, a former half-vampire, is now a government agent working to purge the planet of evil zombies. When Cat is targeted for murder, the one guy who can save her is the vampire she left behind, even if she’s still using everything Bones, her sexy and dangerous ex, taught her.

All her feelings, including the adrenaline rush from killing vampires beside him and the uncontrolled desire that engulfed them, come to life around him. Her safety, however, hinges on working with Bones because she has a price on her head and is sought, which means dead or half-alive. She will discover that passion lasts long and that Bones won’t let her go again, despite her best efforts to keep their relationship professional.

12. Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: Guilty Pleasures

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Genre: Horror Fiction

Publishing Date: 1993


Small, mysterious, and menacing character Anita Blake. The city of St. Louis is her domain. Her responsibility is to resurrect the dead and put an end to any overzealous undead.

Anita must face her greatest fear, her inescapable desire to master vampire Jean-Claude, one of the beings she is vowed to destroy, when the city’s most powerful vampire begs her to solve a string of terrible killings.

13. How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire

How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire

Author: Kerrelyn Sparks

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publishing Date: 2005


Roman Draganesti is charismatic, attractive, and wealthy, and he’s a vampire, too. But by biting into something he shouldn’t have, this vampire just lost one of his fangs. He has one night to find a dentist before his body closes the wound and forever renders him a lop-sided eater. Shanna Whelan is also having a difficult time as she is the next target of the mob after witnessing a horrific murder.

Due to her fear of blood, her dental profession also seems to decline. She questions whether she has found the one man who can keep her alive when Roman saves her from attempted murder.

14. A Quick Bite

A Quick Bite | Vampire Romance Books

Full Title: A Quick Bite

Author: Lynsay Sands

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publishing Date: 2005


Lissianna has spent decades searching for Mr. Right, not just a fast snack, and the hot man she discovers in her bed seems like a potential match. Her propensity to pass out at the sight of blood, a particularly bothersome trait for a vampire, is another, more urgent problem.

Naturally, this dude has a yummy neck that doesn’t hurt. Dr. Gregory Hewitt quickly gets over the shock of finding himself in a stranger’s bedroom once he notices a stunning woman ready to give him a wild night of pleasure. But will the excellent doctor become a vampire vixen’s genuine love, or will she only use him as a tasty meal?

15. This Side of the Grave

This Side of the Grave

Full Title: This Side of the Grave

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Genre: Supernatural fiction

Publishing Date: 2011


Cat Crawfield, a half-vampire, and her vampire husband Bones have battled for their personal lives and marriage. However, just as they appear to have won the most recent conflict, Cat’s unanticipated powers threaten to shatter the delicate equilibrium. There are many reports that a species war is about to break out due to the inexplicable disappearance of vampires.

A fanatic is stoking the conflict between the vampires and ghouls, and if it breaks out, innocent mortals may suffer. Now Cat and Bones must turn to a problematic ally, the actual ghoul queen of New Orleans. However, the cost of her help might end up being more dangerous than even the prospect of a war between the supernatural, not to mention the effects Cat never anticipated.

16. Midnight Labyrinth

Midnight Labyrinth

Full Title: Midnight Labyrinth

Author: Elizabeth Hunter

Genre: Paranormal fiction

Publishing Date: 2017


This captivating book is a vampire romance brimming with mystery, humor, and passion that you won’t want to put down. The seductive Benjamin Vecchio and his vampire partner Tenzin have many opportunities now that they are back in New York.

However, after Ben discovers the fascinating narrative behind the enigmatic artwork known as the Midnight Labyrinth, the two set out on a quest to find the long-lost masterpiece. You’re in for a wild journey when you throw in Chloe, Ben’s ex-girlfriend, the attractive Scotsman Gavin, and a bunch of entertaining escapades.

17. Captive


Full Title: Captive

Author: Jex Lane

Genre: Fantasy

Publishing Date: 2016


This novel is a mesmerizing vampire romance full of intrigue, excitement, and romance. It is dark, dramatic, and sexy. Young vampire Matthew discovers two things after being caught and made into an enslaved person by the mysterious High Lord General Tarrick:

  1. The conflict between vampires and incubi has raged for ages and seems to have no end;
  2. He might be the only person with the power to turn the battle around.

18. Drain Me

Drain Me

Full Title: Drain Me

Author: Lana Sky

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Publishing Date: 2014


Anyone seeking to be drawn into a seductive tale of money, desire, and danger will enjoy this book’s thrilling and seductive vampire romance. When Eleanor Gray receives her fatal diagnosis, she accepts her fate. With nothing else to do but settle her affairs, Ellie is caught off guard when she unintentionally negotiates a bargain for a second chance at life.

Ellie has no choice but to give up her everyday existence after being thrust into a world where blood rules supreme and trusts the mysterious vampire who demands her complete submission. Ellie is in jeopardy of losing more than her heart in a world, and everything has a cost.

19. V Games

V Games

Full Title: V Games

Author: Caroline Peckham

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Publishing Date: 2017


You’ll be on the edge of your seat reading this fascinating paranormal romance. The last thing 18-year-old Selena Grey anticipates after receiving a 25-year prison term is being chosen to participate in the V Games, a perilous survival competition.

Selena must battle for her life if she wants to survive being taken to an island inhabited by hungry vampires and cloaked in darkness.

20. A Fate of Wrath & Flame

A Fate of Wrath & Flame

Full Title: A Fate of Wrath & Flame

Author: K. A. Tucker

Genre: Fantasy

Publishing Date: 2021


A mystery woman connives gifted burglar Romeria into using her services, ruining her night after a failed mission. Romy has been whisked away to a terrifying land of feuding territories, shaky monarchs, and strange creatures after being given a risky mission to save Sofie’s spouse.

The task would be straightforward if she didn’t pose as the cunning Ybarisan Princess. Romy, imprisoned for killing the king and queen on her wedding day, must find a way out of her hazardous situation. All the while searching the sacred garden of Islet for the coveted stone hidden there.

21. Gypsy Blood

Gypsy Blood

Full Title: Gypsy Blood

Author: Kristy Cunning

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publishing Date: 2019


Violet comes from a long line of gypsies, allowing her to communicate with all the strange beings who plague the planet and see ghosts. When Violet learns of her mother’s murder, she follows the bloody trail to the little hamlet where her mother had a shop.

When Violet learns that werewolves are real, Van Helsing’s monster killers, like brutal confrontations and incubi, aren’t simply myths. She quickly realizes that she is entirely out of her element. What else is a girl to do but ignite their planet with the aid of her hungrily ghostly sidekick Anna?

22. Twilight


Full Title: Twilight

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 2005


Talking about vampire books, you didn’t think I would leave out twilight, did you? Isabella Swan, 17, moves to Forks, Washington, to live with her father. She anticipates that her new life will be as uninteresting as the community. She learns that her new peers are attracted to this pale, dark-haired newcomer in town despite her uncomfortable demeanor and low expectations. But not the Cullens. Preferring their own company, these five adopted siblings and brothers won’t make an exemption for Bella.

Bella is confident that Edward Cullen despises her in particular, yet she is drawn to him strangely despite her discomfort at his hatred. Until he saves her life from an oncoming automobile, he seems intent on pushing her away. Edward’s coldness has an excellent cause, as Bella will soon learn.

Final Words

Weren’t these amazing? So many different perceptions and different ways to portray these mystical creatures! Not to sound biased or anything, but as much as I like to watch web series, they definitely can’t beat books. Reading books is way better, in my opinion, of course. I’m pretty sure you guys will binge on these books after this. And to tell you the truth, so would I!

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