Why Do I Love Reading Books?

Why Do I Love Reading Books?

Reading has become a common hobby these days. For me, reading is not just a hobby. It is my passion, something I don’t think I can live without. Reading books has become an essential chunk of my life, a part of my daily schedule, something I have to take out time for no matter what. Yes, that’s how crazy I am about reading books. Let me tell you why.

Since I was in school, I’ve not been an outgoing person. I was and still am, an introvert which I realize is not so bad after all. I was never into sports as I preferred mental activities over physical ones. Whenever I got free time, I would try and find something that I could do alone in peace without getting bored and that’s how I got into reading.

There are numerous reasons to love reading. For me, it’s because books are like my constant companions who help me stabilize my mindset while building a couple of essential skills inside me and even making me more creative as a person.

Let me tell you in detail why I love reading so much and who knows, maybe reading about my experience with books will convert some of you non-readers into book-lovers like myself.

Reasons To Love Reading Books

Here are a few of the many reasons why I am so crazy about reading books and what I adore so much about them.

1. Reading Calms Your Mind

a woman sitting on a bench with a book in her hand

I’m sure all of you get frustrated because of some of the others in your life. What do you do when that happens? Drink water, Punch a wall, Scream at people? Such things have only added to my frustration and never released a bit of my stress. What helps me at such times is reading.

Even researches have proven that reading reduces your stress faster than any other activity you perform to do so. Whenever you feel stressed, move to a vacant, silent place, read at least 3-4 pages of a book, and then observe your mood changes. It will help you calm your nerves and save you a whole lot of energy.

 Many of you might prefer listening to songs or taking a walk to calm down, but doing so will lead you to think about all the frustrating events while reading will completely divert your mind off the topic.

2. Reading Books Builds Your Vocabulary

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In today’s times, a strong vocabulary is a must to create an impression on the person in front. Do you realize how embarrassing it would be to talk to a person with a vast language and not reply as consistently as you didn’t understand half of what that person just said? Well, reading daily basis can avoid that crisis.

It is nearly impossible to build a solid and vast vocabulary without developing a habit of reading. Reading books can be a fun way of learning new words that will make you look impressive in a conversation and will leave a mark on the next person.

If you claim you don’t need a strong vocabulary, try engaging in a one-on-one conversation with an English topper and you’ll understand my point.

3. Reading Gives You Context

two women marking on books

Many of you you might prefer watching over reading. I was the same too until I got into reading. You can learn stuff by watching videos on the internet, but those videos will never increase your intellectual level.

Watching gives you content, while reading gives you context. Watching videos will indeed explain to you the concept but will never help you exercise your brain. At the same time, homework will provide you with examples to relate to so that you can figure out the essence of the whole situation yourself.

The real-life lessons that a good book can give you can never be provided by any other source, no matter how hard you try giving you a valid enough reason to love reading books.

4. Reading Helps You Gain Perspective

A woman with a book in her hands

Do you find it hard to form an opinion about anything? That’s because you lack the habit of reading. As I already mentioned, I have been an introvert all my life, so naturally, I lacked human interaction, due to which I couldn’t put forward my views about any topic. Reading books helped me get over it.

Reading shows you the point of view of different characters of a book which helps you view a particular situation from more than one perspective that eventually leads you to analyze the trouble keeping in mind all the viewing angles.

Analyzing situations while reading will make it your habit to view every problem in real life with multiple viewpoints and reduce the chances of mistakes made due to hasty decisions and that’s something I love about reading books.

5. Reading Books Improves Your English Fluency

a lady reading a book

I think you all would agree with me if I say that in today’s times, having good English skills has become a must as it is the most widely spoken language in the entire world. Most people associate good English speaking skills with higher intelligence levels.

Reading books will improve your English, but reading authors from different places, having different accents, and different levels of approach in the English language will also help increase your fluency of the language.

Reading books regularly has proven to benefit many non-English speakers to improve their English reading and speaking skills and is one of the main reasons I love reading books.

6. Books Become Your Companions

a woman and her dog staring at each other with a book on the table

At times, I felt lonely in the absence of the few friends I had, back in the time. That was before I entered the magical world of reading. Now, I’m never alone as I always have my books to keep me company.

Wherever I went, I always had a book with me so that whenever I felt left out, I’d just find a quiet corner and start reading my book and time would just fly by.

Once you start reading books on a regular basis, books will become your comfort zone without you even noticing and it’ll become hard for you to survive without them. Believe me, I’ve been there and that’s what I love about reading books.

7. Reading Books Makes You Creative

a woman reading a book with headphones on

I started my journey as a reader and today, I can create short writing pieces as well, and the credit goes to all of the books I’ve read till now.

I’ve come a long way from struggling to find good ideas to just pouring out multiple pictures at once. Reading has evolved me as a person and has increased my creativity level.

Reading helps widen one’s imagination as assignment requires you to comprehend and reason the ideas mentioned in a particular book.


I tried explaining some of the many reasons why I love reading books and it may vary from reader to reader, but also, you don’t really need a proper explanation to like reading. You like it because you do, and that’s enough of a reason to continue reading more and more books.

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