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Hi, Hola, Salut, Salam. Welcome to illogical script.

Reading is one of the many ways to learn, be creative and express ourselves in the outside world. With different genres of novels available in the market, we can learn a lot from the teachings and experiences of many different personalities.

With the advancements in every field, reading has also taken a drastic change in our lives as we can get access to almost any book physically, online or can even listen to them when we are unable to read them due to time shortage. 

With numerous options available in the market we as audience often gets confused which book to read and if it’s worth it and look for advice from whoever read it and get a brief overview if they should too read them.

Our Aim at illogical script

illogical script aims towards a one-stop solution for the book readers to get all their inquiries answered at one place. Whether it is related to basic topics such as ‘comparison of novel reading apps’ to ‘book buying websites’ or book recommendations or book reviews. Looking at the number of inquires made on the google by the readers we prioritize our topics and answer accordingly based on our extensive research, survey and personal experience. We are also looking forward to build a community for the readers and authors where one can express their views openly and can get any information on new book launches, events, festivals, etc. 

What We Do?

We at illogical script work towards bringing you the best recommendations through personal experience or surveys, reviews of books we read, blog articles we feel need to be answered better for the understanding of the reader. Our team of passionate readers works hard and is dedicated towards providing quality content to the readers.

Technology is advancing and with it every aspect of our lives are too being affected. In our book world, where we used to read books physically can now be read online through the use of internet and can even be listened to using audiobooks which could be beneficial for anyone who doesn’t have sufficient time to read. 

Our website is a one stop solution for all readers where you can find information about physical books, ebooks as well as audiobooks. Apart from these, we also work towards providing you the answers to the basic inquiries made by the people to make informed decisions about novels.

As avid readers our team reads various genres and hence we try to cover all of them. Our long term goal is also the same to be a one stop solution for all genre readers. Our website is designed and categorized in such a way that you can easily navigate yourself among various articles without any difficulty. 

Final Words

Our final goal is to make illogical script a global website that covers all genres, countries and authors of different ethnicities. We are working towards building a global community of readers and we need your help in it. Without your help we are mere writers of this website, it is you who make it our time worthwhile.

So all you need to do is share it and stay tuned for latest informative blogs and we will do our best to bring engaging content to you.

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