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Book Review: Old Bones by Preston & Child

The myth and folklore concerning the Donner Party, a group of settlers who left Missouri in 1846, are discussed in the book Old Bones by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. They traveled the Oregon Trail in the direction of California. It is a good, clever mystery. made me want to research the Donner party’s history. […]

15 Celebrity Autobiographies One Can Never Miss-Out | Part 1

How many of you like to stalk your favorite celebrities online? There is no need for the awkward raise of hands, as I know almost all of us do. We do this to know more and more about that particular celebrity, especially their personal life. So, before you go insta-stalking again, please read this article […]

14 Stunning Books Publishing in August 2022 | Must-Read

The summer is at its peak. The temperature is all hot and humid, which calls for keeping yourself busy with one thing or the other, which means more books for a reader! I’m sure you must still be in the process of reading and waiting for the books of July 2022, but it wouldn’t harm […]

Book Review: A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas is the fifth and the most recent book of the “A Court of Thornes and Roses” series. It follows the story of one of the most despised female characters in the history of adult fiction, Nesta. To understand this novel, it is necessary to make sure that […]

Top 21 Books About South African History | Must-read

South Africa is a beautiful place indeed. It is famous for its high production of platinum and diamond, two of my most favored metals. I’ve explored so much about South Africa on the internet and would want to visit this amazing place at least once in my life. But unfortunately, it is said that South […]

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