13 Halloween Comic Books One Should Read

13 halloween comic books one should read in 2021

When it comes to reading for a special occasion, like Halloween, what genres come into your mind? Fictions? Gothic Novels? Science fiction, perhaps? I have all of them on my list, but the ones I eagerly wait for are comic books. They’re just so fun to read and can even be read by people we call ‘non-readers.’

I’ve been a reader for 6 or 7 years, but I wasn’t a born reader. But I still used to read for special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, etc., and comics were the ones I preferred! Comics overall are very enjoyable for reading, but when it comes to horror reading for festivities like Halloween, nothing can ever beat them.

Comic books contain illustrations and visual representations of characters and scenes, making it easy and fun for people of all age groups to read. Especially when we talk about horror and scary reading, comics give the best reading experience as they bring a person’s imagination to life with realistic illustrations.

Every year, lots and lots of comic books are released and since we are in 2021, allow me to share with you some of the comics that I’m looking forward to reading this Halloween.

13 Halloween Comic Books To Read In 2021

These are the 13 comics I’ll definitely be reading before and on this 30th of October.

1. The Picture Of Everything Else

the picture of everything else

The Picture Of Everything Else is written by Dan Watters and drawn by Kishore Mihan in ending-December 2020. Despite being 2020 comic, this one made it to the list because not many people are aware of it, so I’d want people to read it this year.

This comic is set in Paris and is about two good-for-nothing artists who have a reputation as thieves. A murderer, known as the Paris Ripper, has been roaming around committing several murders. One of the artists finds out a secret about the killer. What is it? Read the comic book yourself to find out!

2. I Breathed A Body

i breathed a body

I Breathed A Body is a comic book by Zac Thompson and Andy MacDonald released in starting-October 2021.

 This comic book addresses the current and the prevalent problem of social media robbing people of their humanity and how helpless we have become in front of technology.

3. Stray Dogs

stray dogs

Published in Mid-September 2021, Stray Dogs is a comic book written by Tony Fleecs and drawn by Trish Forstner.

This comic follows the story of a dog, Sophie, who is suffering from amnesia. She wakes up in an unknown place surrounded by unfamiliar dogs. Though the dogs she is surrounded by seeming quite friendly, she is scared and confused as Sophie doesn’t know what happened to her owner and how she ended up there.

4. Nocterra


Written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey, Nocterra is a comic published starting March 2021.

It is a dark comic book set in a near-future timeline where the night is shown never to end and the city areas are artificial. Anyone who spends enough time in the dark turns into a petrifying monster, so the people are forced to choose between staying in the artificial light or the absolute darkness.

5. Forever Home

forevery home

Forever Home is a late-February published comic written by Jenna Ayoub.

This comic book follows the life of a girl named Willow, who constantly moves her house every two years since her parents are in the military and have no place she can call her Home. Her parents promise her that their move into Hadleigh House will be the last, but the residents there, who are ghosts, might have other plans.

6. Secrets Of Camp Whatever

secrets of camp whatever

Camp Whatever is a comic by Chris Grine published in ending-March 2021.

This book is about a summer camp on a mysterious island where Willow will spend her summer, a girl whose family recently moved into a strange new town. That island is fog-shrowded and her father also went there as a child.

7. Sprite And The Gardener

sprite and the gardener

Published in early May 2021, Sprite And The Gardener is a children’s comic book by Joe Whitt and Rii Abrego.

This comic book is about Wisteria, a little flowering plant, a new sprite in the neighborhood. She slowly and gradually learns about the magic and wonders that can be done by teamwork.

8. Specter Inspecters

specter inspectors

Specter Inspectors is a comic book by Bowen McCurdy and Kaitlyn Musto published in early February 2021.

This book is about four young friends obsessed with making a ghost-hunting web show, but it goes south and leads them to uncover the secrets to the most haunted town.

9. The Nice House On The Lake

the nice house on the lake

The Nice House On The Lake is a comic book written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Alvaro Martinez Bueno in June 2021.

It is an apocalypse comic book that is loosely packed on the current COVID-19 situation. It’s about twelve friends who are on vacation when suddenly the world meets its end. It also talks about the life of isolation, social media addiction, and living in quarantine, all of which relate to our situation.

10. Abott:1973


Abott:1973 is a June 2021 published sequel to the comic Abbott published in 2018, written by Saladin Ahmed and drawn by Sami Kivela.

This comic follows an investigative journalist in Chicago named Elena Abbott, who uncovered a supernatural force acting out against the black community. With some help, she manages to stop one person associated with the unleashing of those forces, but the danger is not over yet, neither for Chicago nor Elena.

11. Shadowman


Written by Cullen Bunn and Jon Davis-Hunt, Shadowman is a comic published in April 2021.

This comic is about a strong protector of humanity from demons and evil forces named Jack Boniface, commonly referred to as the Shadowman. The dark and evil forces are awakening now, and it’s a task for Shadowman to put them away for the sake of all the humanity that exists on this planet.

12. Lumberjanes Volume 18

lumberjanes volume 18

Lumberjanes Volume 18 by Kat Leyh and Shannon Watters was published in mid-May 2021.

This book is about five girls, namely Mal, Ripley, Molly, April, and Jo, who are punished for carving their names in a tree. They are taken to the forest for clearance and maintenance as a punishment, but they find an unusual species creating menace in the woods. 

13. ParaNorthern: And The Chaos Bunny A-hop-calyps

paranorthern and the chaos bunny a-hop-calypse

Published in July 2021, ParaNorthern: And The Chaos Bunny A-hop-calypso is a comic book by Stephanie Cooke.

This book revolves solely around the friendship between the residents of a Halloweentown-Esque world, including witches, werewolves, pumpkin-heads, and all kinds of supernaturals. Abby, a witch, gets into trouble because of her powers and calls her friends to help her out.


These were some of the Halloween-themed comics I can’t wait to read for this Halloween. I hope you give them a read as well.

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