10 Amazing Books Publishing in January 2023

Amazing 10 Books Publishing in January 2023

It’s here! The new year, it’s just around the corner! Are you excited as nicely, or am I the only one? This new year, 2023, brings just as much excitement in our lives as it does in terms of books and reading. Yes, the books! They’re going to be ever so exciting in this new year. Let’s look at some of the many excellent books books publishing in January 2023.

I find January to be an amazing month. Why? Well, because it’s the perfect winter and also winter vacation season! I can stay in bed all day, sipping hot chocolate and reading the newest books. That’s the kind of life I want to live forever! I am incredibly excited for this new year, 2023. I don’t know why, but something exceptionally positive I feel about it! It could be the ever-so-amazing books getting me excited.

Many unique and versatile books are expected to be published in 2023. The publication dates are spread throughout the month, but some important dates to look out for are: 3rd January, 10th January, 17th January, and 31st January 2023.

Excited much? So am I! What are you waiting for? Let’s explore and review these books together! 

Top 10 Books Publishing in January 2023

1. Age of Vice

Age of Vice | Books Publishing in January 2023

Full Title: Age of Vice: A Novel

Author: Deepti Kapoor

Genre: Crime Fiction

Publishing Date: 3 January 2023


3 a.m. in New Delhi. Five people perish in an instant when a speeding Mercedes jumps the curb. When everything is said and done, the car’s owner is revealed to be a shell-shocked servant who cannot explain the bizarre chain of circumstances that resulted in this crime. He can also not predict the grim drama that will take place.

Age of Vice is an epic, action-packed drama that deftly shifts through time and viewpoint in modern India. It is pushed by the alluring wealth, shocking corruption, and murderous brutality of the Wadia family, dreaded by all.

Ajay is the attentive servant, born into poverty, who rises through the family’s ranks. Three lives become fatally interwoven in the shadow of luxurious estates, expensive parties, predatory business deals, and calculated political power. The playboy heir, Sunny, aspires to surpass his father at all costs. Neda is an enigmatic journalist who finds herself torn between morals and sensuality.

Will the links between these characters serve as a means of escape or a catalyst for even more carnage in the face of a vast storyline driven by loss, pleasure, greed, yearning, violence, and retribution?

2. Justice for Animals

Justice for Animals | Books Publishing in January 2023

Full Title: Justice for Animals: Our Collective Responsibility

Author: Martha Nussbaum

Genre: Nonfiction

Publishing Date: 3 January 2023


All across the world, there are problems with animals. Animals endure injustice and atrocities at our hands every day, whether it be through the cruelties of the factory meat business, poaching and game hunting, habitat destruction, or the neglect of the companion animals that people claim to adore.

The world needs a global movement to raise consciousness and an ethical awakening. One of the most renowned philosophers and humanists in the world, Martha C. Nussbaum, offers a groundbreaking perspective on animal rights, ethics, and the law in her book Justice for Animals.

3. Better the Blood

Better the Blood | Books Publishing in January 2023

Full Title: Better the Blood

Author: Michael Bennett

Genre: Thrillers

Publishing Date: 10 January 2023


A feisty Mori woman named Hana Westerman balances being a single mother with the demands of her job at Auckland’s Central Investigation Branch. A weird video leads her to a crime scene, where she finds a guy hanged in a hidden room. Other murders make Hana and her crew believe they are looking for New Zealand’s first serial killer as they try to find the assailant.

Hana must use all of her training as a police officer to attempt to piece together the motive for these seemingly unrelated deaths with the limited information she has.

The connection she eventually makes with a historical crime that dates back to the violent, bloody colonization of New Zealand is what she ultimately learns.

Hana realizes that her heritage and knowledge are the only things that can help them discover the killer when the hunt takes a terrifyingly personal turn. But as the killings go on, it appears that Hana and her family may be included in the killer’s plans for retaliation.

4. Bad Cree

Bad Cree | Books Publishing in January 2023

Full Title: Bad Cree: A Novel

Author: Jessica Johns

Genre: Fantasy

Publishing Date: 10 January 2023


Mackenzie becomes alarmed when she awakens, holding a severed crow’s head. She had been fighting off swarms of birds in a snow-covered wilderness just a few moments before. When she blinks while lying in bed, the head is gone. Mackenzie’s dreams take her back to memory before her sister Sabrina’s tragic death: a weekend spent at the family’s lakefront campsite, which had been long shrouded in guilt.

However, when the waking world begins to encircle her as well—a murder of crows follows her around the city, she awakens from a dream about drowning by throwing up water, and she receives ominous text messages from someone posing as Sabrina—Mackenzie realizes that this is more than she can handle on her own.

5. The Mitford Affair

The Mitford Affair | Books Publishing in January 2023

Full Title: The Mitford Affair: A Novel

Author: Marie Benedict

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: 17 January 2023


The six Mitford sisters, each more attractive, intelligent, and quirky than the last, dominated the English political, literary, and social scenes between the two World Wars.

Although they have dealt with scandals in the past, the family is thrown into disarray when Diana marries a Nazi leader after divorcing her affluent husband. Unity travels to Munich after her sister to fuel suspicions that she is Hitler’s mistress.

Novelist Nancy Mitford develops a suspicion about her sisters’ frequent trips to Germany and the high-ranking fascist company they keep as the Nazis gain power. When she overhears disturbing conversations and uncovers disquieting documents, Nancy must make agonizing choices as Great Britain goes to war with Germany.

6. Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute | Books Publishing in January 2023

Full Title: Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute

Author: Talia Hibbert

Genre: Romance

Publishing Date: 3 January 2023


Bradley Graeme is almost ideal. He is a standout football player, effectively controls his OCD, and excels in all but the classes he shares with his ex-best friend Celine. Celine Bangura is intrigued by conspiracies. Her social media fans devour her opinions on everything from UFOs to holiday overconsumption, yet she is still not cool enough to sit at the popular kids’ table. Because of this, years ago, Brad left her for the popular crowd.

There is currently nothing between them besides academic rivalry and minor insults. So Celine is surprised to see Brad standing next to her when she enrolls in a wilderness survival course. These two teenagers must slog through more than just mud and muck to win a grand prize; they must also deal with their troubled history.

7. Bloodbath Nation

Bloodbath Nation

Full Title: Bloodbath Nation

Author: Paul Auster

Genre: History

Publishing Date: 10 January 2023


Paul Auster was an excellent marksman when he was younger. Like other American boys of his period, he spent his childhood imitating the gun-toting cowboys in B-Westerns and playing with toy six-shooters. He is also aware of the devastation that a single act of gun violence can do to a family because his grandmother killed his grandfather when his father was only six years old.

No topic currently divides Americans more sharply than the argument over weapons during this period of intense national unrest. In the United States, there are presently more firearms than people; every day, more than 100 Americans are killed, and 200 more are injured by guns.

One must wonder why these numbers are so enormous, tragic, and out of proportion to other events.

8. Maame


Full Title: Maame

Author: Jessica George

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 31 January 2023


Fair to say that Maddie’s life in London is everything but fulfilling. Maddie is the primary caregiver for her father, who has advanced Parkinson’s disease, as her mother spends most of her time in Ghana.

Maddie is tired of always being the only Black person in every meeting at work because her boss is a nightmare. she is eager to leave the house and start living when her mother returns after her most recent trip to Ghana.

She considers herself a late bloomer and is eager to do some significant “firsts” she finds a flatshare, agrees to after-work drinks, pursues tremendous career success, and plunges headfirst into the confusing world of online dating. But before long, tragedy strikes, forcing Maddie to confront her unusual family’s actual character and the risks and benefits of putting her heart on the line.

9. The Fraud Squad

The Fraud Squad

Full Title: The Fraud Squad

Author: Kyla Zhao

Genre: Romance Novel

Publishing Date: 17 January 2023


Samantha Song has wanted to write for a high-society magazine for as long as she can remember, and she’d do everything to make it happen. Her low social standing and ongoing effort to support her mother make her dream seem like a far-off daydream. A dull PR company currently employs Samantha.

The closest she will come to her dream existence is through her affluent friend and employee, Anya Chen, until Samantha meets Timothy Kingston, the disillusioned son of a wealthy family in Singapore—and her only chance to break into the high society to which she so desperately wants to belong.

To Samantha’s amazement, Anya and Timothy agree to assist her in establishing herself as a prominent figure in Singapore’s socialite scene. However, she can only go far in her borrowed luxury clothing and plus-ones to all the glitzy events. Samantha has the rest to do and is determined to wow the magazine’s editor-in-chief in Singapore.

Samantha is forced to reconcile her façade with who she is to save everything before she loses it all. Still, the more she delves into this fake, the more she worries about being exposed—especially with a mysterious gossip columnist on the hunt for information.

10. Sorry, Bro

Sorry, Bro

Full Title: Sorry, Bro

Author: Taleen Voskuni

Genre: LGBT Fiction

Publishing Date: 31 January 2023


Nar recognizes it’s time to find someone who shares her definition of romanticism when her non-Armenian boyfriend pops the question to her in front of a roomful of wasted San Francisco tech dudes.

Enter her mother, who persuades Nar to attend Explore Armenia, a month-long series of events in the city, using a combination of mom guilt and a spreadsheet of Armenian males she has been stalking on Facebook. But Erebuni, a woman equally engrossed in the witchy arts as she is in maintaining Armenian identity, grabs her attention instead of the mom-approved playboy doctor or wealthy engineer. With Erebuni by her side, the circumstances seem less like a chore and more like an adventure. Who knew cooking together could be so seductive?

Nar feels understood in a manner she has never handled before, thanks to Erebuni, who enables her to appreciate the beauty of their shared culture. However, there is a minor issue: Nar isn’t precisely out as bisexual. But time is running out for Nar since Erebuni and the rest of her extended family will attend the closing ceremony feast.

Nar’s worlds will inevitably collide, but she is brave and determined to take ownership of her happiness. Nar is proud to be Armenian, proud to be bisexual, and proud to be herself for the first time in her life.

Conclusion|10 Amazing Books Publishing in January 2023

Wow! Wasn’t that amazing? Now I’m even more excited about this year about to come. I can’t wait to lay my hands on these books that are expected to come out on the mentioned dates. One thing to remember is that the publication dates mentioned are the expected publishing dates and can change. But don’t worry. We’ll get to read these masterpieces sooner or later!

Waiting feels too long? Well, Christmas is around the corner as well. Why don’t you explore something related to that till then:

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