10 Books Publishing in December 2022

10 Must-Read Books to Read in December 2022

There is only one more month until it is over. It’s almost unimaginable to recognize that this year went by so quickly. It was like we were sitting tight with fingers crossed, praying for covid 19 to be over, and now look at us, so we moved on as if it never happened. Just like the saying goes, life goes on. There’s still some of 2022 left, and you know the drill. We’re going to talk about some fantastic books publishing in December 2022.

Preparing a monthly book list for myself and you all have become a hobby for me. Since it was the last month of this year, 2022, I also continued to do the same for the following month! Also, if there’s a time of the year when one particularly wants to read, it’s the winter holiday season, that is, December.

Not all of December is packed for publishing new books this year, though many excellent books ARE going to be out this month, enough to keep us going for the month (even a bit more). Most books are expected to be published on either the 6th, 13th, or 27th of December 2022, but they’re super unique, and we’re going to have a lot of fun!

I’ve outlined a few outstanding novels due in December 2022 that everyone should read at least once. Go on and enjoy!

10 Amazing Books Publishing in December 2022

1. The Sunshine Girls

The Sunshine Girls | Books Publishing in December 2022

Full Title: The Sunshine Girls

Author: Molly Fader

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: December 6, 2022


BettyKay and Kitty, roommates in nursing school, don’t get along very well. BettyKay, a daughter of farmers, has taken a risk by pursuing her goals outside of her little rural village, risking the wrath of her family.

Cosmopolitan Kitty has always relied on her intelligence and attractiveness to get by and conceal a terrible past secret that she cannot escape. However, the two are equally determined to succeed in a changing world, which leads them to forge an odd but strong friendship in a hostile school to women.

Tragic events separate the women’s paths before their first year is over. But despite all chances, a long-lasting friendship develops, enduring through love, marriage, failure, and death, from the Vietnam jungles to the glitzy Hollywood circles as their relationship reaches its ultimate turning point one wintry night. A famous movie star surprises two estranged sisters at their mother’s burial fifty years later, shocking them.

Throughout one turbulent weekend, the women face a stunning family reality that will change their lives forever.

2. The Seamstress of Sardinia

The Seamstress of Sardinia | Books Publishing in December 2022

Full Title: The Seamstress of Sardinia

Author: Bianca Pitzorno

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publishing Date: December 6, 2022


A young woman in Sardinia in 1900 gained employment as a seamstress for a wealthy family thanks to her extraordinary aptitude with a needle. The experienced sewer discreetly takes measurements, sketches designs, and mends hems inside this wealthy environment that is far different from her lowly beginnings.

In the solitude, she also hears whispered secrets and stories of everyone around her. This small Italian city and its inhabitants come into focus through the vigilant young seamstress’s eyes in all their liveliness, vanity, and fragility—flawed yet amiable individuals who are not exactly what they claim to be.

The Provera sisters conceal their financial struggles with their pricey Parisian outfits. The Marchesa Esther is a woman who rides horses and learns mechanics and ancient Greek. Miss Lily Rose, an adventurous American journalist, and Assuntina, the wild child, are among them.

Men of all ages—young, old, and in between—are present. There are also love triangles, heartbreaks, and even murder (or was it a suicide?). And in the middle, waiting and watching, is the seamstress, a bright, aspirational young woman with a kind heart and an impossibly lofty desire.

3. The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights

The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights | Books Publishing in December 2022

Full Title: The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights

Author: Kitty Zeldis

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: December 6, 2022


1924 in Brooklyn. The lives of three very different women are about to converge as New York City enters the jazz age unexpectedly. Beatrice, who recently relocated from New Orleans, is attempting to open a stylish new dress business with the aid of Alice, the orphaned adolescent ward she brought with her to the north. In the lovely brownstone down the block, newlywed Catherine is restless and pining for a child she cannot conceive.

Alice feels abandoned and jealous when Bea befriends Catherine, and the two start to get close, so she flees to Manhattan. She leaves behind a chain of circumstances that will make each woman face the heartbreaking secrets of her past to advance toward the happy future she craves.

4. A Million to One

A Million to One | Books Publishing in December 2022

Full Title: A Million to One

Author: Adiba Jaigirdar

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Publishing Date: December 13 2022


A burglar. a creator. A gymnast. an actor. The Rubaiyat, a jewel-encrusted book on board the RMS Titanic that could be the key to addressing their issues, is something that Josefa, Emilie, Hannah, and Violet seem to have nothing in common with. Despite this, they are all working toward the same goal.

When tragedy hits, however, careless errors, old grudges, and a new romance pose a severe threat to everything they have achieved and place them at grave risk. The chances of committing the theft are minimal, but the chances of surviving are even slimmer.

5. A Death in Tokyo

A Death in Tokyo | Books Publishing in December 2022

Full Title: A Death in Tokyo: A Mystery

Author: Keigo Higashino

Genre: Mystery

Publishing Date: December 13 2022


A strange statue of a kirin, a Japanese mythical beast, guards the Nihonbashi neighborhood of Tokyo against the iconic Nihonbashi bridge. A man who appears to be highly intoxicated stumbles onto the bridge in the evening and passes out directly beneath the statue of the winged beast.

When the patrolman arrives on the scene to rouse the man, he finds that he has been killed; he was not inebriated; instead, he had been stabbed in the chest. The crime was not committed where he died; instead, it must be determined where it occurred and why the victim used such extraordinary effort to transport himself to the Nihonbashi Bridge.

A young man named Yashima gets hurt in a car accident that night as he tries to escape the police. The victim’s wallet was discovered on him. Detective Kyoichiro Kaga of the Tokyo Police is assigned to the squad looking into the murder. He will need to use his investigative talents to learn the truth about what happened that night on the Nihonbashi bridge.

What relationship, if any, does the deceased have with Yashima, the young guy who was found in possession of his wallet?

6. A Streetcar Named Murder

A Streetcar Named Murder | Books Publishing in December 2022

Full Title: A Streetcar Named Murder

Author: T.G. Herren

Genre: Mystery

Publishing Date: December 6 2022


For lovers of Jane K. Cleland, her first cozy mystery features a cold-blooded murder in the Big Easy. Valerie Cooper is still determining what to make of the unusual letter when the courier delivers it. She received a majority stake in the family business, New Orleans Fine Antiques, as a beneficiary of the will of her late husband’s estranged uncle, a man she had never met.

Despite having no experience in the field, Valerie decides to research it and join the company as a partner. She also has her hands full defending Valerie from Collette, a woman who wants to sell the enormous old house that Valerie and her husband meticulously refurbished in the Irish Channel area.

Valerie isn’t interested in buying, but when her closest friend Lauren pulls her to a Krewe of Athena costume party, Collette’s body is discovered with a jeweled dagger protruding from her chest. Suddenly overcome with fear, Valerie recognizes the knife as one from her store, and before she realizes it, she is the prime suspect in the murder. Lauren prods her to investigate Collette’s business transactions, and the more she probes, the murkier it becomes.

Now Valerie is being blamed for everything. Valerie desperately searches for someone who might have obtained the dagger to cleanse her name. However, it might be challenging to identify the thief and expose the actual murderer among a crowd of costumed guests.

7. Pests

Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains | Books Publishing in December 2022

Full Title: Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains

Author: Bethany Brookshire

Genre: Science

Publishing Date: December 6 2022


Squirrel in the backyard. I see a rat in the wall. A street-side pigeon For so long of human history, we have drawn a clear distinction between urban areas and natural areas. We react with dread, fury, or simply annoyance when animals appear in places we don’t want them or expect them to. It isn’t an animal anymore. It’s a bother.

Pests are more than just a simple plea to take a closer look at our urban ecosystem; it sits at the nexus of science, history, and narrative journalism. The animals we despise do not have a natural past. This book is instead about us. It has to do with what labeling an animal as a pest implies about people, our lifestyles, and our desires.

8. The Light Pirate

The Light Pirate | Books Publishing in December 2022

Full Title: The Light Pirate

Author: Lily Brooks-Dalton

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publishing Date: December 6, 2022


Florida is vanishing. An intense hurricane is headed toward a little village on the state’s southeast coast as damaging weather patterns and rising sea levels eventually destroy the state’s infrastructure. Electrical line worker Kirby Lowe, his wife Frida, who is expecting, and their two sons, Flip and Lucas, prepare for the worst. Kirby ventures outside into the strong winds to look for the boys after they go missing just before the hurricane makes landfall.

When Frida is left alone, she experiences early labor. She gives birth to an odd child, whom she names Wanda after the disastrous storm that introduces her to a society that is more on the verge of disintegrating than ever before. Wanda develops while Florida continues to fall apart.

Wanda loses her family, finds a new community, and eventually looks for adventure, love, and purpose in a place where nature has changed. As she grows from childhood to adulthood, Wanda learns to adapt to the changing landscape and the people who remain in a place where civilization has been abandoned.

9. The Valentine’s Hate

The Valentine's Hate | Books Publishing in December 2022

Full Title: The Valentine’s Hate

Author: Sidney Halston

Genre: Romance

Publishing Date: December 27, 2022


Only one stroke from Cupid. Lissette Alonso, at least, thinks so. She despises everything Valentine’s Day since the Most Disastrous Valentine’s Day of All Time(TM). But in the week leading up to her wedding on February 14, Lizzie’s closest friend is throwing pre-nuptial parties, and Lissette is taking her role as maid of honor seriously—possibly too seriously. Who is the first person she meets on the way to the wedding? Of course, of course, of course. Her Valentine’s Day rage target is Brian Anderson, her archenemy from childhood.

Give Brian a break; he was just a youngster trying to look cool, and Lizzie constantly ticked him off, both in and out of school. He is aware that he screwed up with Lizzie. Though he’s always been stern and sour, Brian is now considerably happier thanks to his writing because fictitious characters never respond. Unlike Lizzie, who is constantly talking.

The two are now living together again and arguing like they used to, except that Brian is preoccupied with issues other than Lizzie’s verbal sparring. When someone Brian tries to avoid arrives, Lizzie finds herself forced into acting as though she is dating him. And all of a sudden, the simmering rage has become extremely hot.

10. Ms. Demeanor

Ms. Demeanor

Full Title: Ms. Demeanor

Author: Elinor Lipman

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: December 27, 2022


Until a prudish neighbor with binoculars in hand caught Jane Morgan having sex on the roof of her NYC apartment building, she was a valued employee of her legal business. Police are called, and a harsh judge gives her a six-month home confinement sentence.

Life seems hopeless for Jane now that she is stranded at home without a job. Her identical sister offers assistance and counsel, mainly of the unwanted variety. She befriends Perry Salisbury, a fellow white-collar felon, after a doorman reveals that Jane isn’t the only inhabitant wearing an ankle monitor.

As she tries to adjust to life inside the confines of her apartment, she learns that the gossipy neighbor hasn’t gone away and that her past isn’t as respectable as her 9-1-1 snitching would suggest. Why are police at Jane’s door once more? Is there any hope for her house arrest? Can one wrong makeup for another?

Conclusion| 10 Books Publishing in December 2022

Readers and book lovers have had a great year. The last month will not be an exception to the awesomeness of this year, which we have already seen. I can’t help but be even more enthusiastic about it, and I know you are too!

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