10 Amazing Novels to Read at Midnight

Novels to Read at Midnight

You’ve just had a stressful day and need a method to unwind now that it’s late. Or perhaps you’ve had a particularly boring day filled with errands and paperwork, and you’re ready to curl up in bed at midnight with a book. Sounds amazing, right? Well, here are ten lovely novels to read at midnight.

A good book is your passport to a good night’s sleep or fantastic dreams that will lift your spirits after a long work week. But it’s different than if you want to read any ordinary book before going to bed. What kind of fun is that? I know the feeling; been there and done that.

There are novels to read on those restless nights, books to warm your heart and make you feel comfy, and books to make you feel so highly emotional that it simply has to result in a peaceful night’s sleep later. Studies have shown that reading can help people feel less stressed, and I have noticed that some of the most successful people read before going to sleep.

Getting excited, are we? Don’t worry; you won’t be left hanging with that. Keep reading further to know more!

10 Novels to Read at Midnight

1. Loveboat Reunion

Loveboat Reunion | Novels to Read at Midnight

Full Title: Loveboat Reunion

Author: Abigail Hing Wen

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 25th January 2022


Xavier and Sophie Ha Yeh have a past that some may describe as turbulent. They destroyed hearts and plotted retaliation, but they’re buddies now. Xavier and Sophie Ha Yeh permanently put the drama behind them when they returned to Taipei and their summer program, Loveboat. They are concentrating on the important things now that fall has arrived. Sophie has vowed to stay away from guys and is dedicated to being Dartmouth’s top-ever student.

When he turns eighteen, Xavier wants to collect his trust fund and focus on what makes him happy while avoiding his controlling father’s attention. But it appears that nobody wants Sophie and Xavier to be successful. The lecturer at Sophie’s college feels that her first significant assignment is “too feminine.”

Xavier’s father issues him with a choice: complete high school or forfeit his wealth. Then, while on a crazy, nonstop Loveboat reunion, Sophie and Xavier devise a united strategy to take charge of their destinies. Are they doomed to combust, or can they prosper together?

2. A Disaster in Three Acts

A Disaster in Three Acts | Novels to Read at Midnight

Full Title: A Disaster in Three Acts

Author: Kelsey Rodkey

Genre: Romance

Publishing Date: 5th July 2022


Saine Sinclair has some knowledge of the qualities that make a story interesting. During a game of spin the bottle with your pre-adolescent friends, your childhood closest friend declines to kiss you. The ex-boyfriend of your current best friend is the same person? An unexpected twist that is strangely captivating and worth a watch. You find out that your last chance to get into the documentary filmmaking program of your dreams is that same guy—why is he constantly around?

Although Saine despises saying that, she would watch that movie. She has the impression that Holden is being filmed because he gives her the impression that all of her embarrassing secrets are hidden from view. Saine is aware of how her tale is intended to end. Then, why does Holden want to alter the outcome at every opportunity?

3. Now That I’ve Found You

Now That I've Found You | Novels to Read at Midnight

Full Title: Now That I’ve Found You

Author: Kristina Forest

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 25th August 2020


Evie Jones, age 18, is on track to follow in the footsteps of her incredibly renowned grandmother and become Hollywood’s next major star. That is until a close friend betrays her, and she is put on the blacklist. Fortunately, Evie has the perfect solution to revive her faltering acting career: a joint appearance with Evelyn Conaway, the most adored actress in the country. The sole issue? Gigi is a recluse who has avoided the spotlight for nearly 20 years.

Gigi does the unthinkable: she vanishes only days before Evie plans to present her grandmother with an honorary award in front of Hollywood’s elite. With time running out and her comeback on the line, Evie unwillingly enlists the assistance of Milo Williams, a cute musician Evie isn’t sure she can trust.

Milo was the last person to see Gigi before she vanished. Romance and adventure abound as Evie and Milo pursue a frantic manhunt across New York City, and Evie learns some unexpected things about her grandma and herself.

4. Together at Midnight

Together at Midnight | Novels to Read at Midnight

Full Title: Together at Midnight

Author: Jennifer Castle

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 14th December 2015


When they witness a horrific tragedy in New York City during the holiday season, high school senior Kendall, who has returned from a life-changing semester in Europe, and Max, who is drifting through a gap year before college, battle with these dilemmas. The two accept a challenge to do random acts of kindness for strangers while feeling crippled by guilt.

As they travel through a bustling metropolis full of other people’s stories and secrets, the challenge draws these two teenagers, who have a history together from their previous home, closer and closer.

Even though Kendall and Max both have other romantic relationships and unclear futures, they can’t help but notice their growing bond. Will they be together at midnight on New Year’s Eve as the clock winds down?

5. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All the Boys I've Loved Before | Novels to Read at Midnight

Full Title: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Author: Jenny Han

Genre: Romance novel

Publishing Date: 2014


Lara Jean Song, age 16, stores her love letters in a hatbox given by her mother. These are her love letters; they are not ones someone else penned for her. Five in total, one for each boy she has ever loved.

Because her letters are private to her, she expresses everything from the depths of her being, even things she would never say in person. Until the day her covert letters are delivered, Lara Jean’s imagined love life quickly spirals out of hand.

6. Meet Me in the Middle

Meet Me in the Middle | Novels to Read at Midnight

Full Title: Meet Me in the Middle

Author: Alex Light

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 12th July 2022


Eden didn’t require anyone else because she had her best friend, Katie. Then there was Truman, though. The artist is Katie’s older brother. The solitary. The young man with the menacing eyes and innocent smile. Till the evening of Katie’s accident, Eden had never really known Truman. That was the night they had finally begun to orbit one another, only to have the sky collapse on them.

Eden is left to deal with her sadness because Katie is in the hospital, and Truman flees his grief silently. Can Eden, however, allow Truman back into her life when he returns to the city, knowing that their first kiss tore their world apart?

7. Not Here to Be Liked

Not Here to Be Liked | Novels to Read at Midnight

Full Title: Not Here to Be Liked

Author: Michelle Quach

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 14th September 2021


You don’t have to like Eliza Quan. The best contender for editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper, she puts in more hours than anybody else and isn’t afraid to express her opinions. At least until Len DiMartile, an ex-jockey, decides to challenge her. Her extensive credentials suddenly don’t signify a thing. While the inexperienced Len tall, attractive, and male, seems more like a leader, Eliza tries too hard (and somehow not hard enough).

Eliza is caught between two groups at school: those who think she is a champion for gender rights and others who think she is just the girl who cried misogyny when her frustration with sexism spills out in an essay that goes viral.

As a result, Eliza finds herself at the forefront of a feminist movement she never intended to start. The administration requests that Eliza and Len cooperate in showing civility in the face of this mounting conflict. Eliza, meanwhile, feels increasingly entrapped by the terrifying notion that she might be falling for the patriarchy’s face as they grow to know one another.

8. Serpent & Dove

Serpent & Dove

Full Title: Serpent & Dove

Author: Shelby Mahurin

Genre: Romance novel

Publishing Date: 2nd September 2019


Louise le Blanc left her coven two years ago, seeking refuge in Cesarine while renunciation all magic and subsisting on whatever she could steal. Witches like Lou are pursued there. They inspire terror. And they are set ablaze. Reid Diggory, a huntsman for the Church, has lived under the maxim “Thou must not let a witch live.”

However, Lou’s evil prank forces the two into an impossible marriage. Lou must decide because she is unable to ignore her intensifying sentiments and is unable to alter who she is. And love makes us all look foolish.

9. This Woven Kingdom

This Woven Kingdom

Full Title: This Woven Kingdom

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Publishing Date: February 2022


Everyone sees Alizeh as a disposable servant rather than the long-lost heir of a former Jinn kingdom who was compelled to remain undetected. Kamran, the crown prince, knows the prophecies predicting his king’s demise.

However, he could never have predicted that the servant girl with the odd eyes—the girl he can’t shake from his thoughts—would one day soon uproot his kingdom—and the entire world.

10. The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story

Full Title: The Rest of the Story

Author: Sarah Dessen

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 4th June 2019


Emma Saylor’s mother passed away when she was twelve years old, and she doesn’t recall anything about her. She does, however, recall the tales her mother used to tell her about the vast lake that seemed to go on forever, with its icy waters and moss-covered trees at its margins. Life is pleasant, albeit a little predictable, now that it’s just Emma and her dad.

To the point that Emma is abruptly sent to spend the summer with her mother’s family, whom she hasn’t seen since she was a young child. Emma discovers two very distinct communities in North Lake when she gets there.

While her father spent summers in the more affluent Lake North resort, her mother was raised in the working-class community of North Lake. Emma begins to feel like she is split into two individuals as she spends more time there. She is Emma in her father’s eyes. But she is Saylor to her new family, as her mother always called her.

Then there is Roo, the young kid who was once her best buddy. She can slowly piece together her past with the aid of Roo, who holds the key to her family’s past. It’s difficult to resist being enchanted by North Lake, and Saylor discovers that she is falling under Roo’s spell.

Saylor feels as though a completely new world is available to her. But when the time comes to return home, who will prevail—Emma or Saylor?

Final Words

So, these were some of the midnight books that I would suggest. I know what it’s like. When you’re reading late at night, you want a book that will enliven your dreams without keeping you up in suspense or giving you the chills, without being tedious or causing you to cry yourself to sleep. Don’t worry, and all these things have been taken care of. The above books have just the right amount of everything!

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