6 Insanely Smart Ways: How To Read a Boring Book Painlessly!

a lady yawning; how to read a boring book?

Being someone who loves to read, I can tell you that not every book you will come across will make you turn the pages. While there are books that drive people crazy for them, there are also dull books- that won’t grab our attention! How do you read such a book? How to read a boring book?

If you don’t read that much, and you are ready to read a boring book, there is a higher probability that I will find you deep asleep within the first 30 minutes of the reading. And to stop that from happening, I am going to tell you seven intelligent ways to read a boring book so that you can read that book you found out to be boring. Which is a great thing, right?

When you are ready to read a book that you find boring, there are several things you can do to keep yourself going. Firstly, you should know why you are reading that book and what the book is about; you can break the text into different sections, figure out what good will come out of this, and how the book can help you.

Let’s discuss these in detail and how to read a boring book in the other sections. And guess what? If you have to read that boring book and cannot do anything about it, I have a bonus way, an ultra-smart way stored in for you to help you read the uninteresting book within a few days! Now, let’s get started!

6 Ways: How To Read A Boring Book?

How To Read A Boring Book?
I get it, some books will be boring to read. So, how to read a boring book? That’s what we’re talking about.

Think of it as a disclaimer. There can be books that I will find exciting and you will not and vice-versa. I am not saying that the author was horrible. The book was not well-written or well-framed. You just might not simply like that book and find that boring to read.

 Most of the time, a reader does not like how a book was written earlier.

Now, I am done with my disclaimer; I will come back to the topic and tell you how to read a boring book if you have to. Below are six ways on how to read a boring book.

If you read this article to the end, you will also know what triggers and extra motivation to read a boring book!

1. Question Yourself “WHY?”

3 kids looking bored. text: "Ask Yourself: Why am i reading this book?
The key is to knowing how to read a boring book is to ask yourself- Why am I reading this book?

Before knowing how to read a boring book, you should instead see why you should read it.

The first and foremost question you should ask yourself should be, “Why do I want to/have to read the book?” “Why did I pick this book?” “Is this compulsory?”, “Why is it important to me to read it?” Is it to increase my grades? Just using it as a filler story, completing my reading goals, is the book written by a favorite author, WHY?”.

WHY is the key.

Having a clear idea for a reason in your mind it’s going to help you concentrate more. In your consciousness, you have an objective to fulfill from that particular book and if you won’t, you will not be able to achieve your goal. So, this acts as motivation.

2. Go Through The Overview Of The Book.

a girl leaning her head on the book
Going through the overview of the book can help a lot while reading a boring book. It binds the whole book together.

Now, if you’re finding a book boring to read, here is why going through the overview of the book might be helpful.
When you read the summary or the overview of the book, it puts together the broken pieces for you. You get a clear idea about what will happen and what you can see coming in the book.
It may even get your interest in the book. Moreover, suppose you’re reading a book, and you see the story going nowhere at that particular moment. In that case, a summary actually can help as it gives an idea of the specific story plot will change or not, increasing your hopes even if it’s only a tiny bit.

3. Breaking Into Sections

a little bored girl
Breaking the boring book into small sections can be very helpful in reading a boring book.

You have to admit it, and when one huge task is broken into smaller pieces, it seems easier to accomplish.

It is what you do when you’re trying to read a boring book.

So, instead of thinking of the book as one whole task, think of it as small patches of literary work.

When you’re trying to read a boring book, trick your mind. How? As I said earlier, break the text into small parts and play a game with your mind. Try to complete each piece in a specific amount of time, trick your mind- that’s how it works.

If you are thinking about dividing the book into small chunks, then here is what you can do. You can select a few chapters of the book and choose a specific time of the day or choose some particular hours.

If you feel a few chapters are a lot for you, selecting a few pages or paragraphs will also do the work. Eventually, you will pick up the pace.

4. Read In Intervals

A girl sitting bored with books
One of the ways to get through a boring book is to read in intervals.

Here is what to do when you cannot figure out how to read a boring book.

If you are thinking, “this particular book is very boring, let’s just get done with it!” Then, this might not work for you.

While doing something that you don’t like to do in excess will only lead you to your bead deep asleep.

And this is why taking breaks is a must.

Sometimes, the issue may not lie in the book but in your mind. You could be tired due to some work and that might have affected your concentration.

So, get up, close the book, take a deep breath, take a little walk, nap for a while, have a beverage, do anything you like to do, get into a new mood, and start reading- you will notice a change.

When you are on a break, try not to indulge yourself with the thoughts of the book.

5. Do Not Read If You Have Other Things To Do

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How to read a boring book? Don’t. Prioritize whether reading the book is important or you have other things to prioritize.

While some read for their living, some read because of pleasure. Either way, it is entirely normal to find a book boring or have a hard time figuring out how to read a boring book.

One primary reason you might not be able to read a particular book is that you are too stressed because of other things that you have to do.

Reading doesn’t work that way. It requires uninterrupted focus.

Especially when trying to read a boring book, you need a little more strength and focus.

Reading while your other things are pending is a big distraction. Your mind will not be able to concentrate on reading at all. It will keep fluctuating between work and reading, so you won’t be able to do anything properly.

So it’s important to read with a clear mind and when you’re free to increase your concentration/focus on the task at hand.

6. DNF List

a guy yawning while reading
Making a “Do Not Finish” List can smooth things out for you while you figure out how to read a boring book.

If you are familiar with the TBR list, then here is a new concept we would like to introduce to you. It is the concept of the DNF list.

What is a DNF list?

DNF is a “Do Not Finish” list.  If you see no point in reading a certain book, then do not force it on yourself. Even if you have tried different/all the above tips to engage yourself in reading, deep down you just l know it’s not worth it so nothing can help in that case.

Today, we have many books to read and in so many different genres. Also, the same plot can be written in a different manner and style by different authors, maybe spicing it a little bit.

I believe there are plenty of alternatives for every book. So, don’t force yourself if there is no point because forcing will lead you nowhere or it can even give you opposite results.

Bonus Tip On How To Read A Boring Book!

Finally, the tip we’ve all been waiting for! Everyone wants to get out of this reading slag and wants to figure out how to read a boring book!

Here is the tip: If you have to read that book, you can reward yourself with something you LOVE. It can be a pizza, and ice cream, a cheat meal you’ve been planning for!

Rewarding yourself for small things that you accomplish goes a long way.

Conclusion | How To Read A Boring Book?

Here are all the tips and tricks on how to read a boring book. I understand it is very overwhelming when you read a boring book. But, remember, you can make it enjoyable if you want to. It is entirely your choice if you wish to keep saying that this book is too dull to read, or you can follow these easy tricks, ace your reading, and feel like a greek god after that!

As I said, the choice is yours!

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