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11 Famous Writers You Didn’t Know Were Disabled.

We all know about famous authors and their best-selling books, but did you know some famous writers were disabled? We will talk about these writers and why those famous and great writers were disabled. Each author’s detail has been provided below with their most famous work.  Authors play an essential role in life. The books […]

Top 15 Fiction Authors and their Fascinating Books

Fiction Authors and their Fascinating Books: We have discussed various types of authors, and this is another type which I like the most. Yeah, I love reading fiction books because of their skills, fantastic storyline, and creative ideas that the author put into them. In 2020 there was a lockdown worldwide, and I saw turning […]

Audible Premium Plus Vs Audible Plus

Audible Premium Plus Vs Audible Plus: Previously, there were only books to learn, and there was debate about hardcover and paperbacks, but a new concept called “audiobooks” has emerged. A very unique combination of books and speaking, and audiobooks, have been getting more and more attention in the last few years. We have discussed various audiobooks […]

Audible Vs Scribd: Pros & Cons, Membership in 2022

Audible Vs Scribd—Reading books was always the most fun activity and the most knowledge gaining activity but with the flow of time book reading must evolve to stay a relevant activity and that happened when books were turned into audiobooks when reading was turned into listening. We will discuss the differences between Scibd and Audible, […]

10 Magazines Every Book Lover Must Subscribe To

10 Magazines Every Book Lover Must Subscribe To—Are you searching for top magazines? Then no need to worry about anything. Here is another article discussing some great designed magazines that you would love to read. If you are a reader and want to shift from the regular schedule of reading books to something more exciting […]

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