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Audible Premium Plus Vs Audible Plus: Previously, there were only books to learn, and there was debate about hardcover and paperbacks, but a new concept called “audiobooks” has emerged. A very unique combination of books and speaking, and audiobooks, have been getting more and more attention in the last few years. We have discussed various audiobooks and their comparison like Audible vs Scribd. but in this article, we are going to talk about two different plans of audible.

 I was a little confused when I first found out about this idea and after reading other reviews of this audiobook I decided to check it out for myself and fell in love with the audiobook from that moment on. Much more interactive and fun than just reading a  simple book. Audible is the number 1 app according to me but which plan is good for you and which is worth your money for you. We are going to discuss both plans briefly so that after reading this article, you are left with no doubts.

 But there is a problem. “Which provider should I choose?” At first, I tried several operators and I regretted it a lot because I spent a lot of money on finding the perfect audiobook provider, but I finally got it. I made it to the finals and found the perfect supplier, Audible Premium Plus. For me and according to my requirements, it was best for me. But you don’t have to go to different places for answering this question because this article will be more than sufficient.

 Now, many of you may be wondering why it’s not a Plus and not a Premium Plus. That is exactly what this article is about, whether you should use Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus. No need to worry about this anymore and get ready to buy one. Audible are getting famous day by day because people don’t have much time for reading books. Even my favourite app is Audible and now lets start Audible plus vs Audible Premium Plus.

Audible Premium Plus Vs Audible Plus | Overview | Comparison

What is Audible Plus?

The latest Amazon Audible subscription option is called Audible Plus. An all-inclusive audiobook service with over 11,000 audiobook titles available for the duration of your subscription. It’s an Unlimited Listening plan, so you pay a one-time fee ($7.95 per month) and listen to as many audiobooks as you want from your collection each month. The content offered ranges from audiobooks to podcasts and Amazon Originals. Here you will find everything from classics to modern novels, as well as documentaries, children’s literature, novels and comedies. There’s also a really good variety of books with lots of great titles, and if you’re interested in exploring different genres, audiobook storytellers, and more, this plan can be a great choice. With over 68,000 hours of programming, you’ll hear plenty!

What is Audible Premium Plus?

Difference Between Audible Premium Plus and Audible Plus

Now that you know what Audible Plus is, what is Audible Premium Plus? The existing Amazon membership program is now known as Premium Plus. If you’ve used Audible in the past, it’s a familiar service. Today with a little change! Premium Plus costs $14.95 per month and includes 1 credit for 1 audiobook across the entire Audible collection (over 470,000 audiobooks). All audiobooks purchased with credit remain yours and you can listen to them whenever you want, even if your membership is cancelled! By default, the Premium Plus plan includes all the features of Plus plus a bonus of 1-2 audiobooks per month with indefinite storage.

Basis: Audible Premium Plus Vs Audible PlusAudible Premium PlusAudible Plus
1. Free Trail30 days free trial30 days free trial
2. Access to Premium CatalogYes, Access to Premium catalogNo access to Premium catalog
3. Access to Plus CatalogYes, Access to Plus catalog Yes, Access to Plus catalog
4. Monthly ChargesMonthly fee- $14.95Monthly fee- $7.95
5. OwnershipYou own the books foreverYou don’t own the books forever
6. No. of Eligible BooksNo. of eligible books- Almost 500000No. of eligible books- Over 11000
7. DiscountsThere are many exclusive discountsThere are no exclusive discounts
8. Credits You earn credits which help in buying new booksThere is no such thing as credits

Books in Audible Premium Plus and Audible Plus

The only significant difference between Audible Premium Plus is the number of audiobooks available in each package. Plus gives you unlimited access to over 11,000 items in the Plus catalogue. But the 11,000 audiobooks are only a fraction of what you get with Premium Plus. Because Premium Plus lets you a bonus choose premium titles from the entire Audible collection of over 470,000 volumes. Of course, with Premium Plus you can’t listen to an unlimited amount of the entire repertoire. Premium Unlimited Listening is still limited to  11,000 volumes in the Plus collection. But with Premium, you can significantly expand the possibilities of your audiobooks by choosing one audiobook from our entire catalogue for just 1 credit per month (2 credits if you have a dual credit plan)!

Advantages of Audible Premium Plus over Plus

Access thousands of Audible audiobooks, podcasts and originals from the Audible Plus catalogue. Monthly/annual credits (depending on the plan)  for all editions of the Premium Collection, regardless of price or duration. Easy Swap – If you don’t like the listener you bought, swap it for another Audible book. Loans were not wasted. You can hold a monthly loan for up to one year. 30% off additional audiobooks. Special Offers and Sales.

The biggest advantage is the number of books and you can own them forever and you earn credits which further help in buying more books, you get big discounts on Premium Plus where audiobooks are available at cheaper prices.

Disadvantages of Audible Premium Plus over Plus

The one biggest disadvantage of Premium Plus over Plus is the price difference. Other than that Audible Premium Plus has vast features than Plus so there may be many people who don’t want many features and just want an audiobook app from where they can listen to audiobooks so in this case, Audible Plus will be the best option for them. Otherwise Premium Plus has many features and the person who wants vasts vast features then he/she can go for Premium Plus.

Conclusion | Audible Premium Plus Vs Audible Plus

Choose Audible Plus… If you find a lot of interesting audiobooks and podcasts in the Plus library, you don’t need to choose another plan. Audible Plus is for you. The Audible Premium Plus is an excellent choice… This plan is for those who can’t get enough of the captivating Plus catalogue title. Also, if you’re looking to buy an audiobook rather than rent it, you’re more likely to choose this plan. You can own the audiobook after you once got that in Audible Premium Plus.

Every advantage and disadvantage has been discussed about both of them and the situation that which person should buy which plan according to their needs. Also, comment on your thoughts on this and which plan will suit you well.

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