Is Kindle Worth Buying?

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Nowadays, reading is popular, but carrying books everywhere is impossible due to everyone’s busy schedule, so many people think of buying a kindle. Still, they are confused about whether it is worth buying or not? Many people drop their idea of buying a kindle because of not getting proper information about the product, which leads to misunderstanding. In this article, you will get many examples regarding buying a kindle. So stay tuned and fasten your belts because this article will erase all your doubts quickly.

As we all know, this generation is mostly on the internet and they find everything there. Kindle is a great device and is being sold internationally. It is an e-device where you can download books and read them from the device when you need to. We are going to discuss this further in detail. It can be a useful device for some people, and many people had already bought it and loved it, but some were not that happy. Every reason is discussed below.

There was a time when I bought the kindle when I got to know about it. It was a great device I could add to my collection as I am fond of electronic devices, so I bought it and no doubt it was a good device for readers and those who seriously want to read and enjoy. But suppose you are in your school or college. In that case, kindle is not a good option because studies have shown that reading materialistic papers is better than reading on kindle. After all, it affects you in gaining knowledge.

I have seen many people that are confused because of this question. They want to buy a kindle, but they are not sure if it is worth it or not. So there is nothing to worry about because after reading this article. I am writing this article to share my personal opinions of what I have experienced and that information is going to help you a lot.

What is a kindle?

Kindle is an e-device that was developed and sold by Amazon. It allows users to browse, buy, download and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media. You don’t need to go to the shop and buy every book you want to read. You can easily download it on kindle, which is a great plus point. Kindle has an online e-book store by Amazon.

The Reading Experience on an E-Reader

It was not difficult shifting from reading a physical book to an e-reader. As on kindle, there is no glare, so it doesn’t feel like you are on a screen. Also, the kindle is a light device and is easy than holding heavy books for reading to different places. So using comfort is a great alternative.

Also, when you want to turn pages on kindle, you need to tap on the screen. And on a single page of kindle, the words are less than the page of a physical book. That doesn’t matter much when you are used to it. When I started using kindle often, I never focused on the tapping part much.

E-Reader vs Reading Physical Books

There’s no doubt that print books are better at conveying information. That is why it is recommended to read printed books rather than r-reader if you are a school going or college because learning physical books is the best choice. 

A study found that readers using a Kindle were less likely to recall events in a novel than people who read the same novel in print. So it is obvious that whoever reads for learning purposes or increasing skills, printed books are a better option.

Interesting Features of Kindle

There are many interesting reasons to buy a Kindle because of the amazing features that a user can experience. We will discuss this in detail.

Its size– When it comes to comfort and all, then no doubt kindle wins because it is small and that small device carries a brilliant quantity of books and that you can read anywhere no matter if it’s dark. That’s a very good point to notice if you are thinking of buying a kindle. While traveling and packing your bag, one device will do the same but with more comfort instead of packing kilos of books.

No need to rush to the library- When you have a kindle with you, the comfort of not going to buy every book to read. Instead, you can download it on Kindle. There are features like software downloading where you can download books using Overdrive Software. Sitting at home, you can read any book you want and that is a money-saving talk. One-time investment can save you from other expenses.

Family Library feature- This feature is great for family users. It enables you to share with other Amazon accounts in your family. If you download books from a prime account, they will go straight to your kindle device. 

Additional features of big advantage- When I was using Kindle, I found many awesome and interesting features. One of the features that I loved was that when you highlight any quote, line, etc., they all get collected in one place and you can access them all easily. They won’t disappear, but you can see and use them too. Highlighted part never gets disappeared and I loved this feature.

Problem With A Kindle

It’s not like a thing that you need to worry about, but there is something that I must tell you as I am solving every query of yours, so it’s my job to tell you both pros and cons.

So when I was not used to reading from kindle, I faced some problems. Firstly it is not that smooth like the smartphone you may be using. And for the first time, it was a little clunky as when you scroll in it, sometimes you click the books that you didn’t want to open, which was a little annoying and I couldn’t find a perfect spot to do that. Also, adding books to collections or folders was not as easy as the smartphone’s drag and drop feature. These things don’t matter much, but I noticed, so I told. 

Reasons You Should Get a Kindle

If you love traveling- Kindle is a great deal if you are a die heart fan of reading, even if you are traveling. Because it will be less spacious as compared to keeping books. So it’s recommended.

As discussed above, if you want a great deal, Kindle is a one-time investment and a great investment. Also, it’s not that expensive.

Although if you are buying a kindle for the reasons discussed below, then don’t buy!

If you are a college or school student- If you are thinking to save money by spending on buying a kindle rather than on textbooks, then don’t because it will affect gaining knowledge as reading from printed books can help in gaining more information than from a kindle. I would recommend physical books if you want to buy them for learning purposes, speech giving, or gaining skills.

How To Use A Kindle Vs Physical Books

If you buy a kindle, you should not stop reading physical books because they are and will be the best source for gaining knowledge and polishing your skills. You can use a kindle for traveling if you love to read while traveling, or you can use kindle if you are a person that has a lot of work and stays away from home most of the time. You can use a Kindle if you love to read in your free time.

But if you are free most of the time and love to read then, I would prefer reading physical books because that gives you the feel of doing so. You will love to see your bookshelf when you find excellent books on it. No matter what, many books are great only in physical form. Books that you read once but still want to read. Those are some crazy stuff.


As we all know, the world is evolving and everything is getting high-tech nowadays. So people are a great contribution to it and everything is going digital nowadays. So it’s not bad to stay up to date and these devices increase the comforts in your lifestyle.

There is no doubt that a Kindle is a great device for readers. It is a good and healthy investment for them. So a Kindle is worth buying it and you won’t be disappointed buying it.

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