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Inspiring and educational, The Innovators book by Dr Max Mckeown emphasises the background, significance, and human tales of technological creation. Dr Max combines technical information, individual stories, and historical context to produce a thorough examination of innovation that is understandable to readers from all walks of life.

Although “The Innovators” explores technological advancement and how it affects society, it also includes non-business-related material. I think non-business and non-technical people like me can use this book to gain insight into the human side of innovation, stimulating creativity and critical thinking.

From the early days of computers to modern technological developments, Dr Max takes readers on a fascinating tour through the history of invention. He thoroughly assesses the main figures who have impacted technology irrevocably through meticulous research and captivating storytelling.

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The Innovators Book by Dr Max Mckeown| Book Review

About the Author | Dr Max Mckeown

Dr Max Mckeown Author of The Innovators Book

English writer, consultant, and researcher Dr Max McKeown (born in London in October 1969) specialises in innovative strategy, leadership, and culture. He has authored six important books and collaborates with Warwick Business School on research.

Dr Max McKeown authorises The Strategy Book, The Innovation Book, and five other nominated books. He is also a leadership consultant for some of the most well-known international brands.

Expert in strategy, leadership, innovation, and how to build a better future, Mckeown has worked with some of the most well-known worldwide businesses in various industries, including manufacturing, law enforcement, medicines, and luxury hotels.

Max Mckeown has a great rapport with people. Audiences belove in his unique, friendly, and engaging manner, and he has a sizable FutureSpace where everyone can enjoy thinking, creating, and learning together.

Book Overview | The Innovators Book by Dr Max Mckeown

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Full Title: The Innovator’s Book: Rules for Rebels, Mavericks and Innovators

Author: Max Mckeown

Genre: Business

Publishing Date: 17th October 2019

Page Count: 488

Themes: Innovation and Creativity, Collaboration and Teamwork, Human Stories and Personal Motivations


Dr Max Mckeown provides clear guidance on transitioning from first insights to new ideas and from new ideas to beneficial real-world innovation. His counsel is both informative and entertaining.

You’ll discover methods for boosting creativity, comprehending the psychology of alternative thinking, promoting collaboration, co-creating with clients, overcoming indifference, cultivating an idea-hungry culture, getting rid of creative zombies, and reaching innovation paradise.

Book Summary | The Innovators Book by Dr Max Mckeown

This book is a fascinating examination of technical innovation’s background, significance, and personal tales. From the earliest days of computers to the current digital era, Dr Max takes readers on a fascinating tour through the development of technology in this book.

Another central theme in the book is cooperation and teamwork. Dr Max exemplifies how teamwork and cross-disciplinary cooperation frequently lead to great inventions. He provides examples of how the collaboration and exchange of ideas among creative minds have fueled innovation throughout history.

By exploring the creators’ motivations and personal lives, the book also humanises them. It provides a window into their challenges, victories, and the social situations they lived in.

This book examines how technology has affected society and numerous facets of daily life. It examines how innovations like the Internet, personal computers, and smartphones have changed social connections, education, and business. The book also discusses moral issues, posing concerns about security, privacy, and ethical technology use.

To provide readers with a better grasp of the societal, economic, and cultural forces that have driven innovation, he chronicles the development of technology. For budding entrepreneurs, this book offers insightful advice and useful lessons.

It encourages readers to take inspiration from the past, embrace innovation, and emphasise the value of tenacity, adaptability, and a growth mentality in pursuing game-changing concepts.

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My Thoughts on The Innovator’s Book

In my opinion, this is a very well-written and informative book. This book’s aptitude for striking a balance between technical details and human stories is one of its most noticeable qualities. Dr Max explores the inventions’ complexity and the inventors’ motivations and private lives.

The author humanises these figures so the reader feels strongly connected to the characters, making the book educational and emotionally compelling.

Although I loved this book, I would say that I felt a little drawback is there. It occasionally becomes extremely technical, which could make it difficult for readers without a strong background in technology to understand several concepts.

However, to ensure that readers from diverse backgrounds may still understand the importance of the discoveries presented, Dr Max makes an admirable attempt to clarify complex ideas and offers useful explanations where appropriate.

My Ratings For The Book

According to me, this book deserves 4.5/5 stars.

Final Words

This thought-provoking and educational book honours the brilliant brains who invented the innovations that changed the world. This book encourages readers to embrace the spirit of creativity and recognise the power of collaboration in defining our future through its compelling narrative and perceptive analysis.

The book “The Innovators” is a must-read for everyone interested in technology or developing new ideas.

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