Amazing Books Publishing in August 2023

Books to be Publishing in August 2023

Can you believe August is already here? This year is just flying away, don’t you agree? And like all other months I have 2023 fall book collection for all fellow book lovers! Every reader’s taste and preference will be catered to during the literary exploration and discovery that August 2023 promises to bring.

For those of you who follow us regularly, you know that we do this every month but we got a little late this month. But hey! It’s never too late, is it? Plus, It’s just the beginning, The whole month is ahead of us!

Book lovers eagerly anticipate the arrival of an exciting lineup of new literary treasures hitting the shelves in August 2023 as the summer comes to a close. The publishing industry is preparing for a month of diverse and engrossing reads, from nail-biting thrillers to endearing stories of love and adventure.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

10 Must-Read Books in August 2023

1. The Blonde Identity

Full Title: The Blonde Identity

Author: Ally Carter

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 8th August 2023


A woman with amnesia awakens in the centre of Paris, but she is only aware of a terrible headache and a seductive man urging her to leave. She learns through Mr. Hot Guy that she is not a spy herself, but rather the identical twin of a spy as attempts on her life continue. They set out on a journey to vanish with his reluctance’s assistance.

Things become more complicated because intelligence agencies and a criminal organization are after her. They travel through Europe while pretending to be newlyweds, overcoming danger and becoming closer. Their goal is to unravel a deadly conspiracy, but the line between truth and fiction is constantly blurred by the shifting facts.

2. Forgive Me Not

Full Title: Forgive Me Not

Author: Jennifer Baker

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 15th August 2023


After her younger sister is killed in an accident caused by drunk drivers, fifteen-year-old Violetta’s life takes a tragic turn. Her future depends on her family’s ability to forgive her while she is in jail and before the juvenile justice system. Denied this, she is left with the option of uncertain detention or arduous Trials, where victory could result in her regaining both her freedom and the love of her family.

In her quest to establish guilt, Violetta encounters both her family’s and her own grief while debating the importance of forgiving both them and herself. A stirring story about finding forgiveness in the face of mistakes that have a lasting impact on one’s life.

3. American Royals IV: Reign

Full Title: American Royals IV: Reign

Author: Katharine McGee

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 29th August 2023


Princess Samantha is missing and is thought to have eloped with her boyfriend, Lord Marshall Davis, in the American royal family. Queen Beatrice is in a coma. As a result, Prince Jefferson is the current king, which has sparked conflicting reactions across the nation. Jefferson was duped into dating Daphne Deighton, who is ecstatic about her newfound power.

The Washington family is concerned about Samantha’s disappearance and Beatrice’s potential reawakening. Prince Jefferson’s unresolved feelings for Nina Gonzalez, the girl he first fell in love with when he was younger, further complicates things in the midst of the chaos. As the family struggles to preserve the throne while potentially facing doom, love and secrets become entwined.

4. The Hurricane Blonde

Full Title: The Hurricane Blonde

Author: Halley Sutton

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Publishing Date: 8th August 2023


Former child star and Hollywood insider, Salma Rowe now takes the death scene on a horror tour. Hollywood’s obsession with tragedy is all too real for Salma, whose older sister Tony was murdered a few years ago. When a dead woman resembling Tony is found wearing her sister’s hairpin on Salma’s tour, she sets out to solve the mystery.

As the police investigation stalls, Salma confronts the sinister side of Hollywood’s past and present and explores her family’s dark secrets. Salma’s quest to find her sister’s killer becomes a dangerous one as she must confront a disease that affects the once bright world she was a part of.

5. Just Another Missing Person

Full Title: Just Another Missing Person

Author: Gillian McAllister

Genre: Thriller

Publishing Date: 1st August 2023


Olivia (22) hasn’t been seen in a day—and counting. She was last captured on camera walking into a dead-end alley with no further exiting. Detective Julia, who is in charge of finding Olivia, believes she is prepared for a family in need, a running clock, and extended separation from her husband and daughter. But she is unaware of how personal this case will become.

Because the criminal responsible for the disappearance has something she never anticipated. His weapon is a secret, not a gun or a knife but the worst of her. One thing that is necessary for Julia to keep from learning what happened to Olivia is to frame someone else for the girl’s murder and ensure the safety of her family.

6. The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store

Full Title: The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store

Author: James McBride

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publishing Date: 8th August 2023


In Pottstown, Pennsylvania’s Chicken Hill, where African Americans and immigrants from the Middle East coexisted, construction workers discovered a skeleton in a well in 1972. The locals were very protective of the identities of the skeleton and its origin story. While his wife Chona oversaw the Heaven and Earth Grocery Store, Moshe integrated his theatre. To stop a deaf boy from being institutionalized, Chona and the Black janitor Nate Timblin banded together.

In addition to exposing a disturbing truth about Chicken Hill’s past and the function of the town’s white establishment, the book explores the struggles of those who live on the periphery of white, Christian America. In the end, their survival depends on love and community.

7. The Déjà Glitch

Full Title: The Déjà Glitch

Author: Holly James

Genre: Romance

Publishing Date: 6th June 2023


Gemma Peters is a prominent radio producer in Los Angeles. Since her rockstar ex betrayed her, she vowed to never date musicians. However, when she meets Jack, a charming man she keeps running into in a time loop they’ve both been living for months and fate steps in to change everything. Jack is determined to stop the cycle by making Gemma fall in love with him before the day resets while she is still unaware.

Jack tries to win Gemma’s affection as they repeatedly relive the same Thursday, but she finds it difficult to comprehend the surreal memories and odd connection between them. An endearing and fascinating story about love and second chances.

8. The Underworld

Full Title: The Underworld: Journeys to the Depths of the Ocean

Author: Susan Casey

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: 1st August 2023


A renowned narrator of the aquatic world, Susan Casey offers “The Underworld,” an engrossing journey through the planet’s deepest regions. She explores the history of deep-sea exploration, from prehistoric myths to contemporary scientific discoveries, through international travel and interviews with marine specialists.

The book unravels the mysteries of deep-sea life, from fabled shipwrecks to the extraordinary creatures that live in these ostensibly lifeless regions. Readers are taken on a fascinating journey by Casey’s story, which demonstrates the enormous ecological significance and complexity of the numerous marine organisms that live in the deep oceans.

9. Vampires of El Norte

Full Title: Vampires of El Norte

Author: Isabel Cañas

Genre: Fantasy

Publishing Date: 15th August 2023


Nena, a rancher’s daughter in 1840s Mexico, must contend with both natural and supernatural dangers. She is haunted by a terrifying creature that once attacked her, so she turns to heal in order to win her father’s approval and avoid an unwanted marriage. Her childhood sweetheart Nestor has been working as a vaquero while he runs from sorrow and nightmares.

They come together on the path to war when the United States invades Mexico in 1846. In addition to facing their past and making peace with their emotions, they must also face a terrifying force that is endangering their lives. In order to survive, they must come together and accept their shared past and future.

10. The Killing Room

Full Title: The Killing Room

Author: Robert Swartwood

Genre: Thriller

Publishing Date: 22nd August 2023


A businessman is on vacation in Las Vegas when he awakes in a strange hotel room to discover a dead woman in the bathtub. He flees in panic and is stopped by two detectives before he can go very far. He tells them he’s innocent out of desperation & there is no possibility that he killed the woman.

He will stop at nothing to avoid being imprisoned. Then they give him a solution to get out. However, the detectives quickly discovered, that there is no way out. The Killing Room whisks readers from one revelation to the next with breathtaking speed, making it ideal for fans of Lee Child, Michael Sloan, and Robert Crais.

Final Words

So, excited much? Readers can anticipate a month of literary delight with the impressive selection of books in August 2023. The variety of recent releases provides an opportunity for introspection as well as escape, ranging from thought-provoking stories that question social norms to heartbreaking tales that pull at the heartstrings.

So let’s set out on this literary journey together, embracing the various viewpoints and stories that will leave a lasting impression on our hearts and minds.

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