Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins: Book Review

Awaken the Giant within

Hey, is it still sleeping? The super human within you who has the power to do anything that it wants to? Well, if that indeed is the case, then the book “Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins” is the book which may (or may not) tell you how exactly to wake the giant up!

My growing interest in the self-help and motivational genre after I read “The power of positive thinking” got me to read this miraculous book.

Are you wondering why I called the book “miraculous“?

The answer to that will unfold itself later on in the Book review of Awaken The Giant Within. For in this moment, I really want god to bless the person who ever said-

“The greatest treasure of life lies in books.”

Could this BE more true?

Ever since our teenage we all dream to have full control over our lives- no compulsions, no interruptions, we all just want to be WE. But it hits us all hard in the adulthood when we realize it is not all fun and games!

Why am I saying this? And how is it even related to the book?

Awaken the giant within is a testament which can help you take the lead AND TAKE CONTROL of your life- emotional, physical, mental and emotional!

How is that possible? Should you read this book? Is there any lesson worth taking from the book?

Uhm… let’s find out!

General Overview: Awaken The Giant Within And The Author Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins; Author Overview

Tony Robbins, born February 29, 1960 is an author, life coach, motivational speaker and a philanthropist. His parents divorces when he was just seven and his mother remarried several times after that.

Robbins left his home when he was 17 as for his it was “too chaotic and abusive” and never came back.

Tony Robbins never attended college.

He started working off as a janitor then later started promoting the motivational seminars of Jim Rohn.

Later progressing onto his own motivational seminars and programs..

Awaken The Giant Within; Book Overview

Awaken the giant within is a self-help/motivational genre published in the year 1992.

The bottom line of the book is that “you are the exact reflection of your thoughts and the habits you opt for.

The book is an international bestseller making the author Tony Robbins the International Bestselling Author. The book is a mirror. In a world where people are not ready to accept their flaws and mistakes, Awaken The Giant Within will compel you to self-reflect.

The book is different than most of the self help books you would read. It will guide you through the patches with the practical and mobile techniques mentioned. More like- Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill.

Book Summary: Awaken The Giant Within

To summarize a 500 page book in to 500 words isn’t going to be easy but let’s give it a shot!

Awaken The Giant Within: How to take immediate control on your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny is a book that already has helped thousands across the globe to take control over. The book is broadly catagorized into 4 parts and 26 chapters each telling you how to make the forces work in favor of you and create the life that you desire to have. The four parts of the book are all very different from each other yet complete and significant on their own.

The first part

The first part is about ‘what determines your success and failures’ What you need to be successful is there within you- the giant within you. The outer and materialistic things will follow.

The second part

The second part is about taking control over whatsoever.


With positive mindset, asking yourself the right questions, your values, rules and beliefs and most importantly your standards.

The third part

The third part is about reshaping and re-constructing your life in mere 7 days. Tony Robbins wants you yo work on your emotional and physical destiny while also working on human relations- the ones close to you.

Consider it as a 7 day rehab camp but in the form of a book- trust me, readers don’t need anything else in life.

The fourth part

The fourth part in the book awaken the giant within is about the importance of taking risk. Author narrates an anecdote about a brave man who put his life on the edge to save the lives of some dolphins who were being killed and neglected. Why? Just because some sailors on the ways wanted to hunt the Tuna fish!

What to learn from the book?

Before even getting into what to learn from awaken the giant within- the book, I would first love to share what I learnt from this 500 paged book.


In everything you do. Reading a huge book is a difficult task and people tend to get saturated and let go of the book in the middle. Reading this book consistently will help you develop the habit of reading consistently.

Coming to what you will and should learn from the book-

  • “Controlled focus is like a laser beam that can cut through anything that seems to be stopping you.”
  • your will power- if you truly decide to, there is nothing that can stop from succeeding in a particular task.
  • Believing and staying loyal to yourself and your reasons, rules and beliefs.
  • Finding your flaws and mistakes and working on them.

What Do I Think Of “Awaken The Giant Within”?

Now, remember I said the book is MIRACULOUS?

The book is miraculous because of its ease and practicality. The ease of reading the book, the simple words and the remodeling plan- all are gracious! All the points and tips are explained in a lucid way and easy language which compelled me to read it even further.

I loved how this whole journey of me reading this book felt like a seminar and a self-help program and workshop.

Ratings For “Awaken The Giant Within”

I would give this book a 5/5 start ratings!

Awaken The Giant Within is well written, well organized and a very well explained book- having basic yet revolutionary ideas and methods.

Starting from the scratch, aiming for the sky.

Should you read the book? | Reader’s Verdict For Awaken The Giant Within

Yes, definitely. You MUST read this book once in a lifetime for a change in perspective and positive outlook in life. The book is life changing if you follow the regime give in this book. What more to say? Go and read this book. Totally worth your money and more importantly your time.

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