13 Best Halloween Books For Toddlers

top 13 halloween books to read for toddlers

Halloween season is coming and I’m more excited to buy new books related to Halloween than the festivity itself! That’s just how it goes for readers like me. Reading spooky books during Halloween is another level of fun, but don’t you think we should share this fun with the younger generation? These days, kids aren’t into reading because they aren’t introduced to books from the very beginning.

As the nerdy reader that I am, I always like to see people around me read. It makes me feel ecstatic to see people around me feel the joy of reading, even if someone is a young toddler! Yes, I even make toddlers around me read small texts or easy and pictorial books, and I even sometimes read out to them for them to listen and enjoy.

Reading is a healthy habit for toddlers and it helps build their cognitive ability, but it is also true that kids these days learn to use a mobile phone before learning to read. It can be solved by introducing them to the genre of books they’ll most likely find interesting and engaging. They adopt reading as a habit from the very beginning and what other niche is better to start for toddlers than some Halloween Books.

I’ve read many Halloween books out to young kinds of my society and I found a few of them particularly beneficial and fun for them. Let me share them with you as well.

13 Halloween Books For Toddlers

Here are the 13 books I would recommend you to make your toddlers read or to read out them.

1. Creepy Carrots!

creepy carrots

Creepy Carrots! is a humorous children’s literature book written by Aaron Reynolds in 2012.

This book is about Jasper, the rabbit who loves to eat carrots from Crackenhopper Field as they are the crispiest. He eats them whenever he passes by that field, but suddenly those carrots started creeping him out as he began to seeing and hearing those carrots anywhere and everywhere he went.

2. Pick A Pumpkin

pick a pumpkin

Pick A Pumpkin is a fictional book written by Patricia Toht in 2019.

It is a sweet short book about the ritual of making a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. From picking up a perfect pumpkin to the final lighting of a candle inside it for transforming it into a lantern, everything is mentioned in this book in a fun way for our young toddlers to enjoy.

3. Ten Timid Ghosts

ten timid ghosts

Ten Timid Ghosts is a fictional ghost storybook written by Jennifer O’Connell in 2000.

This little storybook is a fun way to help young kids learn to count. In this book, ten timid ghosts live in a haunted house together, but now they are in trouble as a witch has moved into that house. It means that now the ghosts have to leave the house one by one and children can learn to count as the spirits leave the house.

4. Halloween Is Coming

halloween is coming

Halloween Is Coming is a children’s literature book written in 2021 by Cal Everett.

It is a rhythmic book based purely on the festivity of Halloween. Here, a group of children is celebrating Halloween with full enthusiasm, and their activities include making jack-o-lanterns, preparing their Halloween costumes, and asking for candies. This book also familiarises the young readers with some supernatural characters.

5. Even Monsters Need Haircut

even monsters need haircuts

Even Monsters Need Haircut is a humorous fictional book written by Matthew McElligott in 2010.

It is a fun book about monsters having haircuts. A barber stays till late at night, past his work time, and has regular but not-so-usual clients. His clients are usually monsters and giants, as someone has to take care of their grooming.

6. The Spooky Smells Of Halloween

the spooky smells of halloween

Written by Mary Man-Kong in 2005, The Spooky Smells Of Halloween is a children’s literature book.

This book is about Little Scammy and his friends enjoying Halloween to their best by bobbling for apples, going trick-or-treating for Halloween treats, and eating scary-shaped cookies. This book can prove to be a fun and joyful book for very young children when read out to them.

7. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat!

there was a woman who swallowed a bat

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bad! is a humorous fictional book written by Lucille Colandro in 2002.

This book is a part of the author’s ‘There Was An Old Lady’ collection, where the old lady swallows different things in different books. In this one, the woman is eating a bat. It is a little scary Halloween-themed book, but it will surely keep our toddlers engaged.

8. Ten Little Mummies

ten little mummies

Ten Little Mummies is a fictional book written by Philip Yates in 2003.

As the name suggests, this book is about ten mummies who are bored of staying in the same pyramid room for so long. They decide to go out in the world, but they start disappearing one by one when they do. It’s a book that will the little one guessing, what happened next?

9. Happy Halloween, Stinky Face

happy halloween, stinky face

Happy Halloween, Stinky Face is a fictional book written in 2007 by Lisa Mccourt.

This story is about Stinky Face, who is getting ready for Halloween and has a lot of things in his mind that could go wrong when he’s out there trick-or-treating, but his mama knows that he will have a great time.

10. Inside A House That Is Haunted

inside a house that is haunted

Written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Inside A House That Is Haunted is a 1998 published fictional book.

It is a funny book that contains ghosts, spiders, owls, skeletons, monsters, and many other creatures, in a haunted house who accidentally and hilariously keep on scaring each other.

11. Skeleton Hiccups!

skeleton hiccups

Skeleton Hiccups! is a humorous ghost storybook written by Margery Cuyler in 2002.

It is a hilarious ghost story with a skeleton ghost as the protagonist. He is annoyed because of his hiccups and tries almost every possible treatment to get rid of them. Will he be able to stop his hiccups?

12. The Very Worst Monster

the worst monster ever

Written in 1985, The Very Worst Monster is a fictional book written by Pat Hutchins.

This book is about a monster, Billy, upon whose birth, his father exclaimed that he would become the worst monster ever, but his sister, Hazel, proves to be the worst monster one could ever encounter.

13. Maisy’s Halloween

maisy's halloween

Maisy’s Halloween is a children’s literature book written in 2004 by Lucy Cousins.

It is a board book where toddlers can develop their creative skills as well. This book’s protagonist Maisy the mouse needs a perfect Halloween outfit and the young readers are going to help her find that. She also has Charley, Eddie, Cyril, and Tallulah, who want to dress up as lovely as Maisy.


These were some of the Halloween books that I found perfect for the young ones around us. They aren’t spooky to scare them away but, at the same time, aren’t too dull and plain as well.

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