15 Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Best Apps for Speed Reading

The ability to read quickly is crucial. It will boost your self-assurance, particularly in social settings, and open doors to better chances in your professional and personal lives. Here, we will talk about a few best speed reading apps 2023 that will serve the purpose.

Apps help in making one’s reading speed faster. You can try the traditional way of tracking time with your watch while you read. It may also help, but apps, especially those mentioned below, work wonders. Trust me. They’re self-tested!

We can read more quickly with the aid of speed reading apps without affecting reading comprehension. Some programs for speed reading even let you keep tabs on your development. Being a quick read is helpful when there is so much reading and so little time to accomplish it.

I’m sure you’re waiting to elevate your reading time. Well, wait no more. Scroll down to get what you came for! Here is a list of the best speed reading apps rank-wise.

Best Apps for Speed Reading (Ranked) 2023

#1. Blinkist

Blinkist | Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Available on: Android, iOS

Pricing: Free

Age Rating: 16+

In a 15-minute format you may read or listen to, Blinks distills and compiles the most significant and useful core concepts from nonfiction books. You can pick up information on numerous subjects more quickly. You can read a summary of a meditation book in a few minutes instead of devoting a month to it.

Bedtime Biographies immerses you in the worlds of influential people and change-makers through engrossing storytelling and stimulating sound design. A Blink may often be read in less than 15 minutes. It takes a little longer to listen to a Blink, but for those who want to learn more quickly, you can accelerate the reads to 2.0X.

#2. Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer

Acceleread | Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Available on: iOS

Pricing: Free

Age Rating: 18+

One of the best tools for instruction is the speed reading app Acceleread, which is accessible on iTunes. Users of this speed reading app learn how to read more quickly and effectively. It offers a systematic, graded speed reading course that accounts for students’ reading ability and the level they hope to reach.

The Accelerated speed reading app determines the user’s starting reading rate after installation and activation and then places him in the appropriate course level as a step to develop reading skills.

Acceleread includes many lessons, training materials, and activities to improve your skills. It is a carefully thought-out, individually tailored program to speed up reading within 10 days significantly. With the help of the primary speed reading test tool, users will always be aware of their reading rate.

The ability to import your own DRM-free epub books for use as training materials or to be read with any of the app’s speed reading capabilities is a feature of this read-faster software that is quite helpful.

#3. Accelerator

Accelerator app | Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Available on: iOS

Pricing: Free

Age Rating: 9+

Accelerator is a fantastic tool for increasing reading speed. The user-friendly interface and several useful tools can help break unhealthy reading habits. From the web and compatible apps, you may browse and store content. There are three topics to make reading easier for you.

A customized typeface is used in this speed reading software to enhance the reading experience. You may also access and read articles from Pocket and Instapaper with this. You can share your favorite articles with your pals on Facebook, Twitter, and other apps, which is also true.

#4. Spreeder

Spreeder App | Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows

Pricing: $9 onwards

Age Rating: 4+

In addition to cutting-edge speed reading software, Spreeder has many professional training materials available to its users. By giving you access to a tool you can customize to speed read at a comfortable pace, along with guided training and progress reports, Spreeder helps you advance your reading skills as quickly and effectively as possible.

This app is meant to help you learn how to read three or more times faster than your normal reading rate.

With this speed reading app, you may sync your account between your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the website. You can also download books you already own from the cloud using them. They also offer a fantastic tracking system that allows you to observe your advancement.

Although the online and mobile apps are free, upgrading to Spreeder CX will provide access to more sophisticated training and features.

#5. ReadMe!

Reradme! App | Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Available on: Android, iOS

Pricing: in-app offers

Age Rating: 18+

You may save and sync your favorite ebooks on your iOS or Android device using the e-reader app ReadMe! It has two integrated special fast reading programs called Spritz and BeeLine Reader. Each line of text in BeeLine Reader has a color gradient added to its color-coded speed reading strategy.

Reading more quickly and with less strain on your eyes is made possible by the color gradient, which directs your eyes from the end of one line of text to the start of the next. With Spritz, you can read a word at a time at a specific WPM rate (similar to the Spreeder tool).

The creators of Spritz assert that the tool can help you read at a rate of up to 1,000 words per minute since it was created to reduce eye movement, which can account for as much as 80% of the time you spend reading. In addition to the Bee Line Reader style, ReadMe! also uses the RSVP style. Color coding allows you to learn to read with the Bee Line Reader at 2-3 times faster speeds than your typical reading speed.

You can sync ReadMe! Between your tablet and phone. One unique feature is a typeface that makes reading easier for those with reading problems like dyslexia. This speed reading tool also supports the ePub and pdf file formats.

#6. Outread

OutRead | Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Available on: iOS

Pricing: Free

Age Rating: 9+

You can read websites, ebooks, and papers more quickly than you ever imagined, thanks to Outread. It employs techniques that function by keeping your eyes fixed on little text passages at a time. It works with the following file types: ePub, PDF, DOC, RTF, and TXT formats without DRM.

Even after fully comprehending the words, your eyes frequently travel back to read them. The method of highlighting teaches your eyes to scan the material more quickly. It establishes a rhythm, reducing the number of pointless hops and interruptions.

#7. REaD EyE

Read Eye app | Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Available on: iOS

Pricing: Free

Age Rating: 4+

According to some, the best speed reading software is Read Eye, a free speed reading app that aims to make the reading text as simple as possible. This speed reading program may be used by copying content from any website or webpage onto your phone or iPad and then using the app to read more quickly.

After doing so, you can read the text as it scrolls over the screen at the speed you like. Although this rapid reading app’s only goal is to assist users in reading text more quickly, it also encourages users to get faster readers as they get used to the speed at which word moves across the screen.

This fast-reading app aims to assist users in developing their capacity for reading content quickly or at least at various speeds. It is accomplished by having text scroll over the user’s screen before them while allowing them to control the speed by swiping left or right.

#8. ReadLax

ReadLax app | Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Available on: Android, iOS

Pricing: Free (along with in-app offers)

Age Rating: 4+

You should visit this site to play online games and exercise your brain. The memory exercises last for seven minutes at a time and improve reading speed, focus, and peripheral vision. You can monitor your development with the use of understanding and speed tests. Several languages are supported in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian.

#9. AceReader

AceReader App

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows

Pricing: $69

Age Rating: 8+

The popular AceReader instructor, which has an iOS and Android version available in the cloud, was created by Stepware. Users of this program get access to methods and exercises supported by scientific research, setting it apart from other speed-reading apps available on the market.

The key is to develop your fast reading skills. In addition, you can use the app’s reading mode setting to read eBooks, articles, and web content. One of those cloud-based fast-reading apps is AceReader. It stands out from the competition because it was designed as an extensive trainer for mobile platforms and includes drills and simple games.

#10. Reedy Reader

Reedy App

Available on: Android

Pricing: In-app offers

Age Rating: 4+

Using this software, you can read books, articles, documents, and web pages quickly and comfortably. Normal reading, speed reading, and text-to-speech settings are available. RSVP, or Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, is used by Reedy.

As you scroll across lines and down the screen, the speed reading software magnifies the individual words quickly to boost the “speed of comprehension of every single word.” You choose your preferred speed and provide the link for your ebook, article, blog, etc.

#11. Focus

Focus App | Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Available on: iOS

Pricing: Free

Age Rating: 18+

this software trains you for faster reading using the rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) technique. Its stated maximum speed of 1,000 wpm is rather ambitious. With a built-in web browser, you can navigate any website. This software also functions on the Apple Watch if reading on your wrist appeals to you.

Other than that, this speed-reading app’s functionality, architecture, and user interface are fairly simple.

#12. QuickReader

Quick reader |Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Available on: iOS

Pricing: $4.99

Age Rating: 9+

Most speed reading apps discussed here concentrate on various text types, whereas QuickReader only concentrates on the books you already own. Of the different books, the program may help you add to your library. While QuickReader is compatible with books you own, you can access over 9,500 books through the app, including self-help books and modern classics.

The app now supports several generations of the iPad and iPhone. In addition, the user can completely customize the UI, which many simple speed-reading apps lack.

#13. Syllable

Syllable App

Available on: iOS

Pricing: $2.99

Age Rating: 4+

Syllable is comparable to other speed reading applications we’ve examined based on its features. Syllable speeds up the subvocalization process so that words appear on your screen more rapidly, keeping your reading pace smooth and giving you time to process what you just saw.

Another important feature of Syllable is its usability; similar to Outread, it offers interchangeable fonts, pacing, and general formats, substantially improving the user experience. There is also a night mode available for those of us who have trouble falling asleep and choose to stay up late reading.

#14. Spreed.Me

Spreed.me Crome Extention

Available on: Google Chrome (extension)

Pricing: Free

Age Rating:14+

With the browser extension Spreed, you can read more quickly using the rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) method. It is intended to reduce subvocalization and regression while increasing your speed. You can take a speed test on their website that also assesses understanding.

#15. Spritz

Spritz App

Available on: Android, iOS

Pricing: Free

Age Rating:17+

The software Spritz shows you text one word at a time and gets its name from the quick reading technique it employs. When you read a word, your eyes are said to fixate on the important red letter that is highlighted in the word. They assert this prompts the brain to recognize and understand its significance swiftly.

Your “Optimal Recognition Point” is the word’s highlighted first letter, according to them. The information may then be read, understood, and remembered without requiring you to move your eyes.

Conclusion| 15 Best Speed Reading Apps 2023

Good and efficient reading is crucial in the personal, social, intellectual, and professional spheres of life. Therefore, we must use practical strategies to enhance reading abilities. Speed reading apps can help you read more quickly, enhancing your learning ability. Every reader should try out these speed-reading apps. It’ll help in one way or the other for sure.

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