Best 15 Books Publishing in July 2023

July 2023

It’s the hottest time of the year, and what better way to beat the heat than to curl up with a good book? There’s no other way, not for me, at least. We bring you a collection of books publishing in July 2023 that will take you to new worlds, touch your heart, and expand your mind.

It’s peak summertime, and the days are growing longer and warmer. I would rather die than leave my home in a dreadful heat like this. But what do I plan on doing the entire time while sitting in my house, you ask? Well, the same as I do every year. I was reading many amazing books and writing about them here for us to enjoy together!

The books scheduled to publish in July 2023 seem so captivating just by their names and covers; I can’t wait for them! There is “The Summer Girl,” “The Summer of Songbirds,” “The Summer Skies,” and so many more. So many “summer” books, right? Well, what else do you expect from the hot month of July?

Excited much? Well, you should be, as what’s about to come is amazing! Keep scrolling and enjoy!

15 Books Publishing in July 2023

1. The Prince & The Apocalypse

The Prince & The Apocalypse | Books Publishing in July 2023

Full Title: The Prince & The Apocalypse

Author: Kara McDowell

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 11 July 2023


Stuck in London, an American girl must join forces with the British Crown Prince to return to her homeland before the end of time in this fun, high-flying romantic comedy. When life as we know it comes to an end in a matter of days, can a happy ending be found?

2. The Summer Girl

The Summer Girl | Books Publishing in July 2023

Full Title: The Summer Girl

Author: Elle Kennedy

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 18 July 2023


Cassie is beautiful, funny, and, quite frankly, the most amazing person he’s ever met. He doesn’t want to risk her heart, so he doesn’t hesitate to put her in a friend zone, only to find out he’s made a big mistake. But soon, his crush on Cassie becomes undeniable.

3. The Summer of Songbirds

The Summer of Songbirds  | Books Publishing in July 2023

Full Title: The Summer of Songbirds

Author: Kristy Woodson Harvey

Genre: Southern Fiction

Publishing Date: 11 July 2023


The story of four women on a mission to save their once-in-a-lifetime summer camp, uncover old secrets, rekindle camp flames, and rediscover themselves. “The Summer of Songbirds” is a captivating and memorable narrative of female companionship, summertime liberation, and long-lasting sisterhood—as well as a love letter to the people and places that define us.

4. The Summer Skies

The summer skies | Books Publishing in July 2023

Full Title: The Summer Skies

Author: Jenny Colgan

Genre: Romance novel

Publishing Date: 11 July 2023


Morag is about to make a big change when an unexpected bumpy landing in a storm leaves her stranded on Inchborn Island. It’s an island that’s totally off the grid, with only one other person living there: Gregor, an ornithologist visiting from Glasgow who could be just the person to help her chart her course.

5. Cutting Teeth

Cutting Teeth  | Books Publishing in July 2023

Full Title: Cutting Teeth: A Novel

Author: Chandler Baker

Genre: Psychological Fiction

Publishing Date: 18 July 2023


Darby and Mary Beth are on a mission to regain the parts of their lives that motherhood took away, like their careers, sex life, and bodies. But their kids start to mess with their plans when a medical issue affects the Little Academy preschool – they cry for blood. Then a teacher is found dead, and the only people who could have been involved in the incident are ten four-year-old kids.

Pretty soon, it’s clear that the kids aren’t just witnesses – they’re suspects too. As the police start to investigate, the kids’ ability to make their parents bleed becomes serious.

6. I’d Rather Burn Than Bloom

I'd Rather Burn Than Bloom

Full Title: I’d Rather Burn Than Bloom

Author: Shannon C. F. Rogers

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 11 July 2023


This heartfelt novel follows a Philippine-American teenager, Marisol Martin, as she struggles to come to terms with her mother’s death. The narrative shifts between the events of the book’s title, ‘Then’ and ‘Now,’ as the protagonist navigates the complexities of her relationship with her mother and the resulting guilt that follows her mother’s passing.

7. The Sunset Crowd

The Sunset Crowd  | Books Publishing in July 2023

Full Title: The Sunset Crowd

Author: Karin Tanabe

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: 4 July 2023


Bea is a Manhattan blueblood turned West Coast hippie. She is the glue that holds Evra’s Sunset crew together and she is also Kai’s oldest friend. She has a secret flame for him that dates back to their time at an exclusive Swiss boarding school, but in Hollywood, nothing lasts forever.

8. The Sweetest Revenge

The Sweetest revenge  | Books Publishing in July 2023

Full Title: The Sweetest Revenge

Author: Lizzy Dent

Genre: Romance novel

Publishing Date: 13 June 2023


Amy’s story isn’t just about one night of drinking and smashing her boss’ Audi. She’s been awesome for 30 years. Every morning she drives to her boring job making trailers for a struggling British TV channel.

Sparks fly between her and her new neighbor, Jake, and she’s entered a competition that could help her career and bring her and Jake closer together. But then her old flame who ruined her life gets hired as her boss, and her past and present collide in an epic, hilarious way.

9. A Guide to the Dark

A Guide to the Dark

Full Title: A Guide to the Dark

Author: Meriam Metoui

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 18 July 2023


When two best friends get stuck on a spring break college tour, they end up at a random motel in nowhere Indiana called Wildwood Motel. Mira has a nagging feeling that there’s something off about their room, and when she wakes up, her brother’s still there, but Layla can’t see him.

Neither can anyone else notices anything out of the ordinary about Room 9, but when eight people die in the same room, it’s clear that there’s a connection between these deaths and the unexplained things that keep happening in the room. All they have to do is figure out how Mira was the ninth.

10. The Weaver and the Witch Queen

The Weaver and the Witch Queen

Full Title: The Weaver and the Witch Queen

Author: Genevieve Gornichec

Genre: Romantic fantasy

Publishing Date: 25 July 2023


When Gunnhild and Oddny meet as kids in 10th-century Norway, they couldn’t be more different – Oddny wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life; Gunnhild is obsessed with power and wants to escape her wicked mother. But when a wise woman makes a terrible prophecy about them, Oddny and her sister Signy swear an oath to each other that they’ll always be there for each other.

Two women’s lives collide – one is just trying to save her sister, and the other is a witch destined to be the queen of Norway. This is a magical, powerful novel about Viking Age history and myth.

11. Sunshine Nails

Sunshine Nails

Full Title: Sunshine Nails

Author: Mai Nguyen

Genre: Humorous Fiction

Publishing Date: 4 July 2023


Debbie and Phil, Vietnamese refugees living in Toronto, have established a successful nail salon for their family. However, when a chain of ultra-glam nail salons opens across the street from their establishment, their landlord raises the rent, causing them to lose their business and all they have worked for.

They enlist the assistance of their daughter Jessica, who has recently returned home after a difficult breakup and firing, as well as their son Dustin and niece Thuy, to devise a plan of sabotage.

As the situation escalates, relationships are strained, and the boundaries between right and wrong become blurred. Ultimately, Debbie and Phil must decide whether to protect their family or fight for their nail salon.

12. Beyond the Story

Beyond the Story

Full Title: Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS

Author: Myeongseok Kang

Genre: Biography

Publishing Date: 9 July 2023


All the BTS armies here, look what we have! Through interviews and over three years of detailed K-pop coverage in various media, BTS tells the story of their journey from before they debuted to the present in seven chapters. Their unique voices and perspectives blend to tell an honest, vivid, and deeply personal story. In one-on-one interviews without a camera and makeup, BTS explore their musical journey in more detail and discusses its importance.

13. Queen of Exiles

Queen of Exiles

Full Title: Queen of Exiles

Author: Vanessa Rile

Genre:  Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: 11 July 2023


The Queen of Exiles tells the story of the courageous and courageous Black woman who, in the aftermath of the Haitian Revolution, chooses to embrace Hayti’s fiery and idealistic politics and rebuild her life according to her standards, becoming, for all time, the Queen of Hayti.

The novel’s protagonist is Marie-Louis Christophe, the wife and subsequent widow of the late King Henry I.

14. Owner of a Lonely Heart

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Full Title: Owner of a Lonely Heart

Author: Beth Nguyen

Genre: Memoir

Publishing Date: 4 July 2023


This book is about parenthood, the absence of parenting, and the state of being a fugitive. It tells the story of Beth’s relationship with her mother through a series of visits over many years—sometimes short, sometimes interminable, sometimes alone, sometimes with her sister, and sometimes with her mother.

Beth’s memoir tells the story of her Midwestern childhood, the first time she met her mother, and her coming of age as a parent.

15. Immortal Longings

Immortal Longings

Full Title: Immortal Longings

Author: Chloe Gong

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Publishing Date: 18 July 2023


Every year, hundreds of thousands of people travel to the capital twin city of San-Er, where the palace stages a series of deadly combat games. Contestants who believe they can jump from one body to another can enter a life-or-death struggle for untold riches.

Conclusion| Best 15 Books to Read in July 2023

As we anxiously wait for July 2023 to arrive, we are on the brink of a literary paradise. These 15 books coming out this month are guaranteed to get us excited, think, and immerse us in amazing stories. Let’s wait together!

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