Most Awaited Book Releases in March 2022 You Must Read

Most Awaited Book Releases in March 2022 You Must Read

Most Awaited Book Releases in March 2022: Time really flies. It’s March 2022 already, within the blink of an eye. And, as usual, year changes but what doesn’t s that with every passing day, month, or year, new books with new concepts are coming out. March 2022 is no exception, obviously. And just like every time, we have to look up books in advance so that we can be ready to crash those bookstores once these books get out. Here, we will see a few of the many amazing books that are scheduled to be released in March of this year.

I still remember reading all those amazing books these past months. I’ve been reading really aggressively these days I must say and I plan on keeping on increasing the number of books I read each month. I am already excited about all the books that are going to be released, just by reading a brief description about them. With every passing year, the standard these books are setting is getting higher and higher.

March is not a month that’s liked by many people, especially the students and many of them have their examinations going on around this time. It’s basically considered a stressful time so all the books that I’m going to discuss here can serve as stress busters for us all readers and help us regain our energy. The plot followed by each and every book feels familiar yet fresh to read. It’s going to be a whole package!

Without chit-chatting more, let’s just get you all into what you guys actually came for. Some amazing books you guys have to check out for March 2022.

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Most Awaited Book Releases in March 2022

Though there are literally tons of books scheduled to be released in the month of March this year, these few were the ones that especially caught my eye. Let’s check them out together.

1. Four Aunties and a Wedding

four aunties and a wedding book cover

Full Title: Four Aunties and a Wedding

Author: Jesse Q. Sutanto

Publishing Date: 29 March 2022

Genre: Romance


Meddy has the perfect wedding in mind. The love of her life, Nathan, as the perfect groom, a perfect dress, and a perfect wedding venue at Christ Church College, Oxford. Also, the plus point is that the fact she’s having a destination wedding means that she doesn’t have to invite her extended family. She can’t wait to get married and settle down, especially after getting away with a murder, a literal one. Her wedding will surely be memorable and some people are there to make sure of it.

As her four meddling aunties get involved, we know that the wedding will be anything but quiet. But at least there will be no dead bodies this time. Right??

2. By Any Other Name

by any other name book cover

Full Title: By Any Other Name

Author: Lauren Kate

Publishing Date: March 2022

Genre: Contemporary Fiction


Lanie’s life is going great. She is a successful romance editor, a job which she’s killing, and a perfect fiance who fits into her list of around ninety-nine expectations. She’s all good to go with her life. At least that is what she thought. But not for long as she got an offer of one’s lifetime: to meet up and work with Noa Callaway, the world’s most renowned author as well as Lanie’s inspiration in love. All she has to do is cure his block and grab that promotion she’s been aiming for. Sounds simple but isn’t.

This storm in disguise shakes up Lanie’s world in such a way that she doesn’t see her perfectly going life the same anymore. As she shuns off her ninety-nine expectations that she’s been holding on to, she discovers other forms of the sweetness of love.

3. Always Jane

always jane book cover

Full Title: Always Jane

Author: Jenn Bennet

Publishing Date: 29 March 2022

Genre: Young-Adult Fiction


Jane Marlow is a chauffer’s daughter who grew up among the staff of an LA producer. Jane, along with her father, have to fly to Sierras to work at a major music festival. That is Jane’s favorite time of the year as she has had a long-time crush on Eddie, the oldest son of the Sarafian family who hosts the festival.

A long-distance romance is sparked between them but it is soon interfered by Fen, Eddie’s brother. Fen, ousted from the family, is all into Jane and can go to any extent to sabotage his brother to aim for Jane’s heart. Will Jane be able to patch her relationship with Eddie or the things will be messed up with the inclusion of Fen. It surely will be interesting how life turns out for them.

4. Being Mary Bennet

being mary bennet book cover

Full Title: Being Mary Bennet

Author: J.C. Peterson

Publishing Date: 15 March 2022

Genre: Young-Adult Fiction


In our lives, there’s someone whom we all want to be like. If we talk about female readers, we all want to be like Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice. But discovering that we’re not who we’ve been our whole life is the worst and that’s exactly what Marnie Barnes discovered, that she is Mary Bennet instead. Devastated, she sets to reinvent herself and in the process, becomes a better version of herself. Not Mary, not Lizzy. Just the simple Marnie, but better. With sharp tones, meet-cutes, family revelations, comedy, problems, affairs, friendships, and whatnot, this book is one of the first books I’m going to read.

5. And They Lived…

and they lived... book cover

Full Title: And They Lived…

Author: Steven Salvotore

Publishing Date: 8 March 2022

Genre: Young-Adult Fiction


A budding animator and hopeless romantic, Chase Arthur, is crazy obsessed with finding his true love but his head is all messed up. He wants to love and to be loved but he has this thing in his mind that keeps on telling him that he isn’t enough for anyone. This thought comes from the fact that he is still recovering from an eating disorder and also, he is yet to figure out his gender identity. He is now to navigate away from his home for college as he is now a freshman.

Now, he has even more problems like missing his home and his sister, and finding a squad to hang out with. He crossed paths with Jack Reid, a pragmatic poet who has also not figured out his sexuality yet. Chase shuns everything away for him but Jack is a little reluctant. Moreover, there are people ready to destroy this barely started relationship. How will this turn out to be?

6. The Book of Living Secrets

the book of living secrets book cover

Full Title: The Book of Living Secrets

Author: Madeleine Roux

Publishing Date: 8 March 2022

Genre: Young-Adult Fiction


Adelle and Connie, two best friends who are each other’s polar opposites. But no matter how much differences they have in their characters, their love for the gothic romance novel Moira is the same. They are totally obsessed with it so when a mysterious man tempts them into entering the world of the book, they agree quickly, thinking that it can hardly be true. But they were wrong.

Now, they are inside the book, along with the characters they have been going crazy over. But somehow the world of Moira isn’t how they know it to be. Everything is upside down. The star-crossed lovers and their affairs have been turned into horrifying episodes. These girls now have to write their own story arcs in order to escape this living nightmare with their bodies still intact.

7. Nine Lives

nine lives book cover

Full Title: Nine Lives

Author: Peter Swanson

Publishing Date: 15 March 2022

Genre: Suspense


Receiving letter feels like one of the most beautiful things, especially in today’s times. You might feel the same but after you read this book, you might not feel the same about letters again. When someone talks about letters, it is often related with lovers expressing their love towards each other but what if I tell you that you can meet your death through one? This is exactly what happens in this book. A simple, normal looking envelope drops by the mail to nine people, completely strangers. They open it just to fine one name in it, their own.

It is the weirdest letter they’ve ever received and also, the last as each of them meets their end one by one. But what is the cause behind it?

8. One Italian Summer

one italian summer book cover

Full Title: One Italian Summer

Author: Rebecca Serle

Publishing Date: March 2022

Genre: Fiction


This is one of a kind novel that involves heartbreak but not even a single romantic arc. This is a novel about the love and understanding between a mother and a daughter. Carol was not just Katy’s mother but also her best friend and her go-to person who would have every answer. But not that Katy needs her the most, she isn’t there. Katy is now on the Amalfi coast where she starts to feel her mother’s spirit.

Katy feels her presence and not long after, Carol appears in full flesh, as a thirty-year-old woman. Katy doesn’t have a clue what’s happening but all she knows is that she has got her mother back. But this thirty years old Carol is not what Katy knows her to be. Now, Katy needs to reconcile this thirty-year-old clueless woman with her mother who knew everything.

Conclusion| Most Awaited Book Releases in March 2022 You Must Read

I am totally in love with these books and they have not even been released yet which is making me curious beyond imagination. I am so very excited to read that can’t be explained in words. I am pretty sure you guys also found them interesting and maybe already picked out a favorite too! Well let’s see which one of these are your favourite and do let us know in the comments what would you rate them.

Also, since we’re in the course of waiting, let’s discover something for which we do not have to wait:

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