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Daniel Silva

Many of the thrill-seeking readers out there must be familiar with Daniel Silva’s books. He is a best-selling American novelist who creates fascinating tales, many of which connect to some intriguing spy tales he frequently creates. Here, in this article, we will talk about some fantastic Daniel Silva books that one must read.

Does one need to read his books in order? No, although I advise that you go back and read the books in order after you’ve finished one. 

  • The Unlikely Spy, the first book, is an independent World War II spy thriller. 
  • The Mark of the Assassin and, 
  • The Marching Season, 

Books #2 and #3 are spy thrillers starring Michael Osbourne, an American CIA agent. 

  • The Gabriel Allon series consists of books 4 through 17. The Kill Artist is the series’ first episode, which goes on until The New Girl.

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Top 12 Daniel Silva Books to Read

Daniel Silva is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked authors of the past 100 years, enjoying both economic success and critical recognition. Any reader of crime fiction would adore Silva’s thriller and espionage books, which are among the greatest. If you’re a big reader, there’s no reason not to check out his work because it has endearing characters and strong storytelling.

1. A Death in Vienna

A Death in Vienna | Daniel Silva Books

Full Title: A Death in Vienna

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 12th November 2003


Gabriel Allon, an art restorer and occasional spy, is dispatched to Vienna to investigate an explosion that seriously injured an old friend, but while there, he comes across something that completely upends his worldview. It is a face, a visage that he instantly recognises as being uncomfortably familiar.

Allon will discover a portrait of evil while desperately looking for answers that spans thousands of lives over sixty years — as well as into his own personal nightmares.

2. The English Spy

The English Spy | Daniel Silva Books

Full Title: The English Spy

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 30th June 2015


With seventeen intelligent and intriguing spy novels that transport readers from the United States to Europe, Russia to the Middle East, and everywhere in between, master storyteller Daniel Silva has enthralled readers for decades.

His clever hero, Gabriel Allon, a spy, assassin, and art restorer, has joined the pantheon of legendary fictional secret agents, including Simon Templar, Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan, George Smiley, and Jack Ryan.

3. Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Portrait of an Unknown Woman | Daniel Silva Books

Full Title: Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Suspense

Publishing Date: 19th July 2022


A compelling tale of fraud in the field of fine international art. Gabriel Allon, a restorer, and snoop set out on a dangerous quest across Europe to discover the truth about the fake masterpiece from the 17th century that has deceived experts and changed hands for millions of dollars.

With this beautiful new book, best-selling novelist Daniel Silva follows up his critically acclaimed #1 New York Times bestsellers The Cellist, The Order, and The New Girl.

4. Portrait of a Spy

Full Title: Portrait of a Spy

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Suspense

Publishing Date: 2011


This novel was intended to be the beginning of a romantic weekend in London for Gabriel Allon and his wife, Chiara.

However, nothing is ever that easy when you’re a covert assassin or spy. Gabriel gets sucked back into international espionage and intrigue after he cannot stop a suicide bombing attack on Covent Garden.

Gabriel Allon is engaged in a life-or-death struggle with a cunning mass murderer on the streets of New York and London, as well as the harsh terrain of the Saudi desert, and he dare not to lose.

5. The Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel | Daniel Silva Books

Full Title: The Fallen Angel

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Adventure fiction

Publishing Date: 2012


Gabriel Allon, the errant son of Israeli intelligence, has sought refuge inside the Vatican walls where he is restoring one of Caravaggio’s most famous works after narrowly escaping his most recent mission.

Monsignor Luigi Donati, His Holiness Pope Paul VII’s all-powerful personal secretary, summons him to St. Peter’s Basilica early in the morning as a lovely woman’s body is broken beneath the gorgeous dome created by Michelangelo. Gabriel thinks differently from the suicide theory put forward by the Vatican police. It appears that Donati feels the same way.

However, the monsignor asks Gabriel to privately look into the matter with one condition because he fears that a public investigation may cause the church to suffer yet another scandal.

Gabriel discovers that the deceased woman has found a sinister truth that threatens a worldwide criminal organization stealing priceless antique treasures and selling them to the highest bidder. But this network is not merely motivated by greed.

An act of sabotage that will cause the world to enter a war of cataclysmic proportions is being planned by an unknown agent.

6. Prince of Fire

Prince of Fire

Full Title: Prince of Fire

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Suspense

Publishing Date: 2005


Allon is back in Venice when a horrible explosion in Rome results in a startling personal discovery. There is a dossier in possession of terrorists that reveals his past and tears away his secrets.

Gabriel Allon finds himself stalking an elusive master terrorist across a landscape stained with generations of blood, along a trail that keeps turning inward, until, at last, he can no longer be sure who is stalking whom. Allon hastily returns home to Israel and is drawn into the heart of a service he had once abandoned.

When the inevitable clash finally occurs, Gabriel is not the only one who faces destruction because not just his history has been made public.

7. The Rembrandt Affair

The Rembrandt Affair

Full Title: The Rembrandt Affair

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 20th July 2010


Gabriel Allon and his stunning wife Chiara, of Venetian descent, have withdrawn to the windswept cliffs of Cornwall to break his links with the Office.

But the endearingly quirky London art dealer Julian Isherwood, a visitor from his convoluted past, interrupts his seclusion. Now Isherwood is having a problem, as usual. And only Gabriel can resolve it.

8. The Heist

The Heist

Full Title: The Heist

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Spy fiction

Publishing Date: 2014


When the Italian police makes an urgent call as art restorer and renowned spy, Gabriel Allon is in Venice. Justin Isherwood, an art dealer, is being held as a suspect after discovering a horrifying murder scene.

The deceased man was a secretive art thief who sold stolen works of art to an unidentified collector. To save his friend, Gabriel must find Caravaggio’s Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence, the most famous missing painting in history.

Gabriel’s assignment sends him on an exciting search that takes him from Marseilles and Corsica to Paris and Geneva and, finally, to a private bank in Austria where a deadly man watches over the illicit money of one of the world’s most terrible dictators.

9. The New Girl

The New Girl

Full Title: The New Girl

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Spy fiction

Publishing Date: 16th July 2019


The identity of the stunning girl with raven hair who travels to an elite private school in Switzerland every morning in a motorcade befitting a head of state is shrouded in mystery.

She is alleged to be a wealthy multinational businessman’s daughter. Her father is Saudi Arabia’s despised crown prince Khalid bin Mohammed.

He was once lauded for his audacious social and religious changes, but now he is despised for his part in the killing of a critical journalist. In addition, he turns to the one man he can rely on to recover his only child before it’s too late after she is cruelly abducted.

10. Moscow Rules

Moscow Rules

Full Title: Moscow Rules

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Crime fiction

Publishing Date: 2008


Moscow is not the same drab, gloomy city it was during the Soviet era, which is now drenched in oil money and clogged with armored Bentleys. But in the new Russia, the Kremlin is once more the seat of authority.

The ruling class’s critics face harsh repression. Additionally, a new generation of Stalinists is hatching plans to retake an empire and confront the U.S. Ivan Kharkov, an ex-KGB agent who created a financial empire out of the ruins of the Soviet Union, is one of those men.

He makes a portion of his money from selling weapons. And unless Israeli foreign intelligence agent Gabriel Allon can stop him, he is about to deliver Russia’s most advanced weapons to the most dangerous adversary of the United States.

Allon plays for time—and by Moscow rules—across boundaries from the Vatican City to St. Petersburg, Jerusalem to Washington, DC.

11. The Confessor

The Confessor

Full Title: The Confessor

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Suspense

Publishing Date: 2003


A Jewish academic is murdered in Munich. After hearing the news in Venice, Mossad agent and art restorer Gabriel Allon set down his brushes and left immediately.

While a powerful cardinal strategizes his next move, the new pope at the Vatican swears to find out the truth about the church’s response to the Holocaust.

The lives of millions are now forever changed as Allon pursues a trail of secrets and unthinkable deeds, and one man’s life is rendered expendable.

12. The Mark of the Assassin

The Mark of the Assassin

Full Title: The Mark of the Assassin

Author: Daniel Silva

Genre: Crime fiction

Publishing Date: 1998


The CIA rushes to find the culprits after a commercial airplane is destroyed midair off the East Coast. A corpse with three bullet wounds to the face is located close to the crash scene; this is the calling card of an infamous international assassin.

On a woman he once loved, only agent Michael Osbourne has ever seen the markings before. Now, Osbourne takes it personally. He is willing to put his family, his profession, and even his life in danger to settle a score because of his dark obsession with the assassin.

Final Words

The best thing about Daniel Silva’s books is that the few recurrent characters are the only significant connections between the volumes, so you can start reading the series at any moment. Additionally, each book’s characters are briefly introduced as the story develops.

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