Book Review: Wild Women and The Blues by Denny S. Bryce

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Do you love reading historical fiction novels? Well, considering your taste, I have come up with a novel and it’s an ideal book for lite historical book lovers with a multifaceted heroine. The novel is titled, ‘Wild Women and The Blues by Denny S. Bryce’. The book is narrated in two timeframes separated by over a century.

The first thing that drove me to read this book was its cover. I mean, have you looked at it? It was practically calling for me to come and read when I saw it online! I came to know that it’s the author’s debut novel, but I must tell you that it didn’t seem like it at all and was one of the best historical fictions I ever came across.

The story of this novel follows Sawyer Hayes who is a film student and has recently lost a close family member Honoree Dalcour who is 110 year old. The tale of Honoree started in Chicago when it was the jazz hub of the world and criminals threatened to rule the city while black people of that time went out to dance and mingle. As Honoree exposes her past to the young boy, it takes all in him to keep all those a secret.

I’m sure you might not have liked the story yet but I’m also 100% sure that once you read the article, you will be itching to read the whole story. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the book.

Wild Women and The Blues by Denny S. Bryce | Book Review

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About The Author | Denny S. Bryce

Denny S. Bryce was born in Uhrichsville, Ohio, United States. She has won accolades for her writing and has advanced to the RWA Golden Heart finals twice for her book Wild Women and the Blues.

Se is the former expert dancer and a public affairs expert who has spent more than two decades operating her marketing and event management agency. She also writes for NPR Books and FROLIC Media. She frequently speaks at author events and is a member of the Historical Novel Society, Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and Novelists, Inc.

She presently resides in Savannah, Georgia.

About the Book | Wild Women and The Blues by Denny S. Bryce

Full Title: Wild Women and the Blues

Author: Denny S. Bryce

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: 30th March 2021


As a chorus girl and a film student grapple with grief, tolerance, and affection in all its pleasure, anguish, and faults, two stories that are nearly a century apart converge in a moving and meticulously documented story of Jazz-age Chicago.

This story does a masterful job of fusing essential issues, such as prejudice, unemployment, and lawlessness. It also discusses the limitations of depression and situation of Black people throughout the Roaring Twenties and Sawyer’s era.

However, it is also a fun tale and features a crime story following the horrible murder of a Black man along with a shady affair between Honoree and a close friend.

Book Summary | Wild Women and The Blues by Denny S. Bryce

In 2015, film student Sawyer Hayes, who is still in shock following a heartbreaking loss that has brought him to the brink, visits 110-year-old Honoree Dalcour at her bedside. All of Sawyer’s faith is in this frail but strong woman, the last survivor of the great Oscar Micheaux. If she can fill in gaps in his study and he is correct, he might be able to finish his thesis and make a fresh start in his life. But he is surprised by the links Honoree provides.

The Dreamland Cafe was the fanciest black-and-tan club in town in 1925 when Chicago was the global jazz hub. Honoree Dalcour, daughter of a sharecropper who is ready to labour tirelessly and dance every night to succeed. Dreamland provides a way to a great life, where one can mingle with famous people like Oscar Micheaux and Louis Armstrong.

However, Chicago is also rife with criminals, illegal betting, and alcohol. Furthermore, an ambitious young lady can take risks above her capacity for loss.

Sawyer battles tenaciously to protect the secrets as Honoree slowly exposes her past. It’s a tale of bravery, aspiration, sizzling jazz, and forbidden desires. And as the past and the present collide, Honoree has one last right to be heard and seen clearly before it becomes too late, at any cost.

My Thoughts on Wild Women and The Blues by Denny S. Bryce

Wild Women and The Blues by Denny S. Bryce

One of the critical factors that caught my attention about this book was its lovely cover. Despite the shortcomings listed below, the author’s writing is generally rich and sophisticated while yet being accessible for a debut novel.

Honoree’s character was my favorite. She is a modern-day female pioneer driven, focused, and determined to forge her path in life due to the challenges she faced as a child. She decides to stay in the community and the life she’s made after seeing an important occurrence, notwithstanding its risk. She also acts honorably toward other characters throughout the book. She offers sanctuary, seeks redress, and makes demands for justifications.

Honoree, however, is not without faults. She frequently finds herself in precarious circumstances due to her obstinate determination and must rely on her lover and friends to save her. Her role is a compelling, well-rounded character altogether.

However, as she ages she becomes irritable, demanding and stubborn in her ways. The difference between the Honoree of 1925 and 2015 was immediately apparent. Usually, I like alternate timelines. However, I thought the 2015 timeline was utterly unnecessary in this case.

My Ratings For The Book

I would gladly rate this novel 3.8/5.

Final Words

The quest for a long-lost heritage and dazzling, glamorous Chicago is brilliantly portrayed in this story. The narrative not only takes place over several eras but also accurately captures each with all of its characteristics.

I personally thought the narrative was fantastic and strongly suggest reading it. Pick up this book if you enjoy reading historical fiction and modern stories that follow people’s lives.

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