11 Amazing Benefits of Speed Reading

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There is no harm in reading a book a week earlier than your target date. From improving your memory to a better practice of time management, other numerous benefits are lining up when you can read faster. So in this article I’m going to talk about eleven amazing benefits of speed reading.

I have yet to excel at speed reading, yet. But I can already find how useful it has been over the past few months of my reading journey. Being able to read faster than before, I have been able to remember a large number of things at a quicker rate than ever.

You’ll focus more on the text if you have to read faster. When you are attentive, your memory improves. Once you learn at a 2x rate than your peers, you will undoubtedly feel confident. Well, this is not where it stops.

There have been records in the history of speed reading at 2000 words per minute. Of course, it is not a curse to read at this rate. So what are the benefits? Let’s look into them.

11 Benefits of Speed Reading

Most of all, the benefits of speed reading can be achieved with consistent reading practice.

1. Improves Memory

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It is proven that reading improves memory capacity. This is because of the increased brain activity while we read. Our brain is kept active throughout the reading session. The most important function of our brain is memory.

Reading improves memory. When we speed read, we need to keep track of the storyline and what we read at a rate faster than usual. This is essentially training our brain to keep things in memory faster and longer.

As a result of this, there is a notable increase in the memory power of individuals who speed read.

2. Improves Focus

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We need to focus and be attentive to what we do. Nothing is impossible without that. Even if we talk about muscle memory and all that, there is a great role that is played by our concentration in bringing out what that task is supposed to do.

This applies to anything and everything, not only reading. When we speed read, we are forced to focus more, boosting the focus to a great level.

3. Read More in less Time

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We always look for ways that would make things quicker and easier. Who says no to something by which the work can be done in half the time? Who would ever say no to reading a whole novel in a week?

Speed reading is a great way to read much more in a very minimal amount of time. Proficient speed readers can read a whole novel in 4 to 5 days or so.

4. Logical Thinking

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All these connect to giving constant practice and training our brain to do things faster with improved concentration, eventually enhancing memory. It is obvious that we need to focus on reading faster when trying to speed read.

It means that the neurons inside our brain are fired faster than usual. Many parts of the brain get activated and excited whenever brain activity increases. Whenever the brain is happy and healthy, it does its work much better.

When you train your brain to read faster and be more active than usual, various parts of the brain are activated, resulting in improved brain cognizance.

5. Improves Self-Confidence

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When you know better, you act better. When you read more, you know more. You can read more only when you read faster. Speed reading is not only about reading all the words in a sentence simultaneously but also comprehending them simultaneously.

You can learn anything faster if you start speed reading. Speed readers are proven to learn languages quicker than an average reader. As speed reading improves your focus and memory, too, you will be able to remember much more than a normal person. You will know more. You will be more confident.

6. It Keeps You Mentally Happy

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We have already talked about how reading is a therapy. How would you prefer this therapy to be done less quickly than usual? When you read, you need to focus. When you speed read, you need to focus more.

Most times, you will be dragged deep into the book. As a result, your mind will revolve around the book and its contents rather than your other problems or the world. You could gain some peace from this.

7. Ability to Grasp Quicker

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Speed reading is telling your brain to read faster. But this trains your brain to do everything faster, including your day-to-day activities. We know that the brain is a muscle. As training, the brain is as active as it will be.

Your legs become stronger when you run daily. Your brain becomes active when you read daily. It becomes exciting and highly engaging when you speed-read. It will help you grasp any information around you faster than usual.

8. Increases Your Comprehension rate

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Reading and comprehension are greatly interconnected. It is truly reading only if you can comprehend every information you read. When you speed read, you ought to comprehend things faster.

It means that your processing speed increases tremendously and reflects in all the other activities of your daily life too.

9. Increases Your Overall Knowledge

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You will gain more knowledge in every field if you read more quickly. It will make you read things from different genres, as a result of which you will become a versatile learner who will have acquired knowledge in many fields.

10. Enhances Visualization

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If you have to read 3 times faster, you must look for ways to enable you to do so. Visualization is one of them. Visualization has a lot of benefits. Speed reading helps enhance these visualization skills.

11. Improves Time Management

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Speed reading practice itself begins with a stopwatch or clock by your side. Speed reading demands target-based reading. It is necessary to complete reading a page in a minute or two. It brings in discipline and time management naturally.

Conclusion | 11 Amazing Benefits of Speed Reading

Doing something you love will bring some good changes to your life. If reading is what you love and if you could read faster than others, why not?

Things that you love are always going to sound better when done right. Try doing it at a faster pace too. You’ll see that you’ll love reading more than ever. Happy reading!

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