Is Reading Too Much Bad?

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Is Reading Too Much Bad?“Enough of that book now young lady! Stand up and get yourself moving!” What am I saying? This is just one example of what my mother says when I sit with a new book. When I start reading one, I cannot get a hold of myself and can NEVER get myself to put the book down. Which I am guessing is also the problem with you. Trust me, I feel you.

On one such day when I could not get myself to put the book down and lost track of time, my mom got really agitated and started telling me “How unhealthy it was to read”. Yes! I laughed at that too but then it suddenly hit me and I asked myself- “is reading too much bad?” I wasn’t surprised by the answer. And guess what? Next time, listen to your mom!

“Too much of anything is good for nothing.”

Apparently, this is also the case with reading!

Reading for a long time or “too much” reading can actually be harmful to you. There are several health damages- both mental and physical that can happen if you read a lot. When you read too much, you become lazy, slow, drained, and exhausted both physically and mentally. However, a healthy reading time is everything you need.

Is Reading TOO MUCH Bad? What will happen if you read a lot? Is it healthy if you read the whole day? What are the negative impacts of too much reading? I shall answer it all and more here. In this article. So, keep reading.

Is Reading too Much Bad?

is reading too much bad

There are going to be times and days when you won’t read anything but then there are also days when you just can’t put the book down. In the latter days, when you cannot put the book down, this question is a must to ask your own self.

Is reading TOO MUCH bad for me? Am I doing any good to myself by reading continuously and not taking the rest I need? What if this much reading harmed me? – These are several other questions you should ask yourself and you’ll get the answer.

What were the answers I got? Here are the questions I asked myself along with the answers that followed by them.

Is It Healthy to Read All Day?

Let’s see. Is it healthy to exercise the whole day? Is it healthy to keep eating the whole day?

We both know the answer- “NO.”

If eating the whole day or exercising the whole day or sleeping the whole day is not healthy, then how can it be healthy to read the whole day? It is not healthy at all to read the whole day. Reading all day would mean that you would have to sit at a place for long hours and put your tender eyes at work. This means it is not good for your eyes, mind, your physical health too!

Effective reading over a lot of reading, always.

Are you doing any good to yourself by too much reading?

No. You are not doing anything good to yourself when you decide to read too much. You might think that you are getting a hold on information, but that is not the case.

When you read for a longer period of time, the brain doesn’t store or retain much of information.

How much Reading is “too much” Reading?

The point of focus of this article is “Is Reading TOO MUCH Bad?” But how would you know how much reading is “too much”? At what point should you stop reading and give a rest to your eyes, mind, and body?

How Much Reading is too Much Reading? | How Many Hours Should You Read in a Day?

Being a “binge reader” or what you also call an “avid reader”, I know reading is an addiction and to get rid of it? Well, let’s say I’m working on it.

Personally, I know it’s too much when my mom comes yelling at me. But don’t wait for your mothers, it could really be dangerous for you. I would say reading a maximum of 3 hours in a day is fine, even 4 hours is fine.

But the timing comes personally. I would say, reading for 3-4 hours is fine but it’s not necessary that you also have to read that much.

Reading becomes too much when it starts hampering your daily activities, chores, and if your daily routine is being interrupted because of excess reading.

If you are an extremely enthusiastic reader, you may sometimes read two books at once too. How does that affect you? Should you do that?

When should you stop reading?

First of all, I am not asking you to stop reading forever because I know how heartbroken I would be if someone asked me to stop reading (Reasons you should never stop reading). All I am saying is to maintain consistency and balance while you read- because this is everything you need and you will see the miracles of reading happening.

What I do is that I decide how much I want to read before when I start reading and set a timer- this way, I get to know on the time that okay- this is it for the day!

And I stop reading when the alarm rings!

What are the Negative Effects of Reading Books? Why is reading too much bad?

IS READING TOO MUCH BAD?” is one question, but asking whether or not it is good to read is a whole new question!

Do we even need a question mark at this point? I don’t think so. But what are the negative effects or “ill-effects” of too much reading? And why is reading too much bad for you? We’ll answer that below!

Is reading too much bad? Really that harmful?

Reading for long periods of time can have not only mental poor effects but also physical bad impacts too. If you didn’t know it yet, read further and you’ll be shocked!

Below are listed some Ill effects of too much reading-

Physical ill effects of “too much” reading

Following can be the physical ill effects of “too much” reading, mentioned very briefly.

  • Weight gain or weight loss.
  • Excess eye strain and then big rimmed glasses.
  • Lack of movement leading to weakness.
  • Laziness the whole day.
  • Bad diets- and digestive issues, etc.

Mental ill effects of “too much” reading

Following can be the mental ill effects of reading too much, mentioned very briefly.

  • Unnecessary isolation,
  • Distortion from reality,
  • Hiding in the book whenever in trouble in reality,
  • Other unfinished chores, because you were busy reading,
  • Insomnia, etc.

Besides, most people start reading too much to escape from reality- the unhappy reality. Meanwhile, books become our place of escape, the reality becomes more complicated resulting in mental stress.

Will you still ask “Is reading too much bad?”

We definitely don’t want that. Do we?

Is not Reading a Bad thing?

If you ask me- ‘is reading too much bad?’ I am definitely going to say “YES!” And if you ask me is not reading a bad thing?’ The answer, my friends, again would be yes.

The reasons why reading is important for you is not just because you get to build a wonderful vocabulary or get to develop a visualization ability, the importance, as well as benefits, go beyond these mere two reasons.

The aim of reading is beyond what we can imagine. All the successful people say – Reading even one sentence or paragraph is enough.

You should definitely read but make sure you’re healthy- healthy enough to read more.

Healthy Reading instead of asking “Is reading too much bad?”

One of the ways you can take a check on your reading behavior is by following the “Five Hour Rule”. Which basically asks you to keep aside one hour a day for reading on the 5 working days of a week.

Conclusion | Is reading too much bad?

To conclude ‘is reading too much bad?’ I would say, yes, too much reading is bad for you. Too much of not just reading but anything is going to harm. To my surprise, drinking too much water, and intaking too much pure oxygen is harmful too! Too much oxygen can damage the cells in your lungs. The habit of reading is nothing in front of life necessities like drinking water and breathing.

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  2. I have had my mom and dad ban me from reading fiction. I had read the entire Harry Potter series (for the thousandth time) in less than a week, and I was still reading more books. I love reading, my first read of Harry Potter finished when I was seven. But, you’re right. I was spiraling out of control of my reality. I had begun to develop a fear of my own life, and I would just read, and then reread. I think I have stopped fearing my own life because I slowed down how much I read. I now am more involved and happier. My parents even have noticed that I was more aware and awake to reality.

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