Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims – Book Review

Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims

The book Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims—If you have a huge craze for reading horror novels? And if you feel that reading horror novels kick you, then here I come up with a horror novel, The thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims, which will give you a feeling of suspense, excitement, anxiety and surprise. So let’s go ahead and poke into the novel.

The book Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims takes place in a penthouse and the building banyan court run by the millionaire named Tobias fell. All the guests who are invited to the dinner party are strangers even to their host, Tobias fell. None of them realized why they had received this invitation. They shared their only experience of shocking confusion within the building’s walls. By the end of the night, the host is dead, no one saw anything, and no one admits to knowing what happened. 

The novel Thirteen Storeys consists of everybody’s different stories. All these stories include supernatural happenings with the people who either live there or work in the banyan court and then figuring out that something was not quite right with the penthouse that they live in. This book does have themes of not just horror but also character death, brutal murder, flesh-eater or bloodsucking.

So without too many spoilers, let’s move further for more thrilling information about the novel.

Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims | Book review 

Thirteen Storeys Book Review

Jonathan Sims 

Jonathan Sims is a writer, performer, and games designer whose works focus on horror, unnatural, and a gentle touch of creeping fear. He was born in circa and currently lives in Walthamstow. Jonathan Sims is best known as the creator and the voice actor behind the fictional horror podcast The Magnus Archives. Gollancz published the book in 2020.

Thirteen Storeys Book Review 

The book Thirteen Storeys is contemporary horror fiction, thriller, ghost story, supernatural fiction published on 26 November 2020. The novel is mixed with horror thriller and paranormal that uses a delightfully dark, twisted story, where you will explore a spooky house clearly like no other than thirteen Storeys highlights.

Each chapter from the novel thirteen Storeys is from the viewpoint of one person who lives or works in a banyan court owned by billionaire Tobias fell. Banyan court is divided into two opposite sides. The building, even so new, had many deaths during its construction. So the reading journey of this book is going to enter through one of the most imaginative haunted houses. Would you take a risk to enter?

Summary of The Book Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims 

A haunted house story centers around a tower block called the banyan court development in London. Banyan court is divided into two opposite sides. The front of the building is a wealthy side, and a side designed badly for poor people had to be for low-income residents.

Every one of the initial twelve-story centers around an individual and their encounters inside the banyan court and ends with the individual getting an invitation to an evening gathering that Tobias promotes fell the billionaire who planned the banyan court. He has been hidden from the world and unseen by people for years.

Now the thirteenth Storeys bring all the gathered players together who come for the disastrous dinner party where Tobias fell full of blood.
Even though all the guests were present at the time of the murder, no one admits to knowing what happened and there is no about Tobias’s death. What happened and why do you need to read the book?

The stories in the novel, however, differ in quality. The first is about the lives of a night shift worker losing her energy and starting to see shadowy figures in the corridors. The second is about a rich and arrogant art dealer whose latest purchase takes over his life. The fourth story includes a little girl whose imaginary friends are getting very dangerous and a security guard whose fellow workers get very angry and nervous.

What to Take Away From the book?

Quotes from Thirteen Storeys By Jonathan Sims

The novel is about the strange murder of the billionaire Tobias fell and comprises a diverse set of characters, each one with a different background and living a very different life from each other. All their stories are different with only two things in common they all have to do with the banyan court and Tobias fell.

The novel is a bit more grounded centered on modern classic ghost stories. It draws so much on the feeling of horrific society, but it is quite a traditional haunted house story in the sense of being all about the old unresolved crimes and the horrors that have never been imagined.

My Thoughts on The Book Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan sims 

I think this book is very concerned with the movement where each chapter works as it’s an independent horror story, but they are sort of interlinked and build on each other. The thirteen Storeys show different stories, making each chapter fascinating and each different haunting stunning.

Jonathan Sims has done a fantastic way in building each character and the way he wove horror scenes was just fascinating. He blends a good mixture of scariness, tension and haunted experience in the novel. I suggest if you make your atmosphere shadowy with a hot drink at your hand, it will make your reading more thrilling.

Rating of The Book Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims 

I would happily give Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims 4/5 stars!

Conclusion & Recommendations of The Book

Overall this book is amazing and fits in with all kinds of horror stuff. If you want to read a smart and relevant horror story, this will be the best option. I recommend this book to anyone who is instructed in horror stories. It’s really good and it always keeps you on your toes and all-time makes you want to know what happens next.

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