Book Review: With Regrets by Lee Kelly

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Hello book lovers! Today, I present “With Regrets by Lee Kelly,” an adult thriller combining science fiction and horror elements. This dystopian tale centers around a perilous dinner party where lives are at stake.

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to Lee Kelly’s team for granting me the opportunity to read their book in advance and provide an honest review. Thrillers and mysteries are among my preferred genres, as they captivate and keep me engrossed in the story. Surprisingly, I could not put this book down, reading it continuously and finishing it within two days.

Written by Lee Kelly, this novel centers around a dinner party hosted by Britta and Joel at their residence, where they invited their friends and notable individuals. Soon after the dinner begins, a ‘red alert’ is triggered, resulting in chaos and calamity. The entire party hastily retreats to the basement, anxiously concerned about the safety of their children, who are left unattended at home.

Without further delay, let us proceed to the review and discover what this book offers and whether it deserves your attention.

Book Review: With Regrets by Lee Kelly

About The Author

Lee Kelly Author of With regrets

Lee Kelly

Lee Kelly is the author of City of SavagesA Criminal Magic, and The Antiquity Affair (co-authored with Jennifer Thorne). Her short fiction and essays have appeared in Gingerbread House, Orca, and, among other publications, and she is an MFA candidate at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

An entertainment lawyer by trade, Lee lives with her husband and two children in New Jersey, where you’ll find them engaged in one adventure or another.

Book Overview | With Regrets by Lee Kelly

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Full Title: With Regrets

Author: Lee Kelly

Genre: HorrorScience FictionFictionDrama

Publishing Date: September 2023

Page Count: 280


This novel is a dark dystopian thriller that revolves around a dinner party attended by affluent suburban housewives and their husbands. After some initial small talk, the dinner is abruptly interrupted by a violent storm outside, which poses a deadly threat to anyone venturing out.

As a result, the party descends into chaos and disaster, with everyone anxiously concerned about the safety of their children left at home. Trapped inside the house, a palpable sense of secrets, drama, and tension permeates the atmosphere as everyone yearns for escape.

Book Summary | With Regrets by Lee Kelly

A dramatic story based on survival feels like the end of the world. When Liz received an invitation to Britta’s dinner party with her husband, her immediate response was to decline due to Britta’s insufferable nature.

Additionally, she was unsure about leaving her children alone with a teenage nanny. However, after her husband persistently asked, she reluctantly agreed to attend to socialize with the influential people of the town, which her husband believed was necessary for their standing in society.

The first round of champagne was served already when a red alert went off on everyone’s phone, warning them about the ominous clouds over the town and urging them to seek shelter immediately. The guests were concerned about their children at home, so the guests attempted to leave the party.

However, numerous dead bodies and wrecked cars on the roads disrupted their plans, forcing them to retreat to the basement of Britta’s home. Leaving wasn’t an option, yet the guests couldn’t stop but worry about their children. Amidst it all, Liz’s persistent willingness to take the risk and return home enables her to formulate multiple plans that consistently fail.

The tension in the basement sparks chaos among the guests as everyone’s secrets emerge individually. As the tension subsides, Liz realizes that others are equally desperate to escape. Together, they devise a new plan to leave.

Will they succeed in reuniting with their children? Have their children found a safe haven? How long will this state of alert last? Will their lives ever return to normalcy?

My Thoughts on The Book

With Regrets image

As I said many times before, fiction is one of my favorite genres, especially thrillers, and this novel is one of them. It got me hooked when Tom brings a teenage nanny for her children to leave with his wife for a dinner party. The drama was hilarious as soon as the dinner started, and the glimmering clouds were such a unique phenomenon threatening lives.

The characters were so good, especially of ladies. They were witty, hilarious, and brave. It is perfectly balanced between character and plot-driven, with both sides equally intriguing.

One thing I disliked was the ending, which fell short of thrill and could have been much better. I feel this book deserves another copy with such good characters around.

Apart from that, I loved it and would recommend it to every reader.

My Ratings For The Book

I think this book deserves 4.5/5 stars.

Conclusions | With Regrets by Lee Kelly

Some novels are worth reading, even if you are not an avid reader. I believe this is one of those novels. The characters in this novel are very compelling as well. What do you think of this book? Do you think all the guests will be able to reach home safely?

Will their children get to meet their parents, or will the glimmering clouds get them? Dive into the book to read more and share your views in the comments section.

With Regrets

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