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Kindle vs. Scribd is a never-ending war. Both Kindle and Scribd are now in trend these days. People are slowly changing their preferences and interest from traditional books to E-learning platforms like kindle and Scribd. People are parting their ways with traditional and old ways and adapting digitalization because it is believed that digitalization is the future and it begins from today.

Sometimes, people bifurcate themselves and prefer kindle at times while some prefer Scribd. Some people do not bother to use kindle and vice-versa. But I believe there must be a complete balance in using Scribd and kindle as they both have their benefits.

Kindle and Scribd help us in vocabulary expansion, entertainment, stress-buster, peace, knowledge, and many more. It helps us to consume our time efficiently. They are accessible from anywhere, on one device, we can have many books, it saves paper thus saving the environment and reducing cutting down of trees, and is affordable in the long run.

In this article, I have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions briefly, such as how kindle and Scribd are similar? The benefits and flaws of kindle and Scribd and what one should prefer, Kindle or Scribd? So let’s compare both of them as they largely depend on what people prefer.

Kindle vs. Scribd detailed comparison

So without further ado lets begin.

How Kindle and Scribd are Similar?

Kindle and Scribd have been popular simply because people like the convenience of being able to read them on their phones, tablets, and readers while traveling, during their lunch break, or even before falling asleep, and they don’t have to carry physical books. The library of e-books has been massive in services. They both are sources of entertainment. A person can relate their imagination to both and relate to a character in the same way.

Good books inspire us, motivate us in ways that improve our quality of life. They both tell us stories and give numerous details and information about the story, making them similar. They both are the best bonding agents when we meet someone interested in the book. We can share our thoughts which creates a bond between two or more people.

The Benefits of Kindle over Scribd

The Benefits of Kindle over Scribd | Kindle vs. Scribd

Kindle is a service provided that allows us to read unlimited books that authors have made available. The most significant edge that Kindle Unlimited has over Scribd is that it works seamlessly across all Kindle apps and devices. In terms of the cost, Kindle Unlimited costs less than Scribd.

Kindle Unlimited allows you to read unlimited kindle books on kindle e-Reader, while Scribd isn’t available on any e-Reader. You can only read Scribd books on tablets or mobile devices on the Scribd app. Compared with tablets, e-Reader is much more eye-friendly.

Kindle unlimited library is much more extensive than Scribd’s library.

Unsubscribing from kindle unlimited is much easier than from Scribd. Many users reported that they have an issue with unsubscribing from Scribd.

High-demand books are often restricted once the throttle caps are reached. Scribd limits the titles that users can access within a specific content library in 30 days. So sometimes, Scribd unlimited access is not the absolute, unlimited service. It charges about USD 9.99 per month.

The Benefits of Scribd over Kindle

The Benefits of Scribd over Kindle | Kindle vs. Scribd

The unique bit about Scribd is that it began with the subscription-only model. It charges about ₹ 624 or USD 9.99 per month and gives you unlimited access to 400,000 e-books, 50,000 audiobooks, and comics on both mobile and desktop. Also, there is a massive stack of literary research papers on Scribd, mostly uploaded by users.

Although Scribd has more minor titles in its library, it works with the big five publishers so that a professional editor has edited e-books. And you can find many bestsellers here. In contrast, the major of unlimited Kindle books have been published by independent authors. So you are not sure about the quality of the books. It would help if you dug deep to find a good one. I have to admit that some extremely popular mainstream published books are available on Kindle Unlimited.

Scribd offers audiobooks and e-books in one place, but Amazon has two different services kindle unlimited for e-books mainly and audible membership for audiobooks.

You can only borrow ten books at a time on Kindle unlimited. If you want to check out more books, you will be required to return some books.

What Should One Choose and Why?

A girl thinking | Kindle vs. Scribd

If you have a Kindle e-Reader and want to read e-books on it, get Kindle unlimited since Scribd is not available on e-Readers. If you read many books each month, choose Kindle unlimited as Scribd is not unlimited access. Otherwise, you can choose Scribd as you can get some new bestsellers on Scribd library. If you want to unsubscribe things much more accessible, choose Kindle unlimited, as unsubscribing from Scribd seems to be a significant issue.

There are different perspectives and approaches among people. Some people prefer Kindle over Scribd and vice-versa. Therefore, one should choose what they prefer.

Kindle vs. Scribd

Kindle is a service that allows us to read unlimited books that authors have made available.Scribd also called ‘Netflix of Books’ offers unlimited access of E-books, audiobooks, magazines and more.
Monthly subscription—$9.99 USD.Monthly subscription—$9.99 USD.
This service is not available world-wide.This service is available world-wide.
Most of these E-books are published by self-published authors and there are not too many bestsellers or classics.It cooperates with the big 5 publishing house, which means we might find new bestsellers in its library.
There is customer service available on phone, live-chat and email.There is customer service available on email only.
It gives access to over 1.5 million e-books, plus comics, magazines and audiobooks.It gives access to over 1 million e-books, audiobooks, sheet music, comics, magazines and more.

Conclusion | Kindle vs Scribd

Now we spoke about the different aspects of kindle vs Scribd. The entire decision of what to choose is in your hands. They both have their pros and cons, and therefore there cannot be a certain answer to it, as the decision is all about the perspective you hold on to. 

Learning can be done from both kindle and Scribd. Therefore, it should be a mixture and balance of both of them. One can use kindle for sometime and then switch to Scribd or vice-versa. 

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