Top 15 Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs

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Many of us dream of being an entrepreneur and have a good financial condition which we know is a tough working in a job. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Ratan Tata, etc. are some of the famous entrepreneurs and inspiration for all entrepreneurs. So, In this article, I will discuss with you some of the must read books for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship leads to financial freedom and thus many of us aspire to be one. But, Is it so easy to become an entrepreneur. No, It leads through numerous difficulties and at some part of time, every entrepreneur is broke and needs inspiration in one way or another, What other than books can help us in life? Many successful entrepreneurs have also addressed books as a factor in their success.

Motivational, Inspirational, and Business books are the best books for an entrepreneur to understand their business and finance. The books mentioned here have helped millions in their lives understanding the power of money, investing, and Habits. The 15 books shortlisted had an immense impact on many entrepreneurs and could help millions more in bringing their business to new heights.

Though, there are 1000’s of books available in the market, yet I have picked out some of the best books to help you achieve greatness and working constantly to achieve new successes. In this article, we will further discuss how these books helps entrepreneurs.

15 Influential Books For Entrepreneurs

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad book

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by Robert T. Kiyosaki published in 1997 is an amazing book to invest your time to get proper knowledge economic prosperity.

This book literates the readers with the financial knowledge based on personal experience about the money, investment, accounting for better financial condition which should have been taught to us in schools.

In this book, the author shares the his story of childhood and how his father and father’s best friend changed him and shaped his thoughts about money and investing.

It is one of the many books, I would suggest to any entrepreneur to understand the value of sound financial condition and what you should teach your children about money and future financial success because the school system can’t be relied upon to learn about money.

2. How to Win Friends & Influence People

The picture of a book, how to win friends & Influence people

Written by Dale Carnegie, this book is one of the must read book for young entrepreneurs to build their communication and people skills.

As an entrepreneur, building relations is the most important aspect to build a business. And building relations is not a piece of cake, it takes determination and strong communication skills to influence others with your ideas, thoughts, etc.

This book is a perfect example of this where the author guides the readers step-by-step to help you connect with others, even the ones who doesn’t believe in you and your ideas.

In this book, the author teaches you the ways to make people like you, your thinking, and change people without resentment.

3. The Leader in You

The picture of a book, The Leader in You

“The Leader in You” another masterpiece by Dale Carnegie is a book every person shall read where the author focuses on revealing the leader lies among us. Whether in business, job, or in life, leadership skills are important in life.

This book has been regularly updated since the death of the author in 1955 by the network of professional trainers and his team of Dale Carnegie & Associates.

With the tales of many successful people of different professions such as corporate, athletics, sports, politicians, etc. this book guides people step-by-step to identify your leadership strengths, achieve goals, become a team player, identify skills, show gratitude and interest to others to build a long life impact on others and much more.

The most important investment you will ever make is in yourself—once you discover the key that unlocks.

The Leader in You

4. The $100 Startup

The picture of a book, The 100$ startup

“The $100 Startup” written by Chris Guillebeau is a really good book for people unaware of the concept of entrepreneurship. Anyone believing, success is for rich and lucky people is just a myth and this book has cleared that. Chris identified 1500 individuals and shortlisted 50 among them to present them in this book.

Chris used these 50 real stories of successful business owners who faced enormous difficulties and despite having odds against them turned their business successful.

These stories showcases that you don’t need funds or luck for your business to achieve heights, though the only thing required is an idea and determination to work for it.

5. The Entrepreneur Mind

The picture of a book, The Entrepreneur mind

“The Entrepreneur Mind” written by Kevin D. Johnson is a classic book for entrepreneurs to change their belief system, thoughts, habits, etc. to be a successful entrepreneur like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Sara Blakely, Oprah Winfrey, and many more.

As you know, negativity is the source of destruction of success while positivity brings prosperity, happiness, and success. The author too believes in that and wants all the young and aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from the vital lessons of successful entrepreneurs.

President of a multi-millionaire company Johnson Media Inc. and an entrepreneur for many years, Johnson identifies 100 key lessons in the book for every yound and veteran entrepreneurs of Strategy, Education, People, Finance, Marketing and Sales, Leadership, and Motivation.

With all his key lessons in the book, the author makes sure you know what you are doing and how to plan towards it.

6. Think & Grow Rich

The picture of a book, think and grow rich

Think & Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill is a highly motivational book to make you wealthier professionally as well as personally.

In this book, the author has used the real stories of big millionaires to explain his principles of becoming rich. It has 15 chapters and each chapter provides you a principle that will help you to create the wealth you desire.

It is an easy read in which the author emphasizes on the burning desire of achieving even though the going gets tough.

7. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The picture of a book, The 7 habits of Highly effective people

Written by Stephen R. Covey is a powerful book for personal changes through holistic, and principle centered approach to solve personal as well as professional issues.

It is a must read book for any entrepreneur who is determined to build a brand of their business. The author of this book suggests:

  • Be Proactive
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Put first things first
  • Think win win
  • Seek first to understand and then to be understood
  • Synergize
  • Sharpen the saw

8. The Power of Habit

The picture of a book, The power of habit

The Power of Habit” written by Charles Duhigg is a very unique book where the author uses the scientific discoveries to explain the power of habit and how they can be changed.

Along the book, a reader will learn how some people earn more and more while others grow at a constant pace due to their policy of no change.

The change in habits according to the situations, age, etc. is vital. The author further describes how habits work and how they reside in the brain and work.

When a habit emerges, the brain stops fully participating in decision making. It stops working so hard, or diverts focus to other tasks. So unless you deliberately fight a habit—unless you find new routines—the pattern will unfold automatically.

The Power of Habit

9. Steve Jobs

The picture of a book, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs” is an inspirational and motivational book written by Walter Isaacson based on the real-life story of one of the biggest entrepreneurs of the world i.e., Steve Jobs.

This inspiring book shares the highs and lows of Steve Jobs who was creative, inventive, and a perfectionist. He is famously known for his passion towards perfection.

This book was written with the help of the interviews conducted with his friends, family, relatives, and colleagues. Competitors were also interviewed. The book also represented his brutal nature as he wanted others to speak truth about him and let the world know about his struggles.

10. Female Innovators at Work

The picture of a book, Female innovators at work

This book is written by Danielle Newnham and is a must read book for female entrepreneurs in which the author has mentioned the success stories of highly successful female entrepreneurs in a male dominated environment.

The female entrepreneurs are of varied professions including CEO’s founders, inventors, etc. of different tech companies. This book includes the personal insights, advices, instructions of other female innovators who encountered their obstacles to rise high among the world.

This book is helpful for all entrepreneurs and any person willing to enter the tech industry.

11. Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance

The picture of a book, grit : The power of passion and perseverance

Written by Angela Duckworth, a psychologist, takes her readers through the journey of this motivational book to remind everyone that talent doesn’t decide success rather a constant determination, passion, and perseverance which is also known as GRIT decides how successful you are.

Angela provided valuable insights in this book where she inspires, encourages the readers to not underestimate the power of passion, consistency, and action towards a goal.

Angela was a teacher, researcher, and a consultant who being a less genius of a girl determined that only a person’s GRIT leads to success.

12. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

The picture of a book, Influence: The psychology of persuasion

Written by a highly acclaimed bestseller who is known for his passion towards influence and persuasion teacher the psychology of people saying YES and how these principles can be applied in our business and life.

It is a must read book for young as well as veteran entrepreneurs who wish to influence people about their ideas, thoughts to work with them.

The author teaches the 6 weapons of influence namely Reciprocation, Commitment & Consistency, Social proof, Liking, Authority, and Scarcity. Using these weapons of influence, a person can exploit the mindset of any individual which can be seen in our daily lives, how salesman exploits us to buy their products. A veteran salesman knows these weapons and uses them effectively.

13. The Compound Effect

The picture of a book, The compound effect

“The Compound Effect” written by Darren Hardy is also a book for entrepreneurs who doesn’t show any magic to success but teaches the readers to shape their destiny with minimal decisions everyday that can change our life.

The author teaches the need to make small decisions everyday to change your lives which will either take you to success or lead to disaster.

It is an extraordinary book that teaches how small decisions in our life impacts our whole life. Our decisions have led to the life we are living right and most importantly makes us take responsibility for our actions and decisions.

14. The Greatest Salesman in the World

The picture of a book, The greatest salesman in the world

Written by OG Mandino, this books is not for any particular person, rather is for every person because selling is the ultimate skill everyone needs in life. We all sell something to any person we meet, be it our parents, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. We always sell something, sometimes we get successful in convincing, sometimes not.

The story written in this book is almost praised by everyone. It is one of the most inspiring stories and anyone who reads this book and applies the principles defined in it can never fail neither can succeed without them.

This is a book of moral, spiritual and ethical guidance, an unfailing source of comfort and inspiration.

15. The Obstacle is the Way

The picture of a book,  The Obstacle is the Way

Written by Ryan Holiday is an inspiring book for many readers including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cool J, James McGee, Michele Tafoya, and many more successful people.

The author inspired people based on Stoicism to endure pain with perseverance and patience. He says that the obstacles coming in the way of success must be taken advantage of to convert them into stronger and better opportunities.

Further, the author also uses the examples of top entrepreneurs to showcase how they overcame their obstacles by following these principles to emerge out of the blue.


These books mentioned above are highly recommended by many people and have been receiving good feedback till now. They have helped in entrepreneurship as well as in personal life of many people.

Reading only one book never makes you perfect so reading even some of the books among these and implementing the principles taught in these books will help you change and lead yourself to something new and good.

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